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I am a real person staying in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. My house is near to a causeway joining Johor Bahru to Singapore.

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Since last year, we can see a few passengers using electric bicycles to cross the path.

In reality, the electric bike is the most convenient vehicle to pass through a causeway. I believed the trend of using electric bicycles to cross the path would increase every year.

Since 2015, I have a passion for starting an online shop, choosing a provider to develop my first website store, and using FACEBOOK to get traffic to my online store for more than six months.

Only get a few clicks from my FACEBOOK friends. Then I tried to learn from income EDU and received a lot of teaching manuals from them. But the solution to bring traffic to my online store has never been solved.

Until 2017, I have to give up my online store after spending a few thousand dollars.

On December 2019, I decided to start my online store again after viewing WA training manuals.

I found the failure reason for my online store built in 2015 is a lack of posts or pages on my website. Lack of pages and posts is the main reason for low traffic coming to my website store.

WA Journey:

Less than a month, I have completed setting up a website accordingly using a Generate Press Theme. The journey of writing content is not smooth due to lack of knowledge about a quality content. The concept of keyword was not correctly presented in the first and last of the paragraph, hence was not indexed by Google.

After 3 months of practicing, the articles were indexed by Google one by one, in reality some articles still need updating to get indexed. Before end of six months, some articles were ranking on the first page of Yahoo, then Bing, and then Google.

I tried to use the AMP program for website so that the page speed get better performance. On the other hand, the website is experiencing an indexing error as a result of AMP discipline rules. Obviously it is quite difficult to implement the AMP program successfully.

On 6 February 2021, I found a rich domain for replacing the old domain.


Kyle is my coach to develop my website. He is the founder and owner of the WA domain.

Kyle has given me a lot of encouragement since I started joining the WA community. For me to contact him freely, he has given me his private media link to contact him.


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An electric bicycle can consider as the primary transport use for a distance of less than 25 KM. You can choose to travel a longer length if you need it.

Many students and workers have to travel by public transport daily. They have to wake up early to beat the traffic jam.

The previous bicycle needs a lot of energy to pedal to reach the destination. Changing of sweating cloth is required when reached the school or office.

The invention of electric bicycles has solved these two significant issues for students and workers. Electric bikes are eco-friendly and energy-efficient vehicles, and the cost of maintenance is much lower than motorcycles.

We are promoting electric bikes by the workers and students to keep them physically fit and mentally healthy with less financial stress to maintain higher expenses vehicles.


In the Paris Agreement, many countries have agreed to promote green energy, like electricity, to replace petroleum, which is causing severe air pollution.

Some country has planned an annual budget to include bicycle lanes in its road system. With the bicycle lanes, which is safer for a cyclist, most parents will allow their children to use electric bicycles.

Most workers can change to use electric bikes in order to reduce motorcycle accidents on the road.


Every year a million tons of carbon dioxide were released from motorcycles, cars, and trucks using petrol. Promotion to use electric bicycles will surely help to reduce air pollution on the road.

Everybody has a responsibility to protect our earth to ensure a better tomorrow.


  • The electric bicycle must have pedals, thus to consider as a bicycle to use in bicycle lanes.
  • Some country has restricted law to use an electric bike on federal roads. All buyers have to aware of the local rule when decided to use electric bicycles.
  • There are many electric bicycle designed for different applications so as to suit the needs of every rider.
  • With advanced technology, the battery sizing can range from 250W to 3,000W, thus to satisfy your riding speed and distance.
  • The price and quality components of the electric bike is the most concern when making decision to buy.
  • Always recommend a quality and affordable model of electric bike to explain the value to buy.
  • Any associate’s equipment needs to include, hence for comfortable riding.
  • To include as many USA brands of electric bike on our website to demonstrate our best to our visitors.
  • Your feedback surely helps to improve our website.

If you ever need a hand or have questions, please leave your feedback below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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