M2S SCOUT – The Best Affordable All Terrain Electric Bike


M2S SCOUT is an e-Bike with front and rear cargo basket suited for family tours. It is priced below $1.9k is the best affordable all terrain electric bike. M2S SCOUT has a high torque motor is certainly efficient for carrying loads and flattening all hills. You can use it as a utility e-bike in town as well as go adventure on a long holiday. M2S SCOUT has tires and front suspension forks to give you more comfort when you go on the beach route.

About M2S BIKES Seller:

  • The M2S Bike seller has been established since 2015.
  • M2S means mountain to sea.
  • M2S BIKES Seller has delivered thousands of e-bikes to customers throughout the US and around the world.
  • All M2S e-bikes can ride in the mountain area as well as riding in the sand beach.
  • We will work with you to help determine which bike is best suited for you as well as answer all the questions you have about e-bikes.
  • Our in stock, bikes generally ship within 1-2 business days after ordering.
  • For more info on specific model availability, please email sales@m2sbikes.com or call us at 828-676-3808.
  • M2S BIKES Seller manufactures quality bikes at an affordable price while providing excellent customer service.
  • The new M2S electric bike comes complete with Old Dominion Freight or Kitzuma Cycling Logistics.
  • M2S BIKES Seller pays a $150 credit to all shipping rates at the time of purchase by offering a consistent rebate to all customers.
  • If you have a warranty or parts request, please contact our customer service department at support@m2sbikes.com or call 828-676-3808 to diagnose and repair your problems.
  • If you would like to return your bicycle, please contact us at support@m2sbikes.com.
  • The buyer has to bear the return shipping cost and fund returned deduct $150 back to M2S.

About M2S SCOUT All Terrain Electric Bike:

  • Product Name – All Terrain Scout.
  • Product URL – View Current Price Here.
  • Selling Price – $1,999.00. Updated on 3 November 2023.
  • Direct Seller – M2S BIKES.
  • Target Audience – The US and Canadian Buyers.
  • Shipping – M2S credit $150 in advance for all buyers.
  • Shipping Options – Free delivery by Old Dominion Freight or pay $150 to Kitzuma Cycling Logistics for fully assembled delivery.
  • If you receive your bike and do not wish to keep it, we can accept returns on new, unused bikes.
  • Warranty – 365 Days.

Main Features of M2S SCOUT All Terrain Electric Bike:

  • BAFANG 750W gear motor, the peak outputs at 1000W deliver massive power when you climb hills or accelerate at top speed.
  • M2S 48V 14Ah battery is a reliable battery with a warranty of one year and also 900 cycles of re-charging use.
  • The battery is rated for 900 cycles of recharging so that it is reliable and durable to use for 3 to 5 years.
  • APT 850C full color screen allows you to clearly see the state of the riding so you can plan your return trip before the flat battery.
  • MOZO front suspension forks help to improve rider control by keeping the wheels in contact with the ground, especially riding on rough terrain or at high speeds.
  • SHIMANO 8 speed has a wider gear ratio to relieve stress for mountain climbing as well as achieve a top speed with ease.
  • The Kenda Krusade tire has a reflective side band for safety as well as Kenda’s puncture-resistant K-Shield cover to avoid a flat.
  • M2S SCOUT with the front and rear baskets, you can transport supplies and materials when planning a long trip.
  • The integrated headlight keeps you visible by another rider as well as letting you see clearly to ride in the dark.
  • The free shipping method helps purchasers who know how to assemble the new bike while the complete assembled bike shipping gives convenience to buyers.

Specification of M2S SCOUT All Terrain Electric Bike:

  • 18″ 6061 Aluminum Step-Thru Frame.
  • MOZO Air Sprung Suspension Fork / Lockout Adjustment.
  • BAFANG 750W Rear Hub Motor, 80 Nm torque.
  • 48V 14Ah Lithium Battery. Rated for 900 cycles.
  • Lishui 48v, seat tube mount (12 MOSFET) Controller.
  • APT 850C full color Display.
  • 9 steps pedal assist.
  • Thumb Throttle.
  • Top Speed – 20 mph (throttle); 28mph (top level of pedal assist)
  • Travel Range – 20 to 45 miles.
  • 12 poles Cadence Sensor.
  • Shimano Acera 8-speed Rear Derailleur.
  • Prowheel 170mm square taper / 38T 104 chain ring.
  • KMC X8 rust resistant Chain.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake 180mm rotors.
  • Integrated High Powered LED Lightings.
  • KENDA KRUSADE Sport 20″ x 4.0″ Tires.
  • Handlebar – Zoom 700mm. Zoom Adjustable Stem.
  • Zoom 30.9 mm Alloy Seat Post.
  • SELLE Royal Padded Gel Saddle.
  • Racks and Fenders included.
  • Bike’s Weight – 65 Ibs.
  • Load Capacity – 275 Ibs.
  • Rider’s Height – 5’0″- 6’0″.

