GigaByke Swift Electric Bike – A light bike


GigaByke Swift Electric Bike has an extraordinary lightweight at 16.5 kg as well as a budget price below 0.9k, making it a light bike worth to buy. Do not miss to buy a light bike equipped with high-quality components on a budget price bike. Lightweight with good structural strength.

Quality of GigaByke Swift Components:

  • 36V 350W (500W Peak) Brushless Motor – A high torque motor for climbing the slope.
  • Double Butted 6061 Smooth Welds Frame – Lightweight with good structural strength.
  • Double Butted 6061 Forks – Lightweight with good structural strength.
  • TEKTRO High-Pressure Disc Brakes – Responsive and powerful stoppage.
  • Single Speed Belt Gear w/5 Assist Levels – Easy switch assisted levels.
  • Carbon Drive CDX Belt Drive – Zero Noize in riding.
  • Battery size and range – 36V 7.5Ah get 25 miles or 36V 10.5Ah get 35 miles.
  • Smart Backlit LED Screen – Easy for knowing the bike’s condition.
  • Frame size 52cm (S/M) = Rider Height 5’4” – 5’10” or 55cm (M/L) = Rider Height 5’10 – 6’4.
  • Load capacity is 150 Kgs – If you are a heavy guy, please discuss with the Sale Support.
  • The total bike’s weight is 16.5 Kgs – There is a slight difference in the bike’s weight with different frame sizes.

Others Specification of Gigabyke Swift Electric Bike:

  • 31.8mm PROMAX reversible stem.
  • Handlebars are Forged Alloy 31.8*22.2mm Riser Bar.
  • Smart Backlit LED Screen – For knowing the bike’s condition.
  • Tires are high rolling 700*28c for fast urban riding.
  • Forged Alloy PROMAX 27.2*300mm seat post.
  • GigaByke Cushion Stability Saddle.
  • 28.6*41.8*30mm Integrated Headset.
  • Novatec 36H Hub.
  • 13G Stainless Spoke.

The image of Gigabyke Swift Electric Bike:

GigaByke 500 Swift Electric Bike is a best light electric bike with a budget price.
GigaByke 500 Swift Electric Bike is a best light electric bike with a budget price.

Benefits of a light electric bike – GigaByke Swift Electric Bike, are as follows:

Easy to transport:

The lightweight design of the electric bike facilitates operation and transport. You can easily move it upstairs, lift it on a bike rack, or store it in a compact space when not in service.

Improved efficiency:

The lightweight construction reduces the total weight of the bike, which means less effort is needed to pedal or ride without the power assist. This can translate into enhanced energy efficiency and longer battery life.

Improved agility and maneuverability:

Lightweight e-bikes are more agile and responsive, allowing for faster acceleration and greater maneuverability. This makes them well suited to navigate the busy streets of the city, crowded traffic, or restricted spaces.

Easy handling:

The reduced weight of the electric bike makes it easier to handle, especially in sharp turns or maneuvers. This can improve the overall riding experience and provide a stronger sense of control.

Convenient storage:

The light weight of the bike makes it convenient to store in small living areas, apartments or desks. It can be conveniently transported indoors or stored in compact areas without taking up a lot of space.

Less impact on the battery:

Reducing the weight of the bike puts less pressure on the battery, allowing a potentially longer electric power range. This can be beneficial, especially if you plan longer journeys or have limited recharging options.

Versatile use:

Lightweight e-bikes are suitable for a variety of riders, including commuters, urbanites and recreational cyclists. They offer a convenient and effective means of transportation for short and medium distances.

Overall, the benefits of a light electric bike revolve around its lightweight design, which improves maneuverability, efficiency and portability. It offers a convenient and enjoyable riding experience, especially in urban environments or shorter journeys.

About Bike Berry Shop:

  • Bike Berry started in 2007.
  • Guaranteed sell at the lowest price.
  • There is an abundance of exciting options to choose from in Bike Berry.

Sellers and Gigabyke Swift Electric Bike Information:

  • Seller – BikeBerry Shop.
  • Product URL – View Current Price Here.
  • Stock: Limited stock
  • Audience: USA Buyers.
  • FREE Shipping to Continental USA
  • Delivers in 2-7 Business Days
  • Best price guarantee – $899.95. Updated on 22 May 2023.

