How to buy birthday gift for adult children


How to buy a birthday gift for adult children? We would like to buy the most meaningful birthday gift for our adult children to show our love for them. Many people will go to a gift shop to buy a birthday present. The birthday present they purchased from the gift shop can be meaningless and not useful to the adult children receiving the present.

Happy Birthday Cake for Adult's Daughter
Happy Birthday Cake for Adult’s Daughter

We are expecting our parents or our friends will know how to buy a gift for a birthday. But we have to ask ourselves a question – Do they know what our expectation for a birthday gift is? This question is essential for us to get our expected birthday gift from them. In this society, is it appropriate for us to express to our parents or our friends, what is our expectation of the birthday gift we want from them? In reality, we will not tell anyone what our expected birthday gift we want is. We are happy anyway if someone can buy us a birthday gift. After the birthday celebration over, most of the birthday gifts are not usable; we have to pack it in a box or leave it in a corner of our house. That is our real life.

Maybe a month later, it is our turn to buy a birthday gift for someone. Are we going to buy a rubbish gift for others? I hope I really can help you find a realistic gift.

Buy a birthday gift for adult children

The persons we care about most, their smile brightens our world, and whatever they are now is our pride-filled in our heart. Their birthday is our special day to be a memory for the celebration. Mother started busily preparing their favorite cake at home. Father to make a gift which should be meaningful, fun to them, and they love to have it in their daily life.

  • The meaningful gift has our love for them, has our blessing to them, and has our asking to them.
  • The gift must be fun to them – a gift they never receive before, a gift out of their expectation, a gift that gives them a new experience.
  • A gift that is useful to them and benefits them in their daily life. (If something is helpful to you and beneficial to you, will you love to have it?)

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What is a meaningful gift?

Our love for them

We love them to stay safe, happy, and healthy. What is the gift that can give our adult children safe, comfortable, and healthy? This unique gift can only be an electric bike. If you not agree, you are welcome to give your opinion in our comment form.

Let me explain it to you.

An electric bike with a limited speed below 20 mph is the safest vehicle to use as compared to a fast car or speedy motorcycle. The motorcycle crash statistic is shown in the below image.

Motorcycle Crash Statistic
Motorcycle Crash Statistic

Riding a bicycle in a separate cycle lane is a pleasant thing to do every day. Most cyclists have a feeling of freedom to use a bike. Driving a car or riding a motorcycle at a higher speed, you need to focus on the road condition every second; you never have a sense of relaxation.

Adult biking to work
Adult biking to work

The electric bike is like a regular bicycle; daily pedaling is an excellent exercise for the rider. You can decide the amount of activity you need every day. Proper riding is simple and easy, but the result is exceptional; you will keep yourself in an appropriate fit for a whole life.

Our blessing to them

The use of electric bikes can combat air pollution. Unintentionally they are helping the environment improve in air quality. Nature does not need men. Men need nature to give them fresh air for breathing. The next generation will get the full blessing from their parents who are using electric bikes. The children who grow up in the culture of the bike city will like to bike too. If everybody supports zero-carbon emissions, the following generation will continue to get a blessing from the culture of their ancestor.

Our asking to them

We intend to educate them to use the most efficient means of transport for their daily commuting. The use of electric bikes will not have financial stress and mental stress to drive the car on the highway, which is facing massive traffic. Be simple, be calm, and be happy is the most essential for our life.

What is a fun gift?

To buy an electric bike as a gift is a bit high in investment. Our adult children do not expect such an expensive item as their birthday gift. Most parents are willing to spend money to buy a meaningful gift for their children.

Electric Bike as the best birthday gift.
Electric Bike is the best birthday gift for adult children.

Friends will not buy electric bikes as a birthday gift for someone. They will get a simple birthday present from any gift shop.

When they receive an electric bike as a gift from their parent, they will deeply felt the parents genuinely love them. This unique gift they never won before, and it is out of their expectation. To start using electric bikes as their daily activities is a new experience given to them. In the olden time, first riding on the bike needs parents to assist at the back. If you have experience with your adult children on her first cycling, she will remember your care for her. The electric bike as a gift for her will bind your relationship with her closely.

The first time cycling needs a hand to help to balance.
The first time cycling needs a hand to help to balance.

What is a gift – love to have it?

Useful and beneficial gift for adult children

  • Electric bikes as daily commuting to go anywhere we want.
  • Daily pedaling the electric bike is a regular exercise for us.
  • Our next-generation get a good influence to use eco-friendly vehicles.

    Children Grow Up In Happy Biking Family
    Children Grow Up In Happy Biking Family

Other benefits for adult children from using electric bikes

  • The electric bike is an efficient means of transport to us – every day save some money.
  • Riding an electric bike is a relaxing task – release stress after work.
  • The electric bike’s speed is limited by law at 20 mph – safe riding for us.
  • Parking is convenient – save time. Some locations may need to pay a small fee.
  • Most of the bicycle lane is separate and protected – safe riding and save time.
  • Electric bikes are zero-carbon emission vehicles – have contributed to combating climate change.
  • The electric bike is cheap in maintenance – does not have financial stress.


This article is our proposal to the parents who are sourcing a birthday gift for adult children. The selling price of electric bikes has dropped to below $800, which can sell at $1,500 in the year 2019.

If your adult children’s birthday is an approach, you can consider purchasing from our site. Our electric bike supplier from the or can deliver to your location in less than 14 days. If your area is USA continental or UK, the delivery time is much shorter, and shipping is free.

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