DOST Drop – The Best Affordable Class 3 Premium E-Bike


Are you looking for the best affordable class 3 premium e-bike? DOSH Drop have a high 120Nm Torque motor and a long-range battery to get you further and faster. DOST Drop is a step-thru hybrid bike with a powerful mid-drive motor, and 5 levels, pedal assist to give you a lot of joy when you are riding.

About DOST Bikes:

  • DOST Bikes started in 2019 with its location in British Columbia Canada.
  • It has a team of industry veterans to design the drive system and component parts, in order to achieve smooth and fast riding.
  • DOST Bikes has the rare combination of high power, high speed mid-drive motor, hence makes it unique from the market.
  • All buyers can join the DOSH Bikes Facebook group to keep communicating about their new bike condition with DOSH Bikes Support.
  • DOST only sells the Drop on its website; all bikes are shipped from Canada.

About DOST Drop Class 3 Premium E-Bike:

  • Product Name – Drop step-through frame electric bike.
  • Product URL – You can view here.
  • Selling Price – $2,799.00
  • Direct Seller – DOST Bikes.
  • Target Audience – The US and Canadian Buyers.
  • Shipping – Free for the US 50 states and Canada.
  • Delivered in 100% assembled to your door step.
  • 14 days return policy.
  • Warranty – 2 Years.

Main Features of DOST Drop Class 3 Premium E-Bike:

  • A high-performance 750W mid-drive motor to elevate the throttle and pedal assist in order to satisfy high speeds and hill-climbing (120 Nm of torque) capabilities.
  • Choose the dual battery options to get a travel range of 120 miles, hence eliminate range anxiety to go further.
  • Allow you to choose the best class configuration to target your max speed in order to achieve your riding satisfaction.
  • The adjustable stem can fine tune so that to keep you in the comfortable upright position.
  • Suntour XCT suspension forks give you extra comfort when you are riding on the uneven road.
  • Rear Rack has an impressive 100lb payload capacity, not only to carry your necessities, but also ride your kids anywhere you go.
  • Schwalbe Super Moto X Tires are puncture protection tires, to reduce the risks of flat tire whenever you are riding.
  • An integrated LED Lezyne German StVZO 210 Lumens optimized lens, coupled with the sidewall reflective tires, keeps you visible by any approaching vehicles.

Product Specification of DOST Drop Class 3 Premium E-Bike:

  • 6061 aluminum Step-Through Frame.
  • SR Suntour XCT hydraulic lockout and preload adjustment, 100 mm travel Front Fork.
  • 750W Bafang G340 (BBS02), mid drive motor, 1000W peak output, 120 Nm of torque.
  • 48V, 14 Ah (672 Wh) Samsung lithium ion frame battery. Optional 48V, 10.4 Ah (500 Wh).
  • DŌST 42-60V dual battery balancer, waterproof.
  • 48V, 750W 25 amp Controller.
  • 48V, 2 Amp smart charger.
  • Intelligent 5 level pedal assist.
  • Throttle on demand.
  • Top Speed – Can set at 20 mph or max of 28 mph.
  • Stem – Ergotech, 60º angle adjustment, 100 mm length, 31.8 clamp Ø.
  • Handlebar – Custom formed aluminum, 31.8mm clamp, 680mm width.
  • VELO locking, ergonomic grips.
  • Display – DŌST 3.2″ multi-color, backlit LCD with USB charger (DCP-18).
  • Aluminum alloy, double wall, 36H Rims.
  • Spokes – 13-gauge stainless steel, black.
  • Schwalbe Super Moto X 27.5″ x 2.4″, puncture resistant, sidewall reflective Tires.
  • Tektro hydraulic dual piston (HD-E351) with 180 mm rotors.
  • Brake Levers – Cast aluminum comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch and reach adjustment.
  • Shimano Altus, 9 speed, rapid fire w/ optical gear display or SRAM X5 Trigger shifters.
  • 9-Speed Shimano Altus or SRAM X5 Derailleur. Shimano 1 x 9-speed.
  • Shimano 9 speed, 11-36T Freewheel.
  • KMC Anti-Rust bike chain.
  • DŌST gel, wide saddle with lifting handle.
  • Pedals – Wellgo B087 CrMo axle, forged aluminum platform with reflectors, standard 9/16″ x 20 TPI threading.
  • Rear Rack – Integrated, 100 lbs carrying capacity, 16 mm tubing diameter.
  • Adjustable heavy-duty aluminum with wide plastic foot Kickstand.
  • Black plastic front and rear Fenders, full coverage.
  • Front Light – Spanninga AXENDO 80.
  • Rear Light – Spanninga LINEO.
  • Load Capacity – 300 Ibs.
  • Bike’s Weight – 64.5 Ibs.
  • Rider’s Height – 4’10” to 6’0″

The image of DOST Drop Class 3 Premium E-Bike:

DOST Drop is the best affordable class 3 premium e-bike.
DOST Drop is the best affordable class 3 premium e-bike.