  • Stock: Limited stock.
  • Audience: USA Buyers.
  • FREE Shipping.
  • Delivers in 2-7 Business Days.
  • Best price guarantee – $1,099.95.

PROs of GigaByke Swift Electric Bike:

  • A light electric bike can easily accelerate fast with the 500W peak motor as well as climbing up slope easily.
  • A GigaByke Swift electric bike gives a smooth and quiet ride because the drive system uses belt drive instead of a chain drive.
  • TEKTRO 160mm Mechanical Disc brake might be better able to cope in certain situations.
  • A rigid fork lets you feel the increased sensitivity of the bar as well as enjoy the pace of the route.
  • The primary benefit of the thumb throttle increases in safety because it allows your hand to focus on handlebar control.
  • The 5 levels of pedal assist gives riders more control over their ride and allows them to use their e-bike more efficiently.
  • GigaByke Swift is a single speed gear e-bike gives the workers easy pedaling by adjusting the level of the assistance pedal only.
  • The GigaByke Swift comes in two different sizes to guarantee a perfect fit.

CONs of Gigabyke Swift Electric Bike:

  • The battery size is small even it is 36V 10.5Ah – Some customers may like a longer travel range.
  • The tires are not for off-road use and not fixed with a front suspension fork – suitable for city road use only. Or you can discuss with the sale support to replace coil spring suspension forks.
  • There are complaints of the LED display not accurate battery status – You can check with Sales for a better LCD display.
  • No fenders and rear rack included in the package – You can request to include them in the package with a little cost.
  • Some cabling, not internal routing.
  • Test the saddle for comfort – Can ask for a larger size saddle depends on your body size.
  • Adjust seat post to match your riding posture – With upright posture is more comfortable for long-distance riding.

Hear E-bike Expert talked about GIGABYKE Swift electric bikes:


bikewingg41 New Member from Ohio. 9 September, 2020.

One thing I really don’t like about this bike is the battery capacity… It’s just really, really small. I want to get a second battery. What do you recommend for this bike? What should I know before buying a new battery?

I’m really hoping to get something that gives me anywhere between 13aH to 17aH, but I don’t want to buy a crappy Chinese made battery that runs for a year then need to be replaced.

They are a few negative things about this bike. The suspension, you have to be conscious of the dangers of potholes/curbs and the battery life (I got the lower Amp-hour battery – mistake). You can upgrade, but it’s not a huge upgrade. I didn’t feel it was worth it, and I still don’t really have regrets about buying the lower battery. The other thing that is a little annoying actually the battery reader (not sure if that’s the right term), but I can’t really get a good read from the LED screen on the actual ‘life’ left in my battery.

Thanks so much for any help you guys can provide here.

bikewingg41 New Member from Ohio. 19 October, 2020 – Overall rating given is 7.0 out of 10.

Let me fill you on the Gigabyke swift. So far, I’ve had it for a full month. I ordered it through Bikeberry; it arrived in 2 weeks after (not so bad given the current climate of Covid 19!). When it arrived, I opened it up, no damage; everything came assembled except for the front tire and handlebars. I set it up in about an hour. Honestly, the cost for value is great with this bike. I am by no means an expert here (this was my first e-bike), but I can tell you what I do/don’t like about the bike.

I was really surprised by the power of the bike. Because it’s so lightweight, it actually feels more like a 750-watt bike. I can get to 20mph pretty quickly. The pedal assist works great now.

I’m not the best source of information because I have so little experience with e-bikes, but because it was priced under $1000 and had many of the major components I was looking for, it made good sense to me to get one.

Ofarrell from From Brampton, Ontario, Canada. 10 September, 2020.

Interesting looking bike. They have two options for battery neither are 8.7 or 10.4 Ah. Personally, I would ask the seller or dealer what they recommend for compatible options. Just in case of any warranty issues. Just my two cents. I would like to know your thoughts on the bike after you try it out.

