HURLEY MINI SWELL – The best Affordable Hurley Style E-bike


HURLEY MINI SWELL is the stylist electric bike with the long seat for the tall guy. Knobby fat tires allow you to ride smoothly on all terrains with pleasure. The Hurley Style e-bike with popular brand components as well as the selling price below $1.3k is incredibly appealing to each buyer. I wish HURLEY Style E-bike can change your daily lifestyle which certainly bring you joyfulness in riding around your town.


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About HURLEY MINI SWELL Hurley Style E-bike:

  • Product Name – Hurley Mini Swell Electric Bike.
  • Product URL – View Current Price Here.
  • Selling Price – $1,219.00.
  • Direct Seller –
  • Target Audience – The US and Canadian Buyers.
  • Shipping – Free shipping to the lower 48 US states.
  • 14 Days Return Policy.
  • One year warranty except the motor and the battery is 6 months.
  • Subscribe to get 5% discount code and free gift.
  • Lifetime Technical Support – If you have any questions about your purchase, please feel free to reach us directly and we will surely assist you! 

Main Features HURLEY MINI SWELL Hurley Style E-bike:

  • The BAFANG 500 W rear hub motor has sufficient power to help you easily climb the hills when you ride in the city.
  • A 500Wh battery that can support 40 miles travel range certainly fits your riding requirements for daily commuting.
  • The motorcycle style triple forked trees attack sketched ground so that you get at ease riding in any off road.
  • SHIMANO 6 speed coupled with twist throttle control can give you a maximum speed of 23 mph without pedaling.
  • The knobby wide tyres provide the best traction on the off-road terrain so you can ride safely with a good balance.
  • Mechanical disc brakes are given quality stopping power to secure your safety whenever you applied a brake.
  • Front suspension forks coupled with high-volume tires give you a comfortable ride on any rough road.
  • The payload of 300 Ibs certainly can support any big guy from 5’6″ to 6’2″.
  • The long seat allowed the rider to shift forward or backward so that the grip on the handlebar is comfortable.

Specification of HURLEY MINI SWELL Hurley Style E-bike:

  • Steel Frame.
  • Front motor-style suspension forks.
  • BAFANG 500W rear hub motor.
  • 48V 10.4Ah Lithium Battery.
  • Top speed – 20 mph.
  • Travel range – 40 plus miles.
  • SHIMANO 6 speed.
  • Mechanical disc brakes.
  • WANDA 20″x4″ Tires.
  • BMX handlebar.
  • Contoured grips.
  • Dual wall alloy wheels.
  • Digital display.
  • Bike’s weight – 70 Ibs.
  • Load capacity – 300 Ibs.
  • Rider’s height – 5’6″ – 6’2″

The Image of HURLEY MINI SWELL Hurley Style E-bike:

HURLEY MINI SWELL - The Best Affordable Hurley Style E-bike
HURLEY MINI SWELL – The Best Affordable Hurley Style E-bike

PROs of HURLEY MINI SWELL Hurley Style E-bike:

  • The selling price at $ 1,219 is relatively low for every buyer, it is better to buy earlier before the big discount price is gone.
  • HURLEY MINI SWELL is easy to ride by the beginner due to its wider tires give better balance on all terrains.
  • HURLEY MINI SWELL is ideal for replacing the use of the petrol car or motorcycle during this rise in oil prices.
  • The long seat fits two people, so you can send your adult children to school.
  • HURLEY MINI SWELL lets you date your young child because the wider tires make it a better beach cruiser.
  • Assembling the new electric bike is super easy because what you have to do is remove the protective packaging and put on the handlebars only.
  • HURLEY MINI SWELL has throttle for you to use as a motorcycle bike so that you can start and accelerate quickly.
  • HURLEY MINI SWELL is not only stylish like a motorcycle, but the frame is sturdy to ride in rugged terrain.
  • The quality of HURLEY MINI SWELL has gained the acceptance of buyers with an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5.0.
  • Delivery of the bike almost entirely assembled reduced the risk of damage to negligible during transport.