PROs of DOST Drop Class 3 Premium E-Bike:

  • A mid price range e-bike with a lot of premium features, hence it is worth the money to pay.
  • A mid-drive 750W Bafang motor with 1000W of peak power and 120Nm of torque, as a result give you massive power to defeat hills and ride fast.
  • You can choose single battery or dual battery due to your riding needs.
  • The LED Display has an independent control pad on the left handlebar, hence you can change settings without leaving your hand from the grips.
  • The cadence sensor, gear sensor coupled with the 9 gear system makes riding the Drop feels very smooth and natural.
  • You can use the throttle to ride off from the full stoppage, thus any beginner can ride Drop easily with a lot of fun.
  • The headlight has two LED, in order to give a long beam light.
  • The rear has a light pipe, in order to create a wider bright surface.
  • Ergo grips are locked and have removable end caps in order to add mirrors, phone holder, etc.
  • Tektro 180mm hydraulic disc brakes on both front and rear have dual-piston calipers to stop the Drop quickly whenever there is a need.
  • The adjustable saddle height and longer adjustable angle stem, for the purpose of matching different rider’s height to ride upright comfortably.
  • Drop has a lot of safety features to protect the riders, peace of mind when you are on the road.
  • Schwalbe higher volume 25.7″ x 2.4″ tires and Suntour XCT, a 100mm suspension fork, reduce bumping effect when you are riding on the off-road.
  • DŌST is using a physical shift detection sensor to protect the drive train, obviously it will extend the life use of drive train and avoid broken chain.

CONs of DOST Drop Class 3 Premium E-Bike:

  • The 2A Charger seems too small to charge the big battery, certainly you have to buy a faster charger to shorten the charging time.
  • A few cables are externally routed, although they are wrapped for protection, in the event of an accident, the exposed cable may get serious pulled or cut in the event.
  • DOST Bikes sell direct from online only, and a long delivery day is predicted in the website, of course you have to accept long waiting time when making your purchase.
  • There is no review ratings can be found on the DOST Bikes website yet, but there is some customer feedback on their new bikes only.

DOST Bikes Facebook Group feedback:

Message from DOST Bikes buyer, Wayne Wilcox on 20 April 2021:

Goleta Pier! University of California at Santa Barbara in background. Smokey Robinson did a music video on this pier many years ago. A stunning day here in Santa Barbara.
Rode 25 miles today. 70 degrees and a slight cool breeze. UCSB has an excellent bike path. Also between Goleta Beach and my house is an excellent bike path as well. Have 900 miles on my drop. Absolutely no problems with the bike whatsoever. Other than a “seasoned citizen” taking a spill once or twice. April 19, 2021 is bike day. Thanks Dost team.

Our Opinion:

  • The buyer becomes friend of DOST Bikes Support, the experiential use of DOST Bikes is indeed a valuable asset for DOST Bikes.
  • DOST Drop has 900 miles performance with zero fault, certainly it is a great achievement.

Message from DOST Bikes Buyer, Len Lipkin on 18 April 2021:

Just finished my first 100 miles. My assessment so far – what a wonderful bike! I love it, and it was well worth the wait. I have taken to riding it to do small errands instead of jumping in the car. Better for me and better for the environment!

I am 6’2″ and 240 lbs and admittedly I ride pretty aggressively (always safely!). My one complaint is a BIG one though. The shifting is quite problematic. I tried to adjust the derailleur myself based on a DIY video that Dost shared (I am a novice).

I have had a video appointment with a Dost mechanic and even taken to a local bike shop for adjustments. I’ve got every symptom in the book–spontaneous shifting, shifting back and forth, shifting when riding over bumps, not shifting up, not shifting down, loud crunching shifts, shifting when using the throttle.

I am operating right now on the assumption that the cables need a break-in/stretching out period–I will stay in touch with Dost and/or go back in for another adjustment or (I fear) a derailleur replacement. Despite this complaint, I am confident that this will get resolved eventually, but it is a weakness on an otherwise excellent bike.

Our Opinion:

  • Despite the shifting issue, DOST Kope still consider as an excellent e-bike by the buyer.
  • In summary of the message, I read DOST support is knowledgeable and friendly to the buyers.
  • What are your findings from this buyer message? You are welcome to share with us.

View the YouTube Videos – DOST Drop reviewed by Electric Bike Review:

DOST Drop – The Best Affordable Class 3 Premium E-Bike


DOST Drop will get more people out, and get them out further, for the purpose of exploring new terrains, and distant climbs with ease of mind and comfort.

Can DOST Drop attract your liking? If yes, what is your comments. In conclusion, I am pretty sure DOST Drop is the best affordable class 3 premium e-bike for every adults to buy. If you are in the opposite site, please share with us your opinions.

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