Dat, New member from NYC. 30 September, 2020

I am strongly considering getting that bike for the low weight, belt drive, single-speed, and disc brakes. I live in NYC, and my trips are short, under 5 miles, and NYC is relatively flat, but I do have to travel across the East Hudson River bridges, where having an e-bike helps a lot.

The certified buyer’s reviews of GigaByke Swift light electric bike:

How is the quality of GigaByke Swift light electric bike?

  • We have been enjoying them for the past four weeks and very excited that they are so well-built. They have performed terrifically! – Mike Lessley on 15 July 2022.
  • The running of the bikes is amazingly simple once you break it in and figure out what you’re doing. They are quiet as can be and now the gas powered bikes won’t get used hardly at all. We got ours for zipping around the camp grounds when we take out the RV all spring, summer and fall – Brian Jones on 31 January 2022.
  • After riding my new Gygabike to work for the last week I can say I very much enjoy riding it. The carbon belt instead of chain is wonderful – Stephanie Voss on 19 July 2021.
  • This E-bike is very well built bike with great components usually found in more expensive e-bikes – Joel Gitlin on 22 June 2021.
  • I have the smaller 7.5AH battery and that range is spectacular. I don’t know if its the aerodynamics or what, but I can easily get more than 30 miles and still have juice. I’ve taken it out for a 3 hour ride once and I still had juice to spare when I got home – Jack Lin on 20 May 2021.

Is Bike Berry Shop service support good?

  • One of the best help desk, I have ever seen on getting the bikes! – Mike Lessley on 15 July 2022.
  • At first the battery energy on display did not work correctly. Freddie at customer support quickly emailed me instructions on how to put the display in setup mode and change from 48V to 36V. Works fine now – Ken Chipley on 17 July 2022.

Is shipping fast and secure?

  • Fast shipping – six days to East TN. Package weighed 57 lb – Ken Chipley on 17 July 2022.

View YouTube Videos – Gigabyke Swift Electric Bike.


In the market, I still cannot find an electric bike with a lightweight like Gigabyke Swift Electric Bike, which we can pay for $899.95. It is absolutely a best-buy for every rider who wanted a light e-bike to ride every day.

The cons point about smaller size battery, inaccuracy LED display unit, and not robust to climb a slope with max speed can be reasonably accepted. Based on your needs, you can discuss with the Sale Support to replace a better-LED display. A higher capacity battery and any accessories you deem required during the first purchase will save you on the additional cost and avoid warranty issues later.

In this article, I hope I have presented to you all the true information about Gigabyke Swift Electric Bike for you to make your right purchase. If you have any disagreements or comments, please share with us to improve our content to serve you and other readers better. Thank you in advance for presenting us with your valuable feedback.

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    • Thanks for sharing your opinions about electric bikes. Let me try to answer your question – why you would want an electric bike here.

      Support the use of green energy to give everybody better fresh air in our city. We can use electric bikes in three modes of operation. With 100% of electric power, an electric bike is like a motorcycle; Switch off electric power, you can ride like a regular bicycle; Teamwork with electric power, we can travel a longer distance and decide how much we want to help to pedal the bicycle for exercise or just getting a longer distance. The main benefit of using an electric bike is that we can ride faster with motor assistance and climb a slope with less afford. 

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  3. I have never heard of an electric bike being on the market before.  I remember that as a kid my brother made his bike motorized by somehow hooking it up to a small engine (lawnmower, maybe?).  Anyway, this was then and is now an interesting concept.  It would be great for those who want to use it for longer distances, to go to work, etc.  I imagine it would be pretty handy to have in the city (you could zip right by those traffic jams!!!)  Thanks for drawing my attention to such a great product!

    • I am happy the article can draw your attention to the electric bike.

      An electric bike can be of great help to everyone who wants to be a rider. Regardless of your body weight and body size, you can discuss the sale support to modify the frame size, seat post, and saddle to give you a comfortable ride. Zero experience rider can ride out the electric bike without facing the balancing issue.

      Tell the sale support clearly about your need for an electric bike is the key factor to get a new bike to match your needs.

      Thank you for sharing your opinions about electric bikes with us.


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