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EUNORAU FAT-AWD – The Best Affordable All Terrain E-Bike


Are you looking for a potent all-wheel drive e-bike for all-terrain? EUNORAU FAT-AWD with dual motors and fat tires are the best affordable all terrain e-bike. The better traction on both tires is certainly safer for you to ride on the gravel road. Any fast turn is far safer because the front hub motor will pull you over any sharp corner. Your pleasure of driving is unbeatable since you can use a motor or both motors accordingly.


  • Our mission is “Let’s go back to nature” we need more fresh air and green plants with us.
  • We are a great team and we have over 11 years of combined experience in the electric bike industry.
  • When you contact our customer service department, you are contacting live representatives who are working in 24 hours.
  • Email us by info@eunorau-ebike.com or call +1 7026015552.
  • The test ride address is 6585 Arville St, Suite B, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89118, USA.
  • We are expanding our dealer network to serve all buyers near you.
  • Your bike will arrive mostly assembled. We will provide the tools and a comprehensive assembly video.
  • VELOFIX will professionally build and tune your new Eunorau E-bike, without you having to leave your home. The fee charged is $129.
  • Electric bikes free shipping to the lower 48 States will ship by FedEx or UPS.
  • We accept order cancellation before the product is shipped or produced.
  • For rejection, we have to refund you after deducting the shipping cost.
  • Customers have the right to apply for return within 7 days after the receipt.
  • Warranty one year.
  • EUNORAU E-BIKES is the BAFANG Authorized online seller in the Global market.

About EUNORAU FAT-AWD All Terrain E-Bike:

  • Product Name – EUNORAU 48V250W+350W FAT-AWD All Wheel Drive Commuter Electric Fat Tire Bike.
  • Product URL – You can view here.
  • Selling Price – $1,699.00.
  • Direct Seller – EUNORAU US.
  • Target Audience – The US and Canadian Buyers.
  • Pre-orders available, orders placed today are scheduled to ship in the Mid Oct. 2021.
  • Shipping – Free shipping to the lower 48 US States.
  • 7 Days of return period.
  • Warranty – One year.

Main Features EUNORAU FAT-AWD All Terrain E-Bike:

  • Both 48V/250W 350W hub motors are certainly convenient for driving in any type of road.
  • The upgraded battery 748.8Wh Lithium battery, surely can let you go further than you want.
  • When you reduce a motor running on some road conditions, you can dramatically increase the range of travel.
  • While you are using dual motors on any terrain, you will feel enhanced control, stability and traction on slippery or loose surfaces.
  • The thumb throttle accelerating as well as the selector motor switch for rear/front wheel or both wheels, you probably need some time to use it efficiently.
  • Fat 4” Kenda Krusade Sport tires can maintain a grip on loose surfaces, such as snow, sand, mud, gravel.
  • The 46T chain, crank creates more torque on your pedal so motor assistance responds earlier.
  • Promax disc brakes with 160mm rotors can provide a durable shutdown when you apply the brake lever.
  • The adjustable handlebar stem allows you to ride in a more comfortable posture so you can make a longer journey.
  • Fat tires help reduce the knocking effect on the road, while the suspension seat has added comfort wherever you go.

Specification of EUNORAU FAT-AWD All Terrain E-Bike:

  • Aluminum Alloy high step Frame.
  • Aluminum Alloy Front Forks.
  • 48V/250W+350W Geared hub motor installed in front & rear wheel.
  • 48V/15.6Ah Lithium ion Battery.
  • Top speed – 20 mph.
  • Maximum travel range – 35 miles.
  • Thumb throttle.
  • 3 levels, pedal assist.
  • LCD C961 Panel Display.
  • Integrated Headlight.
  • Battery operated Taillight.
  • Shimano Acera 7 speed Rear Derailleur.
  • Thumb Shifter on Right.
  • 46T chain-wheel crank.
  • Mid-Rise, Aluminum Alloy, 650mm Length, 20mm Rise Handlebar.
  • Adjustable Stem for Comfort.
  • Comfort Saddle with Suspension.
  • Promax Disc Brakes Front 160mm and Rear Disc Brake 160mm with Motor Cutoff Sensor in Brake Handles.
  • 26 inch Black Alloy RIMS.
  • Stainless Steel Spokes.
  • Krusade Sport Tires 26 x 4.0.
  • High quality Nylon Pedals.
  • Fenders and Rear Rack included.
  • Bike’s Weight – 77.2 Ibs
  • Load Capacity – 350 Ibs
  • Rider’s Height – 4’10” to 6’4″ above based on frame size suggestion.
  • Manual and tools are included.

The image of EUNORAU FAT-AWD All Terrain E-Bike:

EUNORAU FAT-AWD - The Best Affordable All Terrain E-Bike.
EUNORAU FAT-AWD – The Best Affordable All Terrain E-Bike.

