FLX F5 TRAIL – The Best Affordable High Torque E-Bike


FLX F5 TRAIL use BAFANG M600 mid-drive motor is a high torque e-bike. Coupled with other premium components, making it the best affordable, high-torque e-bike. Premium parts include front suspension forks, a high-density lithium battery, a 10-speed gearbox and a suspension seat. If you are looking for a high torque e-bike to climb the steepest hills, F5 Trail can be your best choice.

About FLX Bike:

  • FLX Bike started in 2014 by Pete Leaviss and Robert Rast.
  • The FLX team comes from all walks of life.
  • FLX goal is to create and share the coolest electric vehicles in the world.
  • Location of FLX – 4170 Morena Blvd Ste D, San Diego, CA 92117.
  • Phone Number – +1 (844) 548-3359.
  • Our US team designs the FLX bikes.
  • The production facilities located in Shanghai.
  • Our US team overseeing quality control and inspecting every bike.
  • The bikes are shipped directly from our fulfillment center located in Long Beach, CA.
  • We ship all of our bikes through FedEx in the United States.
  • All components are from the best brands in the industry such as Bafang, Panasonic, Shimano, Suntour, Maxxis, and many more.
  • Mulberry works with us to provide you with extended coverage on the products you purchase FLX Bike.
  • You can find more information at getmulberry.com.

About FLX F5 TRAIL High Torque E-Bike:

  • Product Name – F5 TRAIL.
  • Product URL – You can view here.
  • Selling Price – $3,299.00
  • Direct Seller – FLX Bike.
  • Target Audience – The US and Canadian Buyers.
  • Shipping – Free for the lower 48 US States.
  • Warranty – One year.

Main Features FLX F5 TRAIL High Torque E-Bike:

  • BAFANG M600 Mid-Drive Motor provides up to 120 Nm of torque to flatten out the steepest hills when you face them on the road.
  • The mid-drive motor offers maximum torque at a peak power of only 800W is indeed the best energy saving engine.
  • 650 Wh Lithium Battery is the LG-grade battery or Panasonic can certainly support up to 70 miles range.
  • SR Suntour XCR Spring Suspension with 130mm Travel can certainly support you mountain biking with great pleasure.
  • Magura Hydraulic MT5 Quad Piston Brakes are the most powerful brake for stopping as compared to other brake system.
  • SHIMANO 10-speed allows the center motor to apply its torque on 10 different gear ratios in order to maximize acceleration and breeze on any hill.
  • Rugged thru axles with redundant failure points ensure that the wheels are durable and safe when driving.
  • The LCD display is large and clearly visible, regardless of whether it is sunny or rainy.
  • SUNTOUR suspension seat allows a total travel of 50mm so that it can provide a comfortable driving for the driver.
  • Maxxis Forekaster tires do not only exceptionally well drive in most conditions, but also clear mud wire faster and roll well.

Specification of FLX F5 TRAIL High Torque E-Bike:

  • 6061 Aluminum Alloy High Step Frame.
  • SR SUNTOUR XCR Spring Suspension with 130 mm Travel.
  • Bafang M600 Mid-Mounted Geared Motor, 500W Nominal/ 800W Peak Output, 120 Nm torque.
  • 48V 13.5Ah LG or Panasonic Lithium Battery.
  • Top Speed – 20 mph using throttle, 28 mph using pedal assist.
  • Drive Mode – Torque Sensing Pedal Assist (Thumb Throttle Upgrade $55) 
  • Shimano Deore 10-Speed.
  • Crank Set – 40T.
  • 11-36T cassette.
  • Pedals – Wellgo KC005 Aluminum Alloy Platform.
  • Handlebar – Low-Rise 770mm Aluminum Bars.
  • Grips – Velo Flat Rubber with Lockers.
  • Saddle – FLX Branded Velo, Active.
  • Aluminum Alloy, Double Walled RIMS.
  • Stainless Steel, 13G Spokes.
  • Magura Hydraulic MT5 Quad Piston Brakes with Adjustable Reach Levers, 203mm Rotors.
  • Maxxis Forekaster, 27.5″ x 2.35″.
  • Load capacity – 270 Ibs.
  • Bike’s Weight – 61 Ibs.

The image of FLX F5 TRAIL High Torque E-Bike:

FLX F5 Trail - The Best Affordable High Torque E-Bike.
FLX F5 Trail – The Best Affordable High Torque E-Bike.

