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COWBOY 4 ST – The Best Affordable New Generation E-Bike


COWBOY 4 ST will soon test ride in the US States. COWBOY 3 has swept over European cities as the best rated and affordable new generation e-bike worth buying. The new COWBOY 4 has improved its motor torque from 30 Nm to 45 Nm so that it can climb hills more easily. COWBOY 4 has a sleek and minimalist look, Gates CDX belt, and apps connected to your ride. You will certainly love this well -engineering, carefree riding with technology connected to your ride.


  • COWBOY started in 2017 in Brussels, Belgium.
  • The team from COWBOY came to Ueno with a name and a prototype.
  • Headquarter location is Rue de la Régence 67, 1000 Brussels.
  • Brand store location is 19 Quai du Hainaut, 1080 Brussels.
  • Delivery is included in the purchase price. We will ship your brand new COWBOY bike to your door for free. At the moment, we deliver to all United States, except for Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Our delivery partner will get in touch to let you choose a delivery date. If no proposed option works for you, you can always ask for a later delivery date.
  • Literally roll your bike out of the box, attach the pedals, adjust the handle bar and saddle and you’re ready to go.
  • We want you to love your bike. But if you’re having second thoughts, you can return your bike within a period of 30 days.
    • Try the bike out and if for any reason you aren’t convinced it’s for you, we’ll take it back. 
    • The Cowboy team will be in touch to arrange the logistics and cover the shipping costs.
    • We suggest you hold on to the packaging during the return period in case you need to send the bike back to us for any reason.
  • Warranty – 2 year for all components.
    • The warranty covers all original components against defects in workmanship and materials.
    • Claims made directly to Cowboy.
    • During the first six months of your warranty, you do not have to prove the defect was already present when you bought the product.

About COWBOY 4 ST New Generation E-Bike:

  • Product Name – COWBOY 4 ST.
  • Product URL – You can view here.
  • Selling Price – $1,990.00 (Early bird – Pre-order now for $100)
  • Direct Seller – COWBOY.
  • Target Audience – The US Buyers only.
  • Shipping – Free shipping to the lower 48 US States. Free delivery in February 2022.
  • Return Period – 30 Days.
  • Warranty – 2 Years.

Main Features COWBOY 4 ST New Generation E-Bike:

  • The enhanced 45 Nm torque motor coupled with the lower belt gear ratio 2.85, make it a smooth slope ride.
  • With the 100W quick charger, the 360Wh battery can certainly be completely charged within 3.5 hours.
  • Once docked in the cockpit, your phone is in a charging condition, so the phone can connect with apps without worrying about draining the battery.
  • The top function of the COWBOY application is locked the battery power and because there are no knob or switches, it is effectively immobilized.
  • The COWBOY application gives you a complete overview of traffic conditions as well as real-time air quality mapping in your area.
  • COWBOY 4 receives significant alerts for changing road conditions or your battery level so you can stay focused on the road ahead.
  • The built-in security features let you ride with peace of mind so you can concentrate on the thrill of the ride.
  • The crash detection system detects that you are ever in an accident so that the rescue will come to the accident site sooner.
  • Connect with the COWBOY service team directly via the app whenever you need it.
  • A wider tire adds comfort by softening the bump while the puncture protection layer helps your ride with no flat tire.
  • The application detects when you are in the vicinity to unlock automatically.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes provide an instantaneous and safe, slow down or stop when you apply the brake lever.
  • The lights integrated into the frame gives visibility of other vehicles so you can ride safely day and night.

Specification of COWBOY 4 ST New Generation E-Bike:

  • Aluminum Alloy Step-Thru Frame.
  • Rigid Front Forks.
  • 250W Rear Hub Motor, 45 Nm Torque.
  • 360Wh Lithium Battery.
  • Assist, speed is 20 mph.
  • Maximum travel range is 43.5 miles.
  • Single Speed Drive Train.
  • Front and Rear STVZO lights.
  • Extras are 4x Spoke reflectors, rear reflector, phone holder, bell.
  • Control Mode – Connected phone with app + battery unlock.
  • Wireless phone charging – Up to 15W.
  • Mobile App – iOS and Android. Secure, digital-key lock and unlock via personal app.
  • Gates carbon belt, gear ratio 57/20 (2.85)
  • Sprockets – 60 front & 20 rear teeth.
  • Handlebar – 22.4″ width, 20 degree sweep, 0 in rise.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake.
  • Cowboy custom organic pads.
  • Size 27.5″, width 1.85″ Cowboy-custom tires, puncture-resistant tires with a flexible grip and a puncture protection layer.
  • SELLE Royale Saddle.
  • Kickstand optional.
  • Rear Rack optional.
  • Bike’s Weight – 41.7 Ibs.
  • Load Capacity – Not specified. Please check with the Sales Support.
  • Rider’s Height – 5’3″- 6’2″.