CONs of HURLEY MINI SWELL Hurley Style E-bike:

  • The lighting specification is not available so you are not sure what you are getting.
  • Electric bike accessories are not available online, certainly you should take the time to find matching items you want.
  • Make your purchase decision firmly because the return policy is unfavorable for the buyer.
  • HURLEY MINI SWELL is 70 Ibs heavy, but still considered lighter in comparison with other mopeds above 80 Ibs.

The Overall Ratings of HURLEY MINI SWELL Hurley Style E-bike – The score is 4.8 out of 5.0:

Reviewed by the HYPERGOGO certified buyer, Alexander Baez on 18 October 2021 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

This bike is so much fun! I am 5’11” and it is the perfect size for me, while my wife is 5’6” and it is a little too tall for her. But that’s ok, since it’s mine, won’t have to worry about her stealing it!

After unboxing it, it was super easy to assemble, because only need removing protective packaging and putting the handle bars on and peddles. I did need to adjust the rear disk brake, but that was simple enough! The tires needed a little air as well.

While the only thing I could not figure out was how to turn on the front and rear light. So I reached out to joy ride and had an instant live chat with KT! Super helpful! Apparently you just hold the up arrow (peddle assist up) for 3 seconds and surely the lights popped on. Beyond that, riding, charging, and building the bike is super intuitive and fun! Highly recommend this bike!

Reviewed by the HYPERGOGO certified buyer, Luis Torres on 14 Octobler 2021 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

I certainly enjoy this bike! The control module was easy to understand as well as the settings are easy!

The tires are solid and frame is quality construction while the seat is nice and comfortable. We were able to put the bike together easy and no problems so far. Glad we purchased.

View YouTube Videos – HURLEY MINI SWELL 500W E-bike reviewed by the Scooter ATV Sales:

HURLEY MINI SWELL – The Best Affordable Hurley Style E-bike.

See the similar e-bike motorcycle model for comparison to HURLEY MINI SWELL:

Super73-S2 Multi-Class Electric Bike:

  • Product Name – Super73-S2.
  • Product URL – View Current Price Here.
  • Selling Price – $2,995.00.
  • Best Seller – Best Buy Store.
Specification of Super73-S2 Multi-Class Electric Bike:
  • 6061/7005 Aluminum Alloy Frame.
  • Air Spring Fork 120mm travel.
  • Rear Hub Motor 1200W with 2000W peak.
  • 960 watt-hours, 21700 cells Lithium Battery.
  • Top speed – 28 mph.
  • Travel Range – 40-75 miles.
  • Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Single-speed fixed gear/ 10 speed Shimano Zee.
  • Bike’s Weight – 73 Ibs.
  • Load Capacity – 325 Ibs.
  • Rider’s Height – 5’1″ to 6’8″.
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ZUGO RHINO 90 mile Electric Bike:

  • Product Name – RHINO Electric Fat Bike.
  • Product URL – View Current Price Here.
  • Selling Price – $2,599.00.
  • Direct Seller – ZUGO BIKE.
Specification of ZUGO RHINO 90 mile Electric Bike:
  • 750W BAFANG Geared Hub Motor.
  • 1008Wh Lithium Battery with Samaung cells.
  • 6061 Aluminum Alloy step over Frame.
  • Front Suspension Forks.
  • Top Speed – 20-28 mph.
  • Travel Range – 50 to 90 miles.
  • Shimano Altus 7 Speed.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes.
  • Bike’s Weight – 65 Ibs.
  • Maximum Rider Weight – 300 lbs
  • Suggested Rider Height – 5’1″ – 6’5″.
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SUPER 73 S2 and ZUGO RHINO have higher specifications than HURLEY MINI SWELL while the selling price is also higher by over 2 times.

From the comparison, you can see that HURLEY MINI SWELL is a super discounted Hurley Style E-bike for purchase. If you have any doubt about the Hurley Style E-bike, please share your feedback to us.

If you don’t like motorcycle style e-bike, let me recommend our bestselling e-bike for your viewing here – Kbo-breeze-the-best-affordable-top-seller-electric-bike.

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