e-JOE ONYX – The Best Affordable Sports Class Commuter


e-JOE ONYX is a powerful city commuter e-bike with high speed at 25 mph. With a price lower than $1.8k, will you buy this best affordable sports class commuter. e-JOE ONYX is certainly in the category offering to both commuters and mountain bikers. There is off brand motor MXUS electric motor and Bengal hydraulic disc brakes trade off the value. The off-brand components perform well during the test ride by ELECTREK.

About e-JOE Bike:

  • e-JOE started in 2008.
  • e-JOE strives to create electric bikes that can be enjoyed by anyone.
  • We are open to discuss with any buyers.
  • We call ONYX our sports class commuter because it combines 8-speed transmission harnessing a 1000-watt high performance geared rear hub motor.
  • It is best to purchase e-JOE bikes online or from our authorized dealers near your location.
  • We work with trusted business partners in Asia who have extensive experience and expertise in the bicycle industry.
  • e-JOE bike is shipped 98% assembled in a big box via FedEx or UPS.
  • If a package shows visible signs of damage, open the box, and ask the driver to inspect the contents with you.
  • You can request an exchange or return within 14 days of the delivery date.
  • e-JOE Bikes warrants every new e-JOE product against defects in material and/or workmanship for one year.
  • Best FAQ is available for the visitors to read.

About e-JOE ONYX Sports Class Commuter:

  • Product Name – ONYX Sports Class Commuter.
  • Product URL – You can view here.
  • Selling Price – $1,799.00 (List Price – $2,199.00)
  • Direct Seller – e-JOE Bike.
  • Target Audience – The US and Canadian buyers.
  • Shipping – Free for the lower 48 US States.
  • Cancellation of any unshipped order is subject to a 5% restocking fee.
  • 14 days of return period.
    • Do not use the e-bike but contact immediately.
    • Do not ship the product without receiving written authorization from one of our representatives.
  • Warranty – One year.
  • You can buy the clearance ONYX with a selling price at $1,599.00.

Main Features e-JOE ONYX Sports Class Commuter:

  • 750W gear hub motor with 1000W peak output can easily flatten any hills when you’re facing them.
  • The 672Wh lithium battery is dependable for extended use because it is manufactured by SAMSUNG batteries.
  • The battery in the frame not only has an elegant look, but also well protected against water impacts.
  • TEKTRO E350 hydraulic disc brakes can certainly provide you with safe stopping power during any challenging condition.
  • The front suspension forks surely help you reduce the knocking effect on any difficult terrain you are riding.
  • The adjustable handlebar coupled with the adjustable seat height helps to match the height of any driver for the upright riding position.
  • 26″x 2.125″ The tire not only has low rolling resistance helps to run faster, but also puncture resistance to reduce the risk of a flat tire.
  • Thumb Throttle lets you start faster as well as accelerate at the maximum speed you want.
  • The pedal assist allows you to ride harder for fitness or ride with higher motor assistance effortlessly when you are tired.
  • e-JOE ONYX not only has good value for its quality components, but also includes all the extras you need as the extra bonus for you.

Specification of e-JOE ONYX Sports Class Commuter:

  • 6061 Aluminum Alloy e-mountain bike frame.
  • Front suspension forks.
  • MXUS 750W Rated Rear Brushless Geared Hub Motor, 1000W peak.
  • 48V 14Ah Samsung 18650-Cells Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Travel range – up to 45 miles (depending on terrains and rider’s weight).
  • Top Speed – 25 mph.
  • Thumb Throttle.
  • 5 levels Pedal Assist.
  • Class 1, Class 2 Electric bikes.
  • KD-58C LCD Display.
  • 26″ x 2.125 Puncture-Resistant Tire.
  • Front/Rear – Hydraulic Disc Brakes.
  • Black VELO Plush Padded Vinyl Top.
  • 7-speed Shimano Gearing.
  • Crank Set – PROWHEEL 3/32″ x 46T x 170mm.
  • Extras – Kickstand, Bell, Headlight, Taillight, Fenders, Rear Rack.
  • Color – Black/Orange, Blue/White.
  • Bike’s Weight – 60Ibs.
  • Load Capacity – 300Ibs.
  • Minimum Seat Height – 34″

The image of e-JOE ONYX Sports Class Commuter:

e-JOE ONYX - The Best Affordable Sports Class Commuter.
e-JOE ONYX – The Best Affordable Sports Class Commuter.

