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DOHENY EZ Folding – The Most Affordable All Terrain E-Bike


Did I mention the cost of an e-bike is under $1.5k? Will you be interested to know DOHENY EZ Folding that is certainly the most affordable all terrain e-bike. Doheny Bike wants you to go to a shop, beach, restaurant. A powerful motor coupled with off-road tires allows you to flatten the hills and go wherever you want. The bike is foldable, you can pack it in the little car, go further for camping or adventure in the forest.


  • Started by Jason and Micah.
  • Doheny Bike deals with access to personal liberty, mobility and travel without restrictions.
  • With the budget of the average buyer in mind, we wanted an experience of functional driving that is not fashionable, clumsy and limited to your hometown.
  • A solution for buyers that want to travel in a smaller car with electric bikes and ultimately extend their outdoor adventures.
  • Partnering with manufacturing that backs its products locally.
  • 1 hour of riding a couple times a week on your bike gives you increased happiness and stress relief.
  • Address – 34163 Pacific Coast Hwy #100, Dana Point CA 92629.
  • Contact Phone – (949) 427-3305.
  • FedEx or UPS to ship your order.
  • Assembled Home Delivery program if you are within 30 miles of our Dana Point, CA location.
  • Warranty – One year.

About DOHENY EZ Folding All Terrain E-Bike:

  • Product Name – DOHENY EZ Folding 750W E-Bike.
  • Product URL – You can view here.
  • Selling Price – $1,499.00.
  • Direct Seller – DOHENY BIKES.
  • Target Audience – The US Buyers only.
  • Shipping – Free for the lower 48 US states.
  • 14 Days return period with the condition that the odometer is less than 10 miles.
  • Warranty – One year.
  • Repair Request – Fill this form for repair request.

Main Features of DOHENY EZ Folding All Terrain E-Bike:

  • The 750W rear hub motor gives the heavy driver a more enjoyable feeling when facing steep slopes.
  • A 750 W rear hub motor coupled with a 7-speed gear, the motors are more powerful to run effectively over a wider range of rpm and can therefore be effective for climbing.
  • 48V 13.5Ah lithium battery is certainly enough to support a maximum reach of 35 miles.
  • A front suspension fork helps reduce the bumping effect when rolling over the street pot holes.
  • TEKTRO mechanical disc brakes deliver powerful braking whenever you apply the brakes in any emergency situation.
  • KENDA 20 “x4” low-pressure tires can run comfortably regardless of the asphalt road or soft sand beach.
  • THUMB Throttle or TWIST Throttle lets you get a thumbs up whenever you need to go faster.

Specification of DOHENY EZ Folding All Terrain E-Bike:

  • 6061 Aluminum Step-Thru Frame.
  • Front Suspension Forks.
  • 750W Rear-Hub Motor.
  • 48V 13.5Ah Lithium Battery.
  • 4-6 hours charging time.
  • TEKTRO Mechanical Disc Brake.
  • KENDA 20″x4″ Tires.
  • 7 speed Shimano Tourney Rear Derailleur.
  • Thumb Throttle or Twist Throttle.
  • PAS 1:1 intelligent Peddle /Assistant System.
  • Top Speed – 23 to 28 mph.
  • 5 Levels Pedal Assist & Throttle. 
  • Advanced Slim LCD.
  • Front LED Light.
  • Rear Rack with Tail Light.
  • Folding Dimensions – 30″H x 35″L x 19″W.
  • Bike’s Weight – 60 Ibs.
  • Load Capacity – 300 Ibs.
  • Rider’s Height – 4’10” to 6’2″.

The image of DOHENY EZ Folding All Terrain E-Bike:

DOHENY EZ Folding - The Most Affordable All Terrain E-Bike.
DOHENY EZ Folding – The Most Affordable All Terrain E-Bike.

PROs of DOHENY EZ Folding All Terrain E-Bike:

  • With the 750W engine comes massive power to conquer the hills and go faster, regardless of the weight of the driver.
  • The maximum speed can reach 28 mph can certainly bring you plenty of cheerful driving when you break through all the co-riders.
  • If your hobby is a beach cruise, DOHENY EZ is surely your best choice for shopping.
  • Almost all extras already included in the package, so you don’t need to top up any costs for your needs.
  • The handlebar and seat are telescopic therefore can correspond to a wide range of the rider’s height, making it the best for use in family sharing.
  • Both throttle and pedal assist are available for your choice, can certainly meet all your riding needs.
  • Keep fat tires at 30 psi so you can drive safely and smoothly on all terrains.
  • The rear rack looks rigid to install a child seat when you plan to go out with your small children.
  • DOHENY BIKE offers palletized freight in order to ensure the delivery is safeguarded, but you need to pay a fee.
  • You can personalize the DOHENY EZ with any accessories you want when you buy your new bikes.
  • DOHENY EZ can easily folded to bring to any place with your small car, can surely expand your ultimate driving experience.
  • The price below $1.5k is certainly worth your money paid for a powerful, all terrain e-bike and it is foldable.

