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Today I have found three models of Flat Tire Bikes with a reasonable discount price. I hope these three models of electric bikes can help some of the students and workers afford it to solve their daily transportation issues.

Our website focus on searching best buys an electric bike for student and worker. Every electric bike model we have recommended should be low price, and specification should be suitable for serving students and workers for daily traveling.

Best buy for these three models comes from a significant discount. Because every buyer has different needs in distance travel, Nakto 250W Model has a travel range of 20 to 25 miles. Model 2 has a travel range of 25 to 30 miles, and Model 3 has a travel range of 35 to 40 miles.

Today I pick a flat tire bike and folding bike with a smaller wheel at 20″ & 22″ to suit a particular group of buyers only. The fat tire E-Bike is comprehensive in design; even you are a tall adult, the bike seat can extend high to fix your required height.

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MODEL #1 Nakto 250W Elegance City Electric Bike – product review

  • Chosen shop: Bike Berry shop, US.
  • The Best price provided by Bike Berry shop: $649

View Nakto Elegance

Nakto elegant city is best deal electric bike for students and workers.
Nakto elegant city is the best deal electric bike for students and workers.


  • The motor is 250W brushless
  • The battery is 36V 8AH Lithium Battery
  • The charging time is 4 hours
  • The travel range is 20-25 miles
  • The package includes: Battery charger, battery, toolkit & owner’s manual
  • Drive Mode: Class II Throttle/ Pedal Assist
  • Drive Motor Position: Rear Hub Drive
  • Gross Weight: 64 lbs.
  • Net Weight: 53 lbs.
  • Load Capacity: 250 lbs.
  • The Tires are 22.”
  • Safety: HD LED headlight, powerful brakes, brake motor safety cut off

Why recommend for students and workers?

The wheel diameter is 22″ as compared to the 26″ city bike wheel.

The battery is the best Lithium Battery, and the charging time is standard 4 hours. The bike is designed with a Class II Throttle making it easy and enjoy your cycling.

Bike weight is light at 24 Kg only, can be easier to carry up by an adult.

This bike installs with a powerful brake, which is an important item to the family parents who buy the electric bike for their children to use.

The electricity that goes to the motor will automatically cut off when the rider applies the brake. Very clear that the specification of this electric bike is the best deal for students and workers. With this safety installation, the bike can put to a complete stoppage during emergency time.

Due to many countries not controlling bike registration, some cheap bike fabricators will not provide powerful brakes as needed. For the high-speed electric bike, a sturdy brake means a hydraulic brake, which will bring up the price of an electric bike.

MODEL #2. EZ 350W Pedaler Stowaway Folding Electric Bicycle

  • Best Selling Price: $1,495
  • or pay $131 per month.
  • Best Buy for Riders who need for long-distance traveling and higher speed can shorten traveling time.

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EZ 350W Pedaler Stowaway Folding Electric Bicycle as model #2 for best deal electric bike for student and worker
EZ 350W Pedaler Stowaway Folding Electric Bicycle.


  • 36V10 AH Samsung lithium battery – Good Brand Battery
  • 350W (8Fun) front-mounted gear hub motor – Brushless Motor
  • 35-40 miles per charge – Good Travel range
  • 20″ wheels – For fat tire.
  • Kenda 20″ x 1.96″ Tires – puncture-resistant with reflective sidewalls.
  • Tektro disc brakes – Good Brake.
  • Suntour Forks – Good suspension.
  • 7-speed Shimano derailleur – Fun Riding
  • The saddle is Velo Comfort
  • The Display is a 9-level LCD
  • The frame is a Midsize 6061 aluminum-alloy frame
  • The Weight is 49 lbs including battery

Comparison Nakto 250W E-Bike price with EZ 350W Pedaler Stowaway Folding Electric Bicycle price.

Let us make some specification comparisons to conclude whether this model is worth paying an extra $796 compared to Nakto 250W electric bike. As ordinary people like us, we want every part of the electric bike given to us should be durable for at least 3 to 5 years. Come from what brand or who is manufacturer, we have no control at all. The shop has to guarantee us electric bike quality as we are expecting.

Our Findings

  • A motor rating higher by 100W gives us a more extended travel range of 35 to 40 miles, almost double in the distance.
  • Battery rating increase by 2 Ah only.

