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Electric Bikes can solve transport issues


Can electric bikes solve transportation issues for students and workers? Are you facing traffic jam on the way going to work or school? Use of electric bikes can help you to avoid the traffic jam to reach your destination faster.

What is the transportation issue for the students and Workers?

The traffic jam is typical everywhere when students go to school or workers go to work.

school bus driving-in-heavy-traffic
School bus driving-in-heavy-traffic.

Yes, you can see traffic jams one hour before and after school-time. The same is one hour before and after working hours. If school-time and working hours fall simultaneously, the traffic jam is increasing heavily in many countries.

Can the best deal of electric bikes help to solve the traffic jam? The image below tells you the messy condition.

The student who takes the school bus has to wake up early at 5 am for breakfast. And on the bus at 5.30 am to reach school before 7 am.

A school bus has to go around the road to pick up 20 to 30 students before school.

The worker has to wake up early at 6 am to take breakfast. And driving a car or motorbike to reach the factory at 8 am.

Why our daily activities makes it so difficult for students and workers?

Can electric bikes help to solve the transportation issue? Your input is very helpful to the students and workers.

Air Pollution on the road hurts students’ and workers’ health issues.

Other than a traffic jam, there is heavy air pollution from the vehicle exhaust pipe, which is not healthy for all motorbike riders or bicycle riders. There are many common sicknesses caused by the vehicle’s exhaust gases, likes headache or sore throat.

Air Pollution threaten students and workers
Air Pollution threatens students and workers.

There is a separate motorbike or bicycle lanes to use in some countries. But no state can provide a different path to use by motorbikes or bicycles for all the roads due to substantial budget needs.

The traffic jam is the typical high accident rate for motorcycles

The motorcycle has more freedom to move on the road during a traffic jam. But there is always a risk for motorbike riders to move between many traffics on the path. Accidents on the road for motorbike rider is a deadly matter left unsolved or unattended by many countries, especially in South East Asia.

Deadly motorcycle accident happened everywhere on the road due to speedy.
A deadly motorcycle accident happened everywhere on the road due to speeding.

The speed of motorbike has to set regulations to keep below 50 km/HR. The weight of the motorcycle is also a concern when hitting passengers can cause severe injury or death.

What is the possible solution to resolve the transportation issue for the students and workers?

Can Electric cars solve the transportation issue?

The electric car can only solve the air pollution issue, but not daily traffic jams for students and workers. The initial investment in electric cars is too high for most families bear the cost.

Affordable electric car price
Affordable electric car price

And the number of vehicles on the road keeps increasing year by year—no sign of reducing in number of the last ten years.

<<<  The barrier is electric cars are too expensive for daily commuting for students or workers.  >>>

Can Electric Motorbikes solve the transportation issue?

If converting all the big vehicles on the road for motorcycles will ease the traffic jam, hence less space is required. But battery size for a motorbike needs a higher capacity to achieve the speed similar to the gasoline motorbike.

Carrying a higher capacity battery on a motorcycle is certainly not a good idea since it can become a high risk on the road. The issue is a high capacity battery for a motorbike is not only bulky in size but also heavy.

Invented smaller size battery with extremely high power capacity and fast charging station is required to solve electric motorcycles on the road. But not solve all the transportation issues for students and workers.

Electric motorcycle for zero carbon emission
Electric motorcycle for zero carbon emission

Yes, an electric motorbike can solve the traffic jam issue and air pollution problem only. The more the number of motorcycles on the road, the higher the risk of deadly accident rates for motorcycle riders.

Why is an accident on the road for a motorbike rider is a deadly matter left unsolved or unattended by many countries? WHO (World Health Organization) has called for limiting motorbike speed to keep below 50 km/HR in the city. But only a few countries are followed.

Most riders ignore this speed limit and bring misfortune to themselves. The weight of motorbike is also a concern when hitting passengers with speed above 50 km/HR.