PROs of e-JOE ONYX Sports Class Commuter:

  • e-JOE ONYX is a powerful e-bike for you to go anywhere because it can conquer the steep hill and accelerate faster.
  • The transmission is smooth for shifting and easy to achieve maximum speed due to the powerful motor and Shimano 7 speed.
  • The SHIMANO 7 speed gear helps you climb the hills more easily with a lower gear and lets you go faster with a higher gear.
  • e-JOE ONYX is not only a better bike to get around calmly, but also a sports bike to ride harder for exercise.
  • The top speed of 25 mph helps you get to the destination sooner when you face a busy schedule.
  • e-JOE ONYX helps you to save a lot of daily expenses for getting to work instead of using your gas car.
  • The front and rear fenders allow you to drive in all weather conditions because it allows you to remain clean and dry against splashes of water, mud and dirt.
  • e-JOE ONYX is an off-road bike so you can ride anywhere in the summer or winter.
  • The front headlight allows you to clearly see the front road while the rear light is visible as you approach the car to keep you safe.
  • e-JOE ONYX is a comfortable electric bike because the front suspension forks and softer tires help smooth any rough surface.
  • The back mount is available for you to hang pannier bags so you can bring any necessities to use on the road.
  • Don’t miss reading the FAQ and operating manuals because the information can certainly benefit shoppers in their driving experience.

CONs of e-JOE ONYX Sports Class Commuter:

  • You may have to buy a faster charger to shorten the complete charging time instead of losing 4-6 hours using the standard charger.
  • Do not install a child seat on the rear rack to go out with your child because the payload on the rear rack is unknown.
  • The illumination details are not visible in the specs, but it is important to keep you visible on the road and another driver.
  • The assembly video is available on the e-JOE online platform, but it has not been published in YouTubes.

The overall ratings of e-JOE ONYX Sports Class Commuter:

Reviewed by the e-JOE certified buyer, Jerry on 13 April 2021 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

My wife and I rented e-JOE Jade on Maui for a day. We loved this bike so much that we want to buy one each. But I went on a massive search of every other option. We tried Blix, Rad City, Biktrix, Magnum, and realized how good the e-JOE is.

I rode bikes a thousand dollars more expensive that we didn’t like. It seems e-JOE really found the sweet spot on this one. We liked the smooth power without surges, the comfort of the seat and handlebar and size of the bike, . We liked the color, the integrated battery, the reasonable weight and the whole experience.

Our Opinions:

  • e-JOE Jade and e-JOE ONYX is the same price with the same specification except one is a step-thru frame and high step frame.
  • I confirmed from the e-bike tester that e-JOE ONYX Drivetrain is not only fun to drive, but also operate smoothly.
  • Once I see this E-Bike, I love the color and outlook due to the built-in battery and crank shape together look like a medium drive motor.

View YouTube videos – e-JOE ONYX reviewed by the ELECTREK:

e-JOE ONYX – The Best Affordable Sports Class Commuter.


Since e-JOE ONYX has been tested by the e-bike specialist, I strongly concluded that it is an e-bike with quality driving performance. I only have one dubious point, why the certified buyer reviews are so few only. But I feel comfortable as I don’t see any negative comments about e-joe bicycles from other online vendors.

Let us open the discussion for any users reading this article. Do you agree that e-JOE ONYX is the best affordable Sports Class Commuter? You are invited to share your thoughts with us. We appreciate your participation in advance.

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  1. Hi, great article. What I like best about the e-JOE ONYX is that the front suspension forks help to reduce the knocking effect on any difficult terrain I am riding and that the adjustable handlebar combined with the adjustable seat height helps to match the height of any driver for upright riding position. The last thing I liked about it is that you said I could go anywhere since it could overcome steep hills and accelerate more quickly.

    Thank you very much.

    • Thank you for your frequent visit and comments. I really appreciated very much for you to take time to read and make the comments.

      Every electric bike has the plus points and negative points, do not just aware the plus points. Sometimes a small negative point will affect a lot on your riding needs. Look at why you need an electric bike to ensure the e-bike spec can serve all your needs. Of course do not buy over spec e-bike, it will cost to pay more.

      You are welcome and wish you all best in looking for your dream


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