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FIIDO L3 – The Best Affordable Folding Electric bike


FIIDO L3 Folding Electric Bike has three great features – full suspension, high travel range, and included all accessories for a bike with a price below $1000. The appearance of FIIDO L3 looks eastern but accepted by western due to its great value. Is FIIDO L3 folding electric bike have true value as we have mentioned here?

Specification of FIIDO L3 Folding Electric Bike:

  • Motor power is 350W – to ensure motor torque is high to overcome 30 degree gradient slope with no worry.
  • Battery size is 48V 23.2Ah or 1113 Wh – To support a travel range of 60 miles to 80 miles using pure electric mode.
  • Three levels of assisted moped support – 1st level at speed of 10 Km/h; 2nd level support at speed of 13 Km/h; 3rd level support at speed of 17 Km/h.
  • Frame material is light and high strength Aluminum Alloy – durable to use until disposal.
  • Single speed with no gear is required – easy to ride for beginners.
  • Wheel dimension is 14 inches diameter – ensure folding dimension is small to carry or carry.
  • Bike’s weight is 24 Kgs – can be carried by adult men, but a bit heavy for ladies.
  • Brake disc for both wheels – to ensure braking is powerful during emergency.
  • Prowheel Steel 48 Tooth Chainset compared to gears 16 Tooth – for easy kick start.
  • Tire Size: 14 x 2.125 inch – can use on the light gravel road to comfortably support by full suspension comfortably support by full suspension.
  • Saddle height 68cm-104cm – can fit to most riders.
  • Folded Size: 77cm*43cm*67cm

Product Description of FIIDO L3 Folding Electric Bike

  • FIIDO L3 has three modes of operations: Fully Electric, PAS (power assist system), and workforce modes, suitable for daily commuting, long trip, short ride for shopping, and exercise.
  • It has a built-in 23.2Ah Li-ion battery, max 200km mileage in full electric mode, no need to worry about the power situation on the way to the destination.
  • Designed for 3 steps quick-folding, it is portable to carry, transport by car, and store.
  • The tire dimension is 14 inches, inflatable with anti-slip texture, great shockproof effect, giving you a comfortable riding experience on any road surface.
  • Installed with powerful and efficient disc brake on both wheels for safe stoppage during an emergency.
  • Provided with a powerful 350W motor, set the max speed at 25 Km/Hr, slope climbing ability up to 30 degrees, you do not worry about any steep slope.
  • Accessories include mud fenders, USB phone charger, holder, power display, and handlebar speed controller.
  • Adjustable height of saddle and handlebar to fit the rider’s height.

Three great features of FIIDO L3 Folding Electric Bike

FIIDO L3 front suspension forks from WAREHOUSESG.com selling at $69 per piece with weight at 1.2 Kg. The suspension moving distance is between 10 inches to 12 inches.

FIIDO L2 front suspension fork for comfortable riding.
FIIDO L3 front suspension forks
FIIDO L3 - The Best Affordable Folding Electric Bike.
FIIDO L3 – The Best Affordable Folding Electric Bike.

FIIDO L3 has a full suspension design: Front spring forks, dual rear coil-over shocks, and spring saddle to ensure comfortable riding on a light gravel road. This is the first great feature for FIIDO L3 Folding Electric Bike.

FIIDO L3 has a battery with a large capacity at 48V 23.2Ah or 1113 Wh. If you ride with pure electric mode, you can get an 80 Km range, which is higher than many other models at the same price range. If you use pedal-assisted, you can get a travel range of 180 Km to 200 Km. This higher travel range of 180 Km to 200 Km is the second great feature for FIIDO L3 Folding Electric Bike.

FIDDO L2 Battery Spec data
FIDDO L3 Battery Spec data

Included all accessories means headlight, tail, reflective light, mud fenders for wheels, back rack or extra back seat, phone holder, USB phone charging point, and kickstand. The battery location is well protected with the frame and under the seat. Three easy folding steps make it a perfect buy for places that need to use public transport to reach the destination. This is the third great feature of the FIIDO L3 folding electric bike.

FIIDO L2 Lighting is excellent - Front light is bright and tail light is clear and long.
FIIDO L3 Lighting is excellent – Front light is bright and the tail light is clear and long.