<<<  The fact is a speeding motorbike is a big risk to riders and passengers in the congested city.  >>>

Why Electric Bikes – is a solution to transportation issues for students and workers?

  1. Electric bikes are affordable to buy by most families. Or sell the old gasoline motorcycle or car can buy two to four electric bikes.
  2. Electric bikes are durable to use for at least five to ten years. Without the use of gasoline, motorcycles or cars can save $2,000 to 10,000 per year – No gasoline purchase, No vehicle loan, No maintenance cost, No parking space rental, No annual road tax, and annual insurance coverage.
Electric Bikes for zero carbon emission
Electric Bikes for zero carbon emission
  • Students and Workers can ride on the first day of purchase.
  • An electric bike’s cleaning can be done by oneself, due to setup is about $100 for every family.
  • Electric bikes do not need registration, permit, or license to use.
  • With the use of the separate bicycle lane, for the purpose to keep students and workers are safer on the road.
  • Electric bikes set speed limits accordingly to the country regulation that is 15.5 Km/HR.
  • With the use of electric bikes, students and workers save one hour of traveling time every weekday.
  • The recharging cost of an electric bike’s battery is very cheap at under $20 per year.
  • Tire replacement is $70 for every two years.
  • Students and Workers are more healthy with daily pedaling and free to go anywhere after school or work.

Benefits for local government to support the use of electric bikes:

  • The Annual maintenance cost for the bicycle lane is much lower than the vehicle highway.
  • The space requirement for bicycle parking is much smaller than the requirement for cars or motorcycles.
  • Less money spent on gasoline purchases for the vehicles helps reduce importation of gasoline from overseas and save billions of dollars every year for the country.
  • The annual budget for expanding the bicycle lane is ten times lower than building a highway for gasoline vehicles.
  • The removal of a gasoline vehicle parking lot in the city, certainly can save extra space for commercial activities.
Parks in the city improve living quality
Parks in the city improve living quality.
  • Fewer vehicles on the road improve air pollution significantly, giving healthier air for citizens breathe.
  • The attraction of tourists coming to the city can improve economic activities and bring wealth to the citizens staying in the city.
  • The city’s air quality improved, the citizens staying in the city have a better living environment and more parks for relaxation.
Park of the floating garden improve water quality
Park of the floating garden improves water quality.
  • Every country should be happy to promote electric bikes, which is one of the strategies plan to achieve zero carbon release before 2050 to combat climate change.
  • The local government should consider the speed limit for the electric bike to increase to 50 km/HR, which is still very safe for riders or passengers to pass by.
  • The bicycle network needs to expand yearly to provide safe and protected lanes to encourage more cyclists.
  • Bicycle parking needs commercializing to provide a well-managed space to keep clean, tidy, and avoid theft and, most importantly, giving tourists a good image for bicycle parking.


The trend of using electric bikes cannot stop due to better safety, better environmental conditions, and better convenience of low-income people. The development of electric cars for high-income people will not also stop for a better environment. Read the external post here.

All people should support the country, limiting the speed of motorbike to travel in the city road. A future green city shall promote to use of electric bikes and electric cars only.

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14 thoughts on “Electric Bikes can solve transport issues”

  1. I cannot but agree with you on this one. In all honesty, electric bikes can prove to be the difference maker. When we address the issue of maintaining the right proportion of balance in traffic jam and all, electric bikes would prove the difference but then, getting them recharged and all would be a big problem for now. Well, it is still nice but I’m fingers crossed on it for now

    • Light weight and high capacity battery is under research in many country. Battery needs for electric bicycle or electric bikes is very much easy to solve than battery for electric motorcycle or electric car. It is easy to fix bulky battery in a car but not motorcycle. That is why I prefer to promote electric bikes with lower speed for easy to get good battery to fix for use. Your doubt question is valid but there is already have solution. If commercial can build fast charging station, the battery can fully charge by rider in less than one hour.