CONs of DOHENY EZ Folding All Terrain E-Bike:

  • Battery is the important parts of an electric bike, certainly you need to know the clear specifications before purchasing the new bikes.
  • The lightings spec is unclear to guarantee your safe riding when you are riding at night.
  • The taillight with brake signal is important to you when you set the brake on the road.
  • DOHENY BIKE does not have the local bike store network to support delivery, so paying a fee for palletization freight is safer for you.

The overall ratings of DOHENY EZ Folding All Terrain E-Bike:

Reviewed by the DOHENY BIKES certified buyer, Derek on 1 March 2021 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

Had two of the EZ Doheny e bikes for several months. Best buy and decision I made in a long time. Great speed, gears are easy to use and smooth. Fun bike just for pedaling without the assist. Long battery life and range.

I regularly ride it 25 plus miles for my surf check and have not had the battery run out, especially up the steep hill up to my place. Easy handling and convenient folded to put on any vehicle. Only problem is I wish I had two more! Most reasonably priced E bikes I have seen, well worth the investment. I take them everywhere.

Our Opinions:

  • The owner used the power to drive the EZ everyday as well as stop the power to drive as regular bike workouts.
  • In fact, I am concerned about the quality of the battery, but the buyer has demonstrated that the battery is quality to use.
  • The EZ is heavy to lift into the car, but the size of the backrest is small and practical for transport.

Reviewed by the DOHENY BIKE certified buyer, Dave Sturgill on 4 February 2021 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

I test rode the EZ Folding 750W and was immediately sold! The power, accessories and overall ride of the bike was great.

Jason and Micah provide great service and stand behind the product they sell. I had a warranty issue and they addressed it immediately.

Compared with other bikes, the product and the price can’t be beat. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase. I highly recommend their bikes!

Our Opinions:

  • Jason and Micah are the owner of the DOHENY BIKE, obviously their service support is great and give strong back up when there is a warranty issue.
  • Customer satisfaction on the DOHENY EZ is great, especially the riding performance and warm service support from the seller.

View YouTube Videos – DOHENY E-Bike reviewed by the CC Outdoors:

DOHENY EZ Folding – The Most Affordable All Terrain E-Bike


After reviewing the comments from certified buyers, I get the conclusion that most buyers have received the bike fully assembled, the motor is powerful and the battery is reliable.

DOHENY BIKE is a family run company, therefore, the owner Jason and Micah have to support the service support strongly. In conclusion, they handle themselves well by choosing the best engine, battery, controller of local suppliers.

Do you agree that DOHENY BIKE is a trusted company doing quality e-cycling with the most affordable price for everybody to start riding? We welcome any feedback you may have.

Will you buy DOHENY EZ Folding since we have concluded that it is the most affordable all terrain e-bike? Submit your final views.

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  1. Hi Stephen. Thank you for another interesting article. To be fair I always considered electric bikes as rather city models and its surprising to see that there are also more universal ones. I haven’t heard before about Doheny company, but it seems that EZ model is really interesting. Parameters looks good, design is very cool and price is surprisingly reasonable. Looking forward to test it in practice.

    • Thank you for your visit and comment. You are welcome.

      DOHENY BIKE owners, Jason and Micah will welcome you to come for a test ride. Give them a call and you will find out how nice they are. I hope you get your dream bike sooner.

      Visit us anytime if you have any questions about the electric

  2. This electric bike seems to be awesome! Affordable, incredible components, and all-terrain. I’d buy without hesitation because I enjoy hiking and going in the nature on bike. Also, the reviews from many satisfied users would be another incentive to buy this bike. Also, the fact that you have used it by yourself is a solid testimony because you don’t review it just with what is written about the bike. You really talk by experience.

    • Hi Angelce, You are welcome. Thanks for your comments. 

      Electric bikes help to improve air quality, but also help us to save a lot of money spent on the car. I have ridden few models of the electric bikes including fat tire bike similar to the DOHENY EZ.

      It is true that DOHENY BIKE owner has done their best to produce quality e-bike. Especially the service support is important to the buyers. You can enjoy driving DOHENY EZ so do not miss it when you have decided to buy another new bike.

      Be safe and healthy. I wish you all the best in 


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