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BUZZ E-BIKE – The Most Affordable Mid-Drive Electric Bike


Have you heard of a mid-drive electric bike selling under $1.5K? BUZZ E-BIKE offered a mid-drive motor is certainly the most affordable mid-drive electric bike. Don’t worry about its quality due to BUZZ E-BIKE came with a better warranty. You get 2 years warranty on the main electronic components, 10 year warranty for Aluminum Frame, and 6 month warranty for other parts.


  • BUZZ E-BIKE first appeared in July 2019.
  • United Wheels are the parent company of the BUZZ BICYCLES.
  • You cannot purchase BUZZ E-BIKE from retailers because BUZZ focuses on selling directly to consumers.
  • BUZZ electric bikes are designed in Dayton, Ohio by a dedicated team of bike enthusiasts.
  • BUZZ electric bikes let adult riders of all skill levels find their power and buzz through life.
  • Under United Wheels, BUZZ BICYCLES benefits from the global scale of the parent company to offer an excellent electronics product for great value.

About BUZZ E-BIKE Mid-Drive Electric Bike

  • Product Name – BUZZ E-BIKE.
  • Product URL – You can click here.
  • Selling Price – $1,349.00.
  • Direct Seller – BUZZ BICYCLES.
  • Target Audience – The US Buyers only.
  • Shipping – Free shipping promotion is available for the lower 48 US States only.
  • If your order arrives damaged from the carrier, contact Huffy within 72 hours at support@buzzbicycles.com.
  • If parts are missing or damaged, please contact our Service Team at service@buzzbicycles.com.
  • 30 Days return policy.
  • The customer is responsible for all return shipping and handling fees.
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty for Motor, Battery, LCD panel.
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty for Aluminum frame.
  • 6 Months Limited Warranty for Remaining bike components.

Main features of BUZZ E-BIKE Mid-Drive Electric Bike:

  • TONGSHENG mid-drive motor is as reliable as BAFANG mid-drive motor and also power delivered by the Torque sensor is similar to Bosch.
  • The SAMSUNG 36V 10.4Ah battery can withstand up to 40 miles so you can drive further.
  • Oversized, step-thru aluminium alloy frame has a lower center of gravity, so you can drive easily with good balance.
  • Yin Ing Mechanic Disc with 160mm Rotors have more more braking power when you apply a brake.
  • The built-in front basket is able to cater your needs when you turn quickly.
  • The front and rear lights keep you visible when you’re riding in the dark.
  • Torque Sensing Pedal Assist ask more to allow yourself to pedal, as a result you get better fitness.
  • The 24 “x3” wide tires have more air volume to reduce the impact when driving on an any rough terrain.
  • The large LCD screen can clearly see riding status regardless of sunlight or rain.

View YouTube Videos – TONGSHENG mid-drive motor reviewed by the ELECTREK:

BUZZ E-BIKE – The Most Affordable Mid-Drive Electric Bike.

Specification of BUZZ E-BIKE Mid-Drive Electric Bike:

  • Aluminum Alloy Step-Thru Frame.
  • Rigid, Aluminum Alloy Front Forks.
  • 350W TONGSHENG mid-mount geared motor, peak output 500W, 80 Nm torque.
  • 36V 10.4Ah Samsung Lithium Battery. 2 Amp Charger.
  • Maximum Range – 40 miles.
  • Top Speed – 20 mph.
  • Torque Sensing Pedal Assist.
  • Pedal Assist Level – Eco, Tour, Speed, Turbo.
  • Class 1 Electric Bike.
  • Big LCD Display.
  • USB Charge Port on Display.
  • 7 Speed Shimano Tourney Rear Derailleur.
  • 14-28 Tooth Cassette.
  • Shimano Shifter on Right.
  • 40 Tooth Steel Chainring.
  • Aluminum Alloy Pedals with Reflectors.
  • 170mm Aluminum Alloy Crank Arms.
  • Aluminum Alloy Handlebars, 10º Backsweep.
  • Aluminum Alloy Stem, 100mm Length, 5º Rise.
  • Straight 1-1/8″ Head Set.
  • Flat Foam Grips.
  • Double walled Aluminum Alloy RIMS.
  • Stainless Steel Spokes, 13 Gauge.
  • 24″ x 3″ Tires.
  • Mechanical Brake Discs.
  • 160mm Rotors.
  • Rigid Aluminum Alloy Seat Post.
  • Comfort Gel Saddle.
  • Integrated LED Head and Tail Light.
  • Front Basket.
  • Metal fenders
  • Rear Mount Kickstand (40mm Mount).
  • Mounting points for rear racks.
  • Bike’s Weight – 57.3 lbs (25.99 kg)
  • Load Capacity – 300 Ibs based on 13 Gauze.