  2. Hello Stephen,

    I truly appreciate your passion on electric bikes and cars and how they are much better for the environment. I agree! It sounds like though depending on what you need the transport for, will determine which electric/bike/bicycle to use. How is your online store? Do you think you will be able to help sell electric bikes one day? Many thanks!


    • Appreciated very much for your support. My website is still under construction. I hope can help visitor to search for best buy electric bike based on their needs. I will welcome visitor feedback on their needs for a electric bikes or bicycle. There are wide range of electric bike for personal use and price can vary from USD500 to USD10K. It is true needs a lot of time to familiar with the product in the market. I hope I can help to recommend right model to each visitor very soon.

  3. I’m going back to university this coming February and I was planning on taking a bike with me, that is very economic and also time saving at times because of traffic jams. I have always admired here electric bicycles and though mine is a traditional one I hope to get one very soon. I wouldn’t mind having a bicycle move at 30km/hr let alone 50km/ hr, great speed hat can really be useful to school kids as they don’t have to wait to be picked up and no fuel is wasted.

    • I wish your dream to get a electric bike will soon becomes truth. Thanks for your supporting comment. My website has just start to source best deal electric bike to recommend to student and worker. You can choose electric bike for city use. It should cost around USD1,000.00 only.

  4. I think electric bikes are a great idea! I work in a downtown area and those as well as the electric scooters are everywhere! Unfortunately in my city there really isn’t a space set aside for the bikes and scooters, so they have to ride on the roads with cars, which can sometimes be dangerous. Hopefully, in the future, they work on that, because public transit then using the bikes when they get to downtown is the best way to get to work or school.

    • From my opinion, every city can allocate electric bike lane to ensure safety for rider. It will not take away much of the road space if city council approve the proposal. With this separate lane to electric bike can promote city image, also promote green fuel to reduce air pollution. Thanks for supporting electric bike is good solution for student and worker.

  5. Very interesting article about actually very present topic. I think there are many accidents occurring, those, with the right approach of other road users could be avoided.
    I am myself living in the Netherlands, close by Amsterdam, and here is it thankfully solved, or let’s say better solved like in most of other european ( maybe world) countries.I don’t know where you are from?
    the electric bikes can be solver issue, I do agree and I hope after your article, much more people, also students would consider to buy one.
    Very well written. I wish you success further with your writing. Cheers.

    • I am staying in Johor Baru, Malaysia. The location is South East Asia. Thanks for support electric bike is a solution for student and worker. I will write as many posts regarding electric bikes in next few weeks.

  6. Thank you so many articles for giving us such a beautiful article and I have found a solution to the current traffic problem through you and I think if the people of our country would have followed your idea, our problem would have been solved long ago. I think the main cause of our air pollution is black smoke emitted from vehicles and this problem can be solved if we drive our vehicles with electric powered batteries. And we have another problem with the traffic jam and if we want to get rid of it then I totally agree with you and that is that we have to control the extra motorbikes and we have to use the smaller cars instead. Then our traffic jam problem will be solved a lot

    • Thanks for support my content. To solve road issue is not simple as we think. Someone selling motorbikes will not happy to limit number of motorbikes. Most people have to take care their advantage even they know that is the way to solve the traffic issue. We have to keep on pursuit on right concept. Those who not support will slowly adjust themselves to fit into right concept. We can accept them to accept the right concept gradually not immediately.

  7. Hi there! I agree that the traffic issue needs to be addressed. Here in the Bahamas, the capital city of the country is named Nassau. Nassau has the majority of the population (which is almost 300,000) but its total landmass is 24m X 7m (the island is extremely small). So you can imagine how terrible traffic can be with an overly crowded island. 

    I liked the solution of using an electric bike here because motorcycles really do zoom by easier and quicker. However, what is the difference between an electric motorbike and an electric bike? can you send me some pictures?

    • Electric bikes is another call as electric bicycle has 3 class. Class 1 is low speed pedelec. Class 3 is high speed peledec. Class 2 is throttle without pedal and not consider as bicycle in some country. You can see on internet search. Cannot attach photo here.


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