What can contribute to riding such a long-distance? The motor 350W supposed should use more electricity, but the beauty of is battery size increase is minor. OK, the motor can be the energy-saving type of design to achieve such a good traveling range.

The price of the energy-saving motor cannot go below. Let us guess a price difference of $500. So the price different still left ($796 – $500 = $296) $296.

Now let us consider the variance of 2 battery price is $100. So the price different minus again ($296 – $100 = $196) left $196.

With this concept is model EZ is still more expensive than Nakto 250W by $196, am I right?

Powerful brake versus Taktro disc, we do not know which is better. But we believe both brakes can serve well during emergency time. EZ 350W model specifies 7-speed Shimano derailleur, can give higher speed with Class II Throttle. For buyers who like rapid cycling, the price difference of $196 is nothing to them.

After comparing specifications, we know that this model is worth buying for the need for long-distance traveling, and higher speed can shorten travel time.

MODEL #3. Nakto 500W Super Cruise Fat Tire Electric Bike

  • Best Selling Price: $1,199
  • Or pay $105 per month. 
  • This model is Best Buy for Rider, who needs to overcome the steepest slope.

Shop Bike Berry

Nakto super cruise is the best deal electric bike for students and workers.
Nakto supercruise is the best deal electric bike for students and workers.


  • Motor: 500W brushless motor – Durable Motor
  • Battery: 48V10AH Lithium Battery/48V 12AH Lithium Battery – Best Battery for E-Bike
  • Frame: Steel – Standard
  • Charging: 4-6 hours – Standard
  • Range: 25-30 miles – Buyer’s Acceptance by needs
  • Derailleur: Shimano 6-speed-gears – For a fun ride
  • Product Includes Battery charger, battery, toolkit, and owner’s manual – Sale Package.
  • Gross Weight: 75 Lbs. – Bike + Battery weight
  • Net Weight: 65 Lbs. – Bike weight only.

Very obvious from the specification compared to the above Nakto 250W and EZ 350W models. This Nakto 500W model has the only advantage of a high power motor, overcoming the steepest slope. The engine is 500W, but the travel distance is less than model EZ with a less powerful motor. The recommended battery size is even larger than the EZ 350W model, traveling longer distances of 35 to 40 miles. The engine installed consumed high power, which will become a high cost for re-charging in the future. Nakto 500W model price is between the Nakto 250W model and the EZ 350W model. If you are looking for a more extended travel range and facing the steepest slope in your routine road to school or office, you can consider buying this higher power E-Bike.


  • Nakto 250W Elegance City electric bike is the best to buy for students and working with budget prices.
  • EZ 350W Pedaler electric bike is the best to buy for students and workers who stayed extra miles from the school or office.
  • Nakto 500W is the best to buy for students and workers who need a more powerful motor to overcome the steepest slope on the way to school or office.

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  1.  hi, I was just wondering about Maintenance on these things. And how much do I need to be thinking about that.? For example I know that it doesn’t need an oil change but what does it need.? Also when I’m charging these things, is there a specific charging outlet that I will need?

    • You are talking about battery. The voltage of battery is as low as 36V only. You do not need a specific charging outlet. A normal electrical plug will do. Just the plug end is different from each country. You may need to have a universal plug. Can get information from Bike Berry shop before purchased. Keep in touch. I am here to serve you.

  2. One of major issue is my transport system for getting to school. My friend told my about some electric bikes so I decided to check them out before making any purchases. This is really informative I must say. I have never learnt this much about bicycles before now.  I prefer the EZ 350W Pedaler Stowaway. The discount on the bike is really attractive. Thanks for sharing 

    • It is good news you have decided to buy EZ 350W. You can give your at my website after you have used your new bikes. Keep in touch.

  3. Many thanks to you for giving us such a wonderful article and for describing such a beautiful electric bike .Your article is very informative and very useful to me because I have a problem with transportation for college travel. So I was thinking of buying an electric bike and couldn’t figure out which one would be better and through your article I found out which one was best for me. For me, the Nakto 250W Elegance City Electric Bike is very likable and attractive .It seemed fitting for me to know the details of this bike you have given in your article and I will purchase it soon and will definitely share my new experience with you. 

    • Thanks for your feedback. The offer price cannot keep too long. I will continue search for any other budget electric bike for recommendation. Thanks for able to share new experience to my website. Keep in touch.


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