PROs of FLX F5 TRAIL High Torque E-Bike:

  • FLX F5 TRAIL is a powerful electric mountain bike because of its high torque motor.
  • FLX F5 TRAIL is the best choice for venturers in the woods because its battery can withstand a longer travel range.
  • You can upgrade to a larger battery size so that you can increase the maximum drive range to 90 miles.
  • SHIMANO Deore 10-speed has a wide range of gears to easily climb and accelerate faster when you turn off the motor or a flat battery.
  • FLX F5 TRAIL is a Class 3 electric bike because the top speed can go as high as 28 mph using the top level of pedal assist.
  • Maxxis tires are puncture resistant so you can ride with peace of mind without the hassle of a flat tire.
  • Maxxis tires have the large volume of air to mitigate the impact of the road, hitting each other when you lower the tire pressure to 22 to 26 psi.
  • Panasonic battery is sustainable to use for 5 to 6 years because the battery always runs above 80% after 500 cycles of re-charging process.
  • You can help prolong the life of the battery avoid running flat and always start charging when the power is still 10% to 15%.
  • The adjustable handlebar and suspended seat, let you ride comfortably when you face the uneven surface of the road.

CONs of FLX F5 TRAIL High Torque E-Bike:

  • FLX F5 TRAIL is not a ready-to-use bike because the mudguards, integrated lighting and rear rack are not included in the package.
  • You cannot purchase separately for the fenders, integrated lightings or rear rack because it is sold together as a touring package.
  • The touring package is worth buying, including a suspension seat post, comfortable seat, phone stand, fenders, lights and rear rack because it cost only $270.
  • FLX has an overall rating of 2.93 stars out of 42 comments stating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. It is conducted by the Site Japper before the end of 2020.
  • FLX had a poor overall rating of 2.2 out of 5.0 from Trust Pilot at the beginning of 2021.
  • Both poor ratings given by buyers mainly due to poor service support from FLX team.

The overall ratings of FLX F5 TRAIL High Torque E-Bike:

Reviewed by the FLX BIKE certified buyer, Agsornsin M 15 March 2018 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

I bought 2 FLX trail online from the FLX website for myself and my partner. We had a problem with the batteries, but we got help very quickly from their team. And after that about a week I have lost the cover for a fuse and I contacted them and then they offer to send it to me for free.

I have the bikes almost 2 months and I have upgraded a few things for my bike. Every part is upgradable as a normal bike. I really recommend this company because their bike are affordable price and great quality.

Our Opinions:

  • In 2018, FLX provides better service to this buyer in response to the battery issue and loss of parts. I firmly believed that the service support of the seller should be exactly like that so that their business can continue without failure.
  • Paying for a parts upgrade should not be given a credit to the seller instead it is a failure of the seller in designing an appropriate bicycle.

Summary of the FLX BIKE certified buyer reviews:

  • There are a total of 8 reviews collected and all are given 5 stars.
  • 3 reviews in 2018.
  • 1 review in 2020.
  • 3 reviews in 2021.
  • In conclusion, these eight reviews cannot say anything about support for the FLX team. I believed that FLX sells thousands of e-bikes directly to the sellers, should be able to receive more reviews from the buyers. But the reality is that FLX only able to keep 8 reviews for F5 TRAIL within 4 years of sale.

View YouTube Videos – FLX TRAIL reviewed by the Electric Bike Review in 2019:

FLX TRAIL – The Best Affordable High Torque E-Bike.


In conclusion, I would like to say that the FLX F5 TRAIL is a powerful e-bike due to its high torque mid-drive motor. With the $3,299.00 price tag, I was surprised to learn that Throttle is optional and the necessary extras are not included.

I hope to see many successful buyers of the customer reviews collected by the FLX BIKE. But in reality, I don’t think it’s about encouraging people to buy from them. If you are aware of anything that has changed within the FLX team to enhance service support, please let us know.

Is FLX F5 TRAIL the best affordable, high torque e-bike anyone to buy? I’ll let you get back to us with your comments.

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    • Nice to hear from you again and thanks for not rejecting the use of the electric bikes. Your girlfriend may not need the electric bike since she is healthy to pedal the regular bike. Electric bikes did help many riders to ride again after getting knee pain to ride up the hills using regular bicycle. 

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