ANCHEER Blue Spark – The Most Affordable Electric Commuter


ANCHEER Blue Spark is the most affordable electric commuter all terrains. The Blue Spark is fitted professional mountain wheel is best used in the hilly city. With the 21-Speed gears increases stronger hill-climbing power, further range variation, and greater terrain adaptability than 6/7 speed gears.

About ANCHEER Shop:

  • ANCHEER E-bikes was first sold in 2015.
  • Sell mainly to entry-level e-bike users via
  • Warehousing in L.A.
  • The low-cost/ high-end design of bikes, with front suspension and disc brakes, as common features on bikes, but generally invisible in similar price alternatives.
  • Users are often pleasantly amazed at the efficiency and reliability.

About ANCHEER Blue Spark Electric Commuter:

  • Product Name – ANCHEER 27.5 Inch Wheel 48V 500W Blue Spark Electric Mountain Bike with Removable 48V 10Ah Battery.
  • Product URL – View Current Price Here.
  • Selling price – $989.99.
  • Direct Seller – ANCHEER Shop.
  • Shipping – Free for lower 48 US States.
  • Return – 7 days.
  • Replace – 14 days.
  • Warranty – 1 year (Frame, Battery, Fork, Charger, and Controller)

Main Features of ANCHEER Blue Spark Electric Commuter:

  • 48V 500W high speed, powerful motor not only delivers you strong power but also durable to use.
  • 48V 10Ah battery gives you travel range of 22 – 38 mile, hence you can go further for your journey.
  • Aluminum double-walled rims have the capability to carry more weight, hence a heavy guy less than 330 Lbs can use this bike.
  • 27.5’’ X 1.95 mountain professional Tires not only better balancing for riding, but also roll faster on the flat road.
  • Your ride is more comfortable due to softer mountain bike seat.
  • Front and rear disc brakes give secure stopping whenever you apply a brake.
  • With the 5-speed assist levels smart meter, you can boost your speed easily, thus making your ride fun and smooth.
  • The LCD makes, you can read your statistics easily so that you can ride peace of mind.
  • High Strength Carbon Steel Suspension Fork gives you extra comfort comparatively with the rigid forks.
  • Shimano 21-Speed gears enhance climbing power, range variation and terrain adaptability correspondingly to 6/7 speed gears.

Product Specification of ANCHEER BLUE Spark Electric Commuter:

  • Aluminum alloy 6061 Frame.
  • Front high strength aluminum shock absorbing fork.
  • Front and rear disc brakes.
  • Shimano 21 Speed Gears Derailleur.
  • Aluminum double-walled rims.
  • 27.5’’ X 1.95″ mountain professional Wheels.
  • LCD 5-speed level smart meter.
  • Lithium-ion Battery – 48V 10Ah.
  • Maximum speed – 25 km/h 15 mph.
  • Mileage – 36 km / 22 miles (throttle mode) – 60km / 38 miles (pedal assist mode).
  • Charging time – 6 hours.
  • Motor – 48V 500W high-speed brushless gear motor.
  • Battery range of 22 to 38 miles.
  • Vehicle weight – About 53 lbs.
  • Load capacity – 330 lbs.
  • Recommended height – 5’1”- 6’4”.
  • Recommended age range – 16 – 60

The image of ANCHEER Blue Spark Electric Commuter:

ANCHEER Blue Spark is the most affordable electric commuter.
ANCHEER Blue Spark is the most affordable electric commuter.

PROs of ANCHEER Blue Spark Electric Commuter:

  • The long-range battery and all-terrain capacity hence make it the ideal choice for go-anywhere hybrid drivers who hear the appeal of adventure.
  • You can ride smoothly on your journey due to Shimano 21-Speed gears enhance climbing power, range variation and terrain adaptability.
  • 48V 500W high speed, powerful motor gives you a high power when you climb the mountain, giving you more speed, more freedom and more fun.
  • The battery is super-safe while driving, but easy to remove, and can be charged to any house hold outlet or off the bike.
  • Larger wheels retain more speed than smaller wheels due to rotational inertia, making the 27.5″ wheel faster than a standard 26″ wheel.
  • A larger wheel offers better traction as a result of a larger contact patch.
  • The price is indeed the cheapest with a front suspension fork, front and rear disc brakes, and a pair of professional mountain tires.
  • You can ride comfort, all-terrain due to the large air volume tires, front shock-absorbing forks, and softer mountain bike seats.