The image of BUZZ E-BIKE Mid-Drive Electric Bike:

BUZZ E-BIKE - The Most Affordable Mid-Drive Electric Bike.
BUZZ E-BIKE – The Most Affordable Mid-Drive Electric Bike.

PROs of BUZZ E-BIKE Mid-Drive Electric Bike:

  • TONGSHENG mid-drive motor is powerful for climbing any hills when you are facing forward on the road.
  • The mid-drive motor give you smooth and natural ride due to the use of premium torque sensors.
  • The price is unbeatable with offered a mid-drive motor, sensitive to comfortable torque, as well as many extras including metal fenders and more.
  • 24 “x3″ is certainly a good choice for the rider’s height between 5’0″ and 6’5”.
  • Pedal Assist has 4 speed levels to suit the needs of the rider is indeed easy and fun to climb effortlessly.
  • The integrated headlights and taillights allow you not only to stay visible, but also to see the front road clearly.
  • The robust front basket can carry groceries or your needs when you go to work or shopping.
  • You can ride in bad weather because the solid fenders will keep you clean from splashing water or mud.
  • Mechanical disc brakes are easy for adjustment, so you can save some maintenance cost.
  • The pedals with a reflective sign keep you visible to approaching vehicles when you are on the road with heavy traffic.
  • GHAO YANG tires are made for fast riding on the road, so you can ride faster and lighter.
  • 13 Gauze stainless steel spokes have a higher load capacity so a large guy can ride comfortably.
  • BUZZ E-BIKE comes with a longer crank arm so that you can ride comfortably with less afford.
  • Saddle with PU foam and rubber bumpers underneath coupled with oversized tires helps to reduce bumps on the road.
  • The overall ratings of BUZZ E-BIKE are 4.5 out of 5.0 with just 2 complains out of 40 reviews.

CONs of BUZZ E-BIKE Mid-Drive Electric Bike:

  • The TONGSHENG engine is not as popular as the BAFANG engine, but it is similar in reliability.
  • GHAO YANG tires have a lower TPI since they are not a flat tire.
  • BUZZ E-BIKE is not a long range e-bike due to its smaller batter.
  • In order to keep the price low, BUZZ E-BIKE equipped with non-popular brand component parts.
  • BUZZ E-BIKE not practical to carry to a higher floor due to the heavy weight.
  • BUZZ Bicycles not provide a clear specification like other brands so it is tough to convince buyers.
  • The headlight looks small and fixed on the fender, may cause poor visibility when riding on the bumping road.

The overall ratings of BUZZ E-BIKE Mid-Drive Electric Bike:

Reviewed by the BUZZ BICYCLES certified buyer, Stephanie – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

I have always enjoyed sharing my love of nature with my two children when going out with them. As a 33 year old with osteoarthritis, cause by hypermobility, I struggle to keep up as much as possible.

The BUZZ E-BIKE gave me the push whenever I need to go further. The first time I drove 8 miles with my daughter in our bike trailer. What a difference it makes.

At first I was intimidated by the fact that this bike is electric but within a couple of miles, I felt comfortable controlling it. It allows you to pedal to your ability and then add a boost as you need it.

One of the most exciting things for me, at the end of each ride, I felt like I had worked out, but without the need for a heating pad or ice for aching joints.

I certainly love that I could have my daughter riding behind me so that we could discuss the things we saw. The bike gave me the ability to make memories without worrying about pain.

Our Opinions:

  • Electric bikes assist the weak gets strong to take advantage of the opportunity to change their daily lifestyle is certainly amazing things that have happened.
  • The online purchase is not an easy task for the buyers, especially the poor delivery issue.
  • If buyers claimed to the seller, not all sellers can respond immediately, thus creating grievance to the buyers.
  • There are two cases of poor delivery issue happened to this seller, the response by the seller is slow or in fact no reaction.

View the YouTube Videos – BUZZ E-BIKE reviewed by the Electric Bike Review:

BUZZ E-BIKE – The most affordable mid-drive electric bike.


For a company like BUZZ Bicycles, cannot submit a clear and detailed specification of every component is really surprising. Especially they have a dedicated team in Dayton, Ohio.

For use non-popular brand component parts, even it is quality, the buyers will hesitate to buy unless there is some details to prove that it is really reliable with excellent performance. After reading some reviews, I can confirm that the TONGSHENG engine is great, but the specifications of the GHAO YANG tires are not clear to check.

The price is really attractive to the many reviewers who are interested in learning about its actual performance. Most of them are quite surprising to the good performance of the mid-drive motor. While other parts can be easily replaced in the future.

The evaluations collected by the BUZZ bicycles are not in order and without the actual date of the review, which makes it a doubt for the readers. I can find one representing review to present here only.

In conclusion, BUZZ E-BIKE is the most affordable mid-drive electric bike to buy. Do you want to take a chance on the E-BIKE BUZZ? Please provide your views based on your review of the comments.

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