The Image of COWBOY 4 ST New Generation E-Bike:

COWBOY 4 ST - The Best Affordable New Generation E-Bike.
COWBOY 4 ST – The Best Affordable New Generation E-Bike.

PROs of COWBOY 4 ST New Generation E-Bike:

  • COWBOY 4 ST is a sleek, minimalist e-bike, lightweight, low maintenance as well as come with an application full of useful features.
  • The GATES CDX belt not only operates silently, but also has a lifespan of 30,000 Km.
  • COWBOY 4 has improved with a higher torque to climb the hills easily as well as the price is reduced to make it more appealing to buy.
  • COWBOY 4 has a wider tire than COWBOY 3 so that the bigger air volume can smooth the bump for comfortable riding.
  • The rear hub motor with 50% more torque than COWBOY 3 surely more powerful for climbing the hills with ease.
  • The app can automatically lock and unlock power when you leave the bike or go near the bike.
  • COWBOY 4 is easy to ride like a regular bicycle because the motor assist is sensing from your pedaling.
  • There is no gear shift to worry about when you are facing the hills or descending from the hills.
  • The app has connected your vehicle with tech support, when you have an accident, the rescue will reach you earlier.
  • The app provides you the traffic information and air quality index in this area so you can plan a smoother and healthier route to ride.

CONs of COWBOY 4 ST New Generation E-Bike:

  • Riders that are smaller than 5’3″ or bigger than 6’2″ will not fit this bike because there is only one frame size available.
  • Kickstand and Rear Rack is available as optional only so you have to pay extra to include it for your needs.
  • The anti-theft subscription is not included in the package, but it is worthwhile for you to subscribe to it to keep your investment safe.
  • Some COWBOY 3 buyers complain that the saddle is hard, but COWBOY 4 has already used the comfort SELLE Royale Saddle. Not sure is it the same kind of saddle.

The overall ratings of COWBOY 3 New Generation E-Bike:

Reviewed by the COWBOY certified buyer, Chritian Hamburg on 5 September 2021 – The overall ratings are 4.0 out of 5.0:

Fantastic driving Experience and wonderful design. But there are a few things that could be better. The saddle and the handles could be a bit more comfortable and on my bike there are some ugly welds on the rear end. Other than that I couldn’t be happier.

Reviewed by the COWBOY certified buyer, Martin Amsterdam on 3 September 2021 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

The nicest design possible. Whilst riding the Cowboy always and everywhere people are interested and positively surprised about the design.

Nice and smooth handling and rides. No transmission, which you will not miss for a second. Comfort is something you have to accept. The basic but magnificent design means no shockers and the comfort of the saddle are something you might want to solve it yourself.

Reviewed by the COWBOY certified buyer, Marco Munich on 23 August 2021 – The overall ratings are 3.0 out of 5.0:

Battery went dead a few days after purchasing it. Customer service was fast, friendly and I got a new battery within a couple of days. Nevertheless, my vacation was ruined thanks to Cowboy.

Our Opinions:

  • The COWBOY team has proven that they will enhance the e-bike based on the comments of buyers.
  • Surely COWBOY 4 is much better than COWBOY 3 in the power of climbing hills and comfortable to ride with larger tires.
  • COWBOY’s return policy is the best when you compare it to other brands. For other brands, you must prove it with pictures or videos, once returned, you must pay a return fee and replenishment fee.
  • The service support of the COWBOY is excellent because they treated all claims with a quick response.

View YouTube Videos – COWBOY 3 Electric Bike reviewed by the CHIGZ TECH:

COWBOY 3 Electric Bike Review – Is the e-bike meet your needs?


After reviewing the certified buyers reviewed for COWBOY 3, I can see most of the buyers appreciate riding performance, except certain accessories do not meet the needs. I agreed on a comfortable saddle cannot satisfy all riders because of different body weight and size. As one buyer mentioned that you should solve your own.

The major components are excellent for meeting the requirements of the buyer. And the app gives the rider the more intelligent and conscious rider. I hope you agree with me to conclude that the COWBOY 4 ST is the best affordable new generation e-bike to buy.

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  1. COWBOY seems like a pretty good company to do business with! I like the 30-day return window policy and it seems generous to have a 2-year warranty on all of the components. 

    You mention that the early bird pre-order price is $100 and the retail is closer to $2000. That sounds waaaay too good to be true. What part of that deal am I missing?

    • Hi! Aly, The return policy is great to buyer. Whenever the buyer claims anything on warranty, the COWBOY support acts fast, but less than 5 cases only.

      Are you aware that the delivery will be next year first quarter? I am not sure when they will claim the full amount from you. COWBOY online platform still lack of FAQ to read. Although there is articles written by the team, but it is not operable using normal software. Call or send me a message to confirm any questions you have.

      Thanks for your support and comments given here. You are


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