CONs of ANCHEER Blue Spark Electric Commuter:

  • The standard 2A charger takes 6 hours to charge the big battery, unless you substitute a faster charger to reduce charging hours.
  • You will need to add full fenders to your list as well as a rear rack to get to work daily.
  • Look for a better headlight and taillight to keep you visible when you are riding in the dark.
  • The risk of a flat tire exists since the tire is not puncture resistant (in fact the spec does not mention even the brand).
  • The mountain bike saddle can be too small for women since their body size is wider than men.

Overall Ratings of ANCHEER Blue Spark Electric Commuter:

Reviewed by the Amazon certified buyer, Kelsey Wilder on 26 June 2019 – The overall ratings is 4.0 out of 5.0:

The box is huge when it arrives. To be expected. I originally asked for the bike technician but cancelled due to his availability. Which saved me $70 because it turns out this bike is 85% assembled. It comes with all the tools and instructions you need to finish it. Ps this is coming from a girl who knows absolutely 0 about building bikes.

So far I have rode this to work 17 miles there and back. It works great! Even on the hills in the Seattle area. The seat is extremely uncomfortable so as everyone suggest change it out. I would also add fenders.

Other than that, I would say it’s a pretty good buy. There is a cheaper ANCHEER bike that is foldable the issue was the battery was different and it bugged out after 1000 miles. Hoping I can write an update when I make it that far on how the battery holds up over time.

Our Opinion:

  • The girl with zero knowledge can easily fix up the new bike just following the videos is indeed not an easy task.
  • The softer mountain bike seat looks small for a lady to use – every rider has to source for saddle so that it is matching the body size and comfortable feeling.
  • We have the right to request for a clearer spec for the battery, not only giving us a pure number of Wh but also how long can the battery last.

Reviewed by the ANCHEER Shop certified buyer, Thomas T – The overall ratings is 4.0 out of 5.0:

Overall, I like the bike! It performs well and is extremely fun to ride.

But there were/are some issues:

  • The box came damaged and the frame is slightly scratched on the decal next to the battery mount.
  • Seat post will not tighten up as it should – it slips, twists and goes down unexpectedly.
  • The computer doesn’t seem to have 27.5 inch wheel sizes as a selection.
  • Valve stems on the wheels aren’t long enough for easy filling with my air pump. I have to use pliers to hold the stem out.
  • Headlight doesn’t attach securely – I think I need a washer on the bolt to properly secure the light.
  • The cables in the front need to be wrapped/sheathed to look better – merely appearance.

Here are some good things:

  • The bike performs well – very powerful and the battery life is great.
  • I rode using PAS and throttle for 55 minutes – 20 miles (I weigh 220 lbs.) Average speed about 15 to 18 mph.
  • Shipping came quicker than expected. Less than 2 weeks after order was confirmed.
  • My wife also enjoys riding the bike – she’s a novice rider, but very enthusiastic about it now.
  • Tires perform well.
  • The appearance is overall very attractive.

Our Opinion:

  • Look like courier service can escape responsibilities, even the packing box is damaged, as a result causing the new bike component damage. Leaving buyer to decide take it or not. ANCHEER should improve the delivery box for better protection of the bike component and also get a better deal with the courier service to improve their service quality.
  • The buyer is knowledgeable to solve teething issues with his own methods. Should ANCHEER support response to clear some doubts for not miss leading the possible next buyer?
  • It is still too early to predict the battery life is great since not yet ride 1000 miles. Evelo e-bike warranty the battery can ride 20,000 miles or 4 years before failed. You can view the related posts here – Aurora-hub-step-thru-the-best-affordable-powerful-e-bike.

View YouTube Video – ANCHEER Blue Spark reviewed by the Pro Review TV:


In summary, the components of ANCHEER Blue Spark are great, except no fenders, rear rack, integrated headlight and taillight is not in the package. But you can spend a little money to make up if you need for your daily commuting.

Do you agree with me that ANCHEER Blue Spark is the most affordable electric commuter? You are invited to give your comments for our improvement.

Or would you like to view another quality electric commuter bike with the similar price range, you can read the related posts here – Schwinn-ec1-electric-bike-the-best-adults-electric-bike.

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