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HIMIWAY Step-Thru – The Best Affordable All Terrain E-Bike


HIMIWAY Step-Thru, the best all-terrain e-bike, from forests to fine sand beaches and heavy snow. Is it the best affordable all terrain e-bike priced at $1.6k? Americans are much more interested in the outdoors and adventure than other countries. All in all, electric bikes with oversized tires are well suited for the needs of all Americans.


  • In 2017, the owner decided to bring the pleasure of driving lithium with his friends in the United States.
  • As an American, Mike (owner) wanted to change the regular e-bike to fat-tire for any terrain.
  • The Samsung / LG battery is from South Korea.
  • Tektro brake, the KMC chain, the Velo saddle, and the Kenda tire are from Taiwan.
  • The Shimano shift system is from Japan.
  • BAFANG Motor is from China.
  • The owner wanted his off-road e-bike to be an American hardliner like Ernest Hemingway that’s what they call HIMIWAY.
  • HIMIWAY BIKE opted for Consumer-Direct mode with an online store.
  • The values of HIMIWAY are the customer first, quality first, and become a high performance in the field of fat-tire electric bicycles.

About HIMIWAY Step-Thru All Terrain E-Bike:

  • Product Name – All Terrain Step Thru Electric Bike.
  • Product URL – You can view here.
  • Selling Price – $1,599.00.
  • Direct Seller – HIMIWAY BIKE.
  • Target Audience – The US and Canadian Buyers. UK and Germany Buyers are welcome.
  • Shipping – Free shipping to the lower 48 US States. Canadian pay extra $50 for shipping charge.
  • 15 Days of return period.
  • Warranty – Two years.
  • US Warehouse Location – 556 Vanguard Way, Suite Brea CA 92821.
  • Canada Warehouse Location – 160-6651 ELMBRIDGE WAY, RICHMOND, BC. V7C 5C2, Canada.
  • Contact – Call Us: 1-816-399-3680.

Main Features of HIMIWAY Step-Thru All Terrain E-Bike:

  • BAFANG 750W motor with a torque of 80 Nm is the high speed brushless hub motor can certainly help you conquer the most rugged terrain easily.
  • SAMSUNG 48V 17.5Ah Battery is a quality brand due to its long-lasting and high performance.
  • An autonomy of 35 miles 100% use of the throttle as well as an autonomy of 60 miles use of the pedal assist.
  • 26″ x 4″ Kenda tires can challenge any terrain you want to go due to its large volume of air varies a wide range of pressure to match any terrain.
  • Front suspension forks and VELO soft saddle for a bumpy road on any terrain so you can ride further than you want.
  • The TEKTRO ARIES 180mm mechanical disc brakes are definitely a reliable brake for your safety when stopping or slowing down during descent.
  • Half twist throttle coupled with the powerful motor surely you have massive power to accelerate while climbing the hills.
  • The Shimano 7-speed gear features sufficient gear ratio to allow you to return slightly when the battery is flat.
  • Pedal assist at a lower level not only energy saving for you to ride further, but also for you to pedal harder to get the exercise you wanted.
  • The integrated headlight and tail light with 48V is really very bright for you to see the front road clear and also visible by vehicles approaching you.
  • Alloy pedal with reflectors keep you visible by upcoming vehicles when the LED bulb from the rear light is blown.

Specification of HIMIWAY Step-Thru All Terrain E-Bike:

  • 18″ Aluminum Alloy step-thru frame with boss for front rack and bottle holder.
  • Alloy front suspension forks with lockout and adjustment.
  • 750W brushless geared hub motor, 80 Nm torque.
  • 48V 17.5Ah Samsung / LG lithium battery.
  • 48V / 25A Controller for motor.
  • Travel Range – 35 to 60 miles.
  • 0~5 level pedal assist.
  • Half twist throttle.
  • 48V LED Headlight.
  • Integrated Taillight.
  • Spokes – 13 Gauge on the front / 12 Gauge on the back.
  • 26″ x 4″ Kenda fat tires.
  • Tektro Aries 180mm mechanical disc brakes.
  • Aluminum alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch.
  • Shimano 7 speed gear shift system.
  • Shimano- 14-28T BROWN/BK.
  • KMC chain.
  • Promax MA-400 SSABK Stem.
  • 6″ Head Tuble.
  • 26″ Handlebar.
  • Diameter 30.4mm length 300mm Seat Post.
  • VELO soft saddle.
  • Bike’s Weight – 72 Ibs.
  • Load Capacity – 350 Ibs.
  • Rider’s Height – 5’3″ to 6’4″.

