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If you can know well the gear shifter system for electric bikes, it will add more fun for you to ride the electric bike. To explain the gear shifter system with the presentation of youtube videos is easy for you to understand better.

Allow us to begin to explain the gear shifting system to you with some simple technical details on how it will work. To ensure you can appreciate the gear shifting system quickly,

At the same time, I have gathered some Youtube Videos for your viewing. There is an explanation of how the electronic working and how you should do to ensure smooth gear shifting. I hope this article will be helpful to you when you are riding your electric bike.

Technical Information

What is the gear shifting system?

An electronic gear-shifting system is an automatic switch for you to use for changing the gears of a bicycle. The electronic switches connected by wire or wirelessly to a battery pack and to a small electric motor that drives the derailleur, allowing you to switch the chain from cog to cog.

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Gear Shifter.

An electronic gear-shifting system can help you switch gears smoother and faster. It needs calibration for proper function, but little maintenance is required.

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SHIMANO invention for Electric Bikes

From history, Shimano introduced the first commercially successful electronic gear shift system to ride road bicycles in 2006.

In 2001 the Shimano created a set of trekking components called Di2 (Digital Integrated Intelligence), which included electronic shifting and automatic adoption of front and rear suspension to riding speed.

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SCRAM invention for Electric Bikes

  • In August 2015, SRAM Corporation announced to everyone its wireless shifting system, eTap. This shifting system lets you shift gears smoothly and faster.
  • The front and rear derailleurs use direct-mount batteries and communicate wirelessly with the shifters through a proprietary wireless protocol developed by SRAM called Area. This invention gives you the convenience to use the right gear for your riding.
  • In May 2016, the company announced a hydraulic disc brake version of its wireless road group called SRAM RED eTap HRD. The new brakes make use of a hydraulic lever design with both levers reach adjustment and lever contact point adjustment, a first for road disc brakes.

Wireless System

A wireless system was announced in 2016 to use for gear shifting control.

The front and rear Derailleurs remain in place, while a wireless gear-change controller is added to the handlebar, with a configuration of the system via an iOS/Android app, and customization added to the button controllers via the Bluetooth app.

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An electronic system can have several advantages over a comparable mechanical system:

  • eliminate the need for you to switch hand positions to shift.
  • Allow for an accurate and effortless shift, even under challenging circumstances, such as if you have cold hands or are completely exhausted.
  • Shifting performance is a guarantee to you since it is not affected by contaminated, stretched, or worn Bowden cables
  • the automatic trim function helps you to eliminate chain rub.
  • shifts can be timed by you to occur at a particular point in the cassette or chainring rotation, making the best and smoothest use of ramps and cutouts in the sprocket teeth
  • the front and rear shift pattern on a bike with multiple chainrings can be programmed to make the best use of the gear progression, help you to avoid duplicate ratios, and relieve you of the need to decide what combination of front and rear sprockets to employ
  • the smoothness of electronics help you to reduce the shock on drivetrain components

An electronic system may have some disadvantages when compared to a mechanical system:

  • There is currently no option for you to manually override when the battery is exhausted. You will be panic when the battery is flat. However, SRAM’s RED eTap groupset’s interchangeable derailleur batteries make it possible to manually switch batteries between the two derailleurs to place the battery with the remaining charge onto the derailleur, you intend to shift.
  • Reliability issues may cause you not to trust the electronic systems due to the effect of moisture or water ingress into the system. As of recently, all electronic groupsets are fully waterproof. External connectors are entirely waterproof, but internal connectors (internal routing for wired systems) need to be shrink-wrapped with shrink tubing to be waterproof.
  • Cost: The system is expensive to you compared to lower-end mechanical derailleur systems. (The Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 system cost over $2500 in May 2010).
  • Weight: You may not like the electronic groupsets which are typically heavier than their mechanical counterparts.

How to use gears for riding an e-bike?

  • Always use the left gear shifter to change electric assist levels.
  • Then use the right gear shifter to change mechanical gears.
  • Lead with changing electric assist levels.
  • Then follow with changing mechanical gears to get the optimal level of pedaling effort.
  • Low gear is good for climbing.
  • High gear is good for descending.
  • Each electric assistance level has multiple corresponding mechanical gears. Four electric assistance modes and eight mechanical speeds give 32 different speed combinations.
  • Gears allow us to ride faster, get up hills more easily and get a lot more enjoyment out of our riding.
  • it’s preferable to shift gears to reduce the required force input and increase your cadence.
  • Start with an easier gear so that you can set off more easily when the lights turn green.
  • Use a lower gear when you are preparing for climbing uphill.
  • Use a high gear when you are descending from the slope.
  • Use a lower gear when you are approaching a tight corner.
  • Learn to shift gear earlier to avoid shift gear at the last minute caused a high impact on the chain.

What are the electric assistance gears?

  • The level of electric assistance can be changed via a control block, mounted on the handlebar. Usually, on the left side.
  • This control block is simple, typically has a combination of Up (Plus) and Down (Minus) buttons.
  • Bosch electric assistance system has levels of: OFF > ECO > TOUR > SPORT > TURBO, while Shimano uses OFF > ECO > NORMAL > HIGH.

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