Cons of FIIDO L3 Folding Electric Bike

When we are talking about the cons of electric bikes, it is quite individual depends on own liking. Most review post pointed out the cons of FIIDO L3 folding electric bike are single speed, 14 inch wheels are too small, and may be no foot step for back seat people.

In my opinion, single speed can be a plus point for beginners or riders who do not need the gear for daily commuting in the city only. The truth is with a gear shifter; the rider can go faster and longer travel range if he is an expert in gear shifting. Single-speed is easy for riders to go from level one to level three-speed. Single-speed brings down the initial investment costs for electric bike and wheel, or tire maintenance are easier for dismantle and fix back.

FIIDO L2 three-assist level set speed at 10 Km/h, 13 Km/h, and 17 Km/h.
FIIDO L3 three-assist level set speed at 10 Km/h, 13 Km/h, and 17 Km/h.

14 inch wheels are definitely too small for riding on the heavy trail road. The wheel cannot cross over a big hole safely. If the rider chooses FIIDO L3 to commute on the city road, it is 100% safe with a 14 inch wheel. FIIDO L3 is a folding bike design; a smaller wheel reduces the folding dimension for easy carrying. It is not really a con point for most of the city riders.

For a small electric bike like FIIDO L3, it is not advisable to ride with two adults, exceeding the total load of 120 Kgs. You have to fix footstep with little investment if you need to carry some children using the back seat. Some barriers have to be considered to avoid the children’s foot accidentally going into the rolling wheel.

Where to buy FIIDO L3 Folding Electric Bike?

Delivery of electric bikes purchased from overseas markets is still a difficult task. Sometimes cannot find any shipping method at a reasonable charge. All buyers have to choose the right supplier to purchase the electric bike for delivery to them with zero shipping costs or minimum shipping costs.

FIIDO.COM is the direct supplier for FIIDO L3 Folding Electric Bike. CLICK here to view current price.

Walmart is the best supplier for US buyers. You can choose any Walmart Outlets that are near your location to make the purchase of the FIIDO L3 folding electric bike.

Banggood.com is the best supplier for southeast Asia buyers. Suppose your direct purchase from Banggood.com, the delivery, and warranty of quality can be guaranteed.

Authorized Dealers from FIIDO Singapore

I have no relationship with FIIDO Singapore. For the convenient of buyers, you can try to contact them if they are nearest to where you are staying.

Indonesia Fiido Authorised Dealer & Service Centre

Mobile: (+62) 897-7168-948

Address: Jalan Sultan Tirtayasa No 56. Bandung 40115, Indonesia
Mobile: 08562228898

Toko scooter
Address: Ruko CBD Blok m no 22 Green Lake City, Indonesia
HP: 0812 8232 7830
Op 08.00 – closed 20.00
( buka setiap hari )

Singapore PassionGadgets


iPassion Group Pte Ltd (Reg No: 201511854Z)

Warehouse Office/ Service Centre
1 Irving Place, #05-03
The Commerce @ Irving
Singapore 369546

Retail Shop
1 Irving Place, #01-16
The Commerce @ Irving
Singapore 369546

Contact numbers
HP no: (+65) 91814105 (Whatsapp only)
Email: info@PassionGadgets.com

Mode of Purchase
• Retail Store walk-in, Payment methods: NETS/Grabpay/Pay Now/FavePay/ Visa / Master
• For Overseas orders: We ship worldwide.

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FIIDO L3 folding electric bike is worth to buy with three great features as mentioned above. The cons of FIIDO L3 are subject to the individual liking and the need to use.

For Lady riders, you have to use a FIIDO L3 like a non-foldable electric bike. With 24 Kgs weight, it is not easy for a lady to carry and walk for a kilometer.

Although FIIDO L3 have double seats, it is not advisable to carry two adults on the bike. The maximum load is 150 Kgs. After deducting the bike weight of 24 Kgs, the maximum load for rider and passenger is calculated at 121 Kgs only. Ride safely is the main priority of using electric bikes for transportation.

If you have any additional comments or found any false information in the article, you are welcome to give comments to us using our feedback form.

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