The image of HIMIWAY Step-Thru All Terrain Bikes:

HIMIWAY Step-Thru - The Best Affordable All Terrain E-Bike.
HIMIWAY Step-Thru – The Best Affordable All Terrain E-Bike.

PROs of HIMIWAY Step-Thru All Terrain E-Bike:

  • HIMIWAY Step-Thru is the all-terrain e-bike not only suitable for traveling outdoors, but also suitable for adventure where you want.
  • The powerful 750W engine has great power to conquer all the hills and also bring you fast to reach your destination.
  • With the half-twist throttle handle and 5 levels, pedal assistance can certainly satisfy your driving needs at any time off-road.
  • Aluminum alloy levers with motor shutdown switch help stop the motor immediately when you apply the brakes.
  • The sturdy step-thru and heavy weight bike allow you to ride safely regardless of hard paved road or fine sand beach.
  • HIMIWAY Step-Thru The all-terrain bike is not only versatile for all road surfaces, but also suitable to ride all season.
  • Large mechanical disc brakes can provide safe stopping for all terrains because of its excellent stopping performance.
  • Shimano 7 speed helps to reduce engine load and your pedaling afford, so you can go further than you want.
  • While the rear rack is not indicated in the specification, but I thought it was inside the package depending on the picture.
  • Using the throttle lever can achieve the top speed of 23 mph while using the pedal assist on the top level, you can achieve the top speed of 25 mph.
  • The new e-bike delivered almost assembled so that all buyers can be prepared to go according to the video instruction.
  • HIMIWAY BIKE included a clear details about the error code so that you can easily recover from the error code to ride again.
  • The delivery package weight is 16 Ibs showing that the new E-bike was well protected on the package when delivered by the carrier.

CONs of HIMIWAY Step-Thru All Terrain E-Bike:

  • The front-mounted basket costs $89, if you want it, you certainly need to pay it.
  • A quick charger is surely necessary to reduce the charging time in less than 5 hours instead of using the standard 2A charger.
  • I would ask the vendor to provide a clearer specification so we can know exactly what we are getting from the package – some details of the components are missing.
  • HIMIWAY BIKE does not have a partnership with local bicycle dealers, but the technical support details are available in the platform.

The overall rating of HIMIWAY Step-Thru All Terrain E-Bike:

Reviewed by the HIMIWAY BIKE certified buyer, Terry Semke on 3 July 2021 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

What a great bike! I have not ridden a bike for years, I’m 73 years old and wanted some outdoor exercise. I have an inside exercise bike but I wanted more. It is a little tall for me, but I’m getting used to it. Lots of power and you can adjust the amount of exercise you get. I only have 100 + miles on it and on charged 3 times. Very Satisfied!

Our Opinions:

  • For this purchaser, there are obviously no delivery problems or assembly issues.
  • As we have mentioned in the main features of the HIMIWAY Step-Thru, the motor power is excellent when the buyer on the road.
  • The buyer not only satisfy with riding performance, but also completely satisfy with the travel range supplied by the battery.

Summary of the overall ratings of HIMIWAY Step-Thru:

  • The total reviews received from the certified buyers are 105 reviews.
  • 94.3% of the certified buyers give a five star overall rating.
  • 5.7% of the certified buyers give a 4 star overall rating.
  • So the overall ratings are 4.9 out of 5.0 with a total of 105 reviews.
  • Many reviews are new showing that their relationship with the buyers are truly excellent.

View YouTube Videos – How to unbox and assemble the HIMIWAY Step-Thru prepared by the HIMIWAY Bike:

From this video, we can see clearly how the new e-bike was protected for transportation and how easy the assemble.


All in all, the HIMIWAY BIKE is doing its best not only to provide a quality all-terrain e-bike but also to provide good technical support and service.

How are you feeling in relation to HIMIWAY Step-Thru All Terrain E-Bike? Is that the best option for buyers in the United States? Please share your valuable comments so that we can include them in our article.

If you agreed with us, I would like to conclude that HIMIWAY Step-Thru is the best affordable all terrain e-bike for the US or Canadian buyer to buy. Buy today before the stock end.

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