PROs of EUNORAU FAT-AWD All Terrain E-Bike:

  • All Wheel Drive e-bike is not just the power to climb hills, but also the motors running on both wheels contributes to better traction on all loose terrains.
  • EUNORAU FAT-AWD is a powerful all-terrain e-bike so it can support you going anywhere for adventure you want.
  • There are a motor selector switch for you to choose the rear wheel, the front wheel or both wheels so you can change spontaneously as your driving needs.
  • Increased use of pedal assist can help you expand the range of travel while travelling around the city.
  • During descents, don’t forget to minimize motor assistance to save battery power.
  • Less use of the throttle lever to increase speed while climbing hills will protect the battery not flat fast.
  • With two motors, it is the power to go where you want, but poor management of motor assistance can cause the flat battery fast.
  • Shimano 7-speed can be a great help to ease up the hills as well as go faster to get to your destination.
  • Frequently, the gear change increases the range, while no gear change occasionally consumes the range.
  • EUNORAU FAT-AWD is the ideal choice to go to the beach because both wheels get better traction in the sand of the motors running.
  • You can choose the option to assemble by VELOFIX to get peace of mind, but have to pay a fee of $129 to VELOFIX.
  • You can opt for FedEx or UPS delivery and assemble the new e-bike yourself, but you save $129 in your pocket.
  • View YouTube videos showing unbox and assemble the EUNORAU FAT-AWD so that you have entrusted to assemble yourself.

View YouTube Videos – Unbox and Assemble EUNORAU FAT-AWD by the ReallyGoodE-bikes:

CONs of EUNORAU FAT-AWD All Terrain E-Bike:

  • You should purchase a spare battery for a long driving distance because the range of the battery is only 35 miles. Find out with the salesman if they have the battery in stock for you to buy as a replacement.
  • The taillight is not integrated into the main battery, so you must check and replace the low battery.
  • The rear rack specification is not clear, so I’m not sure it’s safe to install a child seat to date your children.
  • Unsure how many frame sizes may be available to match your height as well as a color option is available only.
  • You may consider upgrading to front suspension forks so that it can be more comfortable to ride on unknown trails.

The overall ratings of EUNORAU FAT-AWD All Terrain E-Bike:

Reviewed by the EUNORAU certified buyer, Jack Tesorero on Sep 14, 2020 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

So I bought the Eunanau 2 wheel drive e-bike. I’ve never bought a purchase this big sight unseen so I was nervous. It took about a month to get it and it came in a big box. Assembly was easy and took about an hour.

I love showing it off because everyone is interested in e-bikes. This bike has two motors, very rare. Activate the front, back or both. As far as I can tell, the only difference is how fast you get to top speed. No pedaling necessary, but it will help you go faster and home. Obviously, if you take it in snow or off road you will want both motors. Normally, I only use the front motor.

Things to note. This is a BIG bike. The motors move it fine so you don’t notice. It is ALL BLACK with very little graphics. Looks like a stealth bomber. The rear brake light is aftermarket. I bought a new foam seat with a tail light and it’s perfect. I have no idea how to pronounce or spell the name.

You will not regret your purchase. You will want to find reasons to go for a bike ride. That’s where I’m going now!

Our Opinions:

  • From this review of the buyer, we found the new electric bike was delivered in a large box safely so you could put down your concern regarding transportation. FedEx and UPS have certainly learned a great deal from their past experience in processing, delivery that is satisfactory to buyers.
  • The package came with the manual, and the buyer can handle to assemble the e-bike within one hour most likely refer to the manual.
  • The buyer tested the acceleration of the electric bike using the throttle to reach the top speed quickly.
  • His experience usually tells us that you can choose to use a motor to save power. But on sand and snow, it is preferable to use both engines for a more stable ride.
  • A comfortable saddle is important for every rider when you have to for a long ride. A saddle with a taillight is surely a good idea.

Summary of the certified buyer reviews for EUNORAU Fat-AWD E-Bike:

  • Total number of reviews are 14.
  • The average ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0.
  • There is not one complaint about the damage caused by delivery during transport.
  • But there are a few buyers mentioned about the long wait for delivery can be because of the hot buying session.
  • The most mentioned about the e-bike is big and heavy, so that’s why short travel range. A buyer expects to get a larger battery to get a longer ride.


From the buyer reviews, it is safe to buy online from the EUNORAU E-BIKE because they use quality packaging box for delivery. Also, you can choose, assemble the new e-bike by yourself to save $129 dollars.

Have you found anything that is dubious for you to buy this incredible bike today? Please share with us your findings in order to improve our review process. If not, we conclude that EUNORAU FAT-AWD is truly the best affordable all-terrain e-bike on the market.

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  1. Thanks so much for the detailed write-up of the EUNORAU FAT-AWD all-terrain e-bike. It looks like it would be a great bike to get around the suburban roads and trails near to me. Given all that it offers, it does seem like a good buy for the price, but it’s still a bit over my budget. Given that the bike has already been in production for over a year, do you think that there could be sales or discounts offered soon to make the price even more attractive?

    • EUNORAU is a global company. They have set their price to the minimum they can. Due to pandemic, the transport cost has increased from $4500 to $20,000 for 500 new e-bikes.

      If you are looking for the suburban road and trail riding, you can consider this model which is sold with the promotion price of $1,299.00. The link is here for your viewing https://bestaffordableelectric…. 


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