The image of M2S SCOUT All Terrain Electric Bike:

M2S SCOUT - The Best Affordable All Terrain Electric Bike.
M2S SCOUT – The Best Affordable All Terrain Electric Bike.

PROs of M2S SCOUT All Terrain Electric Bike:

  • M2S SCOUT is an all-terrain e-bike with power so you can go everywhere and further than you like.
  • M2S SCOUT is an ideal e-bike to use in the hilly area because it has a high torque 1000W motor to defeat the steep hills.
  • With the 20″x 4″ KENDA tires coupled with the 30.9 mm ZOOM seat post can certainly correspond to the rider’s height from 5′ to 6′ in height.
  • All terrain electric bike typically has a more powerful motor and a robust frame. This allows it to tackle steeper hills and rougher terrain with ease. Read exciting posts: All Terrain E-bikes – Powering your next adventure.
  • KENDA KRUSADE Sport tires feature a K-shield layer to prevent punctures so you can drive further without worrying about a flat tire.
  • You can enjoy great moments during cool winter because M2S SCOUT can safely ride in slippery snow with a lower tire pressure.
  • The rigid wings covered the front and rear tires to avoid water, mud and dirt splashing on you while you drove through the rain.
  • You can drive M2S SCOUT day and night because the built-in lighting can be turned on at any time.
  • Both baskets are good for carrying cargo when you have a trip to a plantation to purchase your merchandise.
  • Has a mechanic adjust the air suspension forks to fit your weight to get as much comfort as possible while riding the M2S SCOUT.
  • When you’re closer to North Carolina, you’ll pay less for the fully assembled bike delivery.

CONs of M2S SCOUT All Terrain Electric Bike:

  • M2S SCOUT front basket and rear support payload is not clear, so you must test the load before driving.
  • Not sure that the taillight can have the braking function for driving safely because the specification details are not available.
  • The owner’s manual for the new electronic bike is not written as a booklet, but it was presented in the video show. In the future, no update version can be used as a baseline.
  • A clear specification for each component can certainly help purchasers know what they are getting for what they have paid for.

The overall ratings of M2S SCOUT All Terrain Electric Bike:

Reviewed by the M2S BIKES certified buyer, Andrew Byer on 26 April 2021 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

Bought the Scout for my wife for Christmas. She has a city e-bike now, but wanted to get her off the paved trails into the dirt.

She doesn’t have a lot of bike experience and none off road so I wanted a bike that got lots of traction, softer ride, forgiving, and a step through so she could quickly get her feet planted on the ground when needed. Wanted decent power, a throttle, and hydraulic disk brakes. Liked the adjustment of the handlebars and the more upright comfortable riding position. Wanted it to be a light as possible, easy to maneuver, and not a huge bike.

She is 5’8″ but not super strong. Also liked the racks and lights. SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES THIS BIKE!! She literally rides it at least 15 miles everyday. All on trails around the area. I never thought she would ever enjoy trail riding this much.

The only things I would improve on the bike would be to upgrade the forks a bit. The damping and travel is limited. Don’t like how the wiring harness hangs down in a vulnerable spot under the bottom bracket. No need for 9 power levels on the motor, just 5 would be fine. Only seem to use 2-6. The bars could be a little wider. Other than those nit pick items it’s a great bike. Great power, brakes, traction, ride, maneuverability, low center of gravity and fun. I would definitely recommend it.

Reviewed by the M2S BIKES certified buyer, Steve Barton on 27 March 2021 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

Great little bike, fast delivery, very easy assembly – really like that all the screw and bolt fasteners are hex. Pretty snappy and hydraulic brakes work very well.

I’ve ridden about 50 miles so far and needed a bigger seat for my fat old behind. The only two things I’ll look to improve so far are pretty minor: (1) I can’t find a way to cleanly route the cables around the front basket without some level of interference; and, (2) welding the bottle holder ring inside the basket limits how the basket can be used – I’d prefer a plastic flip-up beer can ring (think both), or making it easy to remove and install at will.

Our Opinions:

  • Total number of certified buyer review is 105, with 88 – rated 5 stars, 13 – rated 4 stars, 4 – rated 3 stars.
  • The assembling instruction manual is the one that complains the most. Video instruction skips some important details so buyers are having trouble solving it.
  • Some buyers have replaced the saddle as a result of their larger size.
  • One shopper complains that there is no online chat service.
  • The delivery is excellent, there are no cases of delivery damage except one case of wrong color bike send.
  • A common complaint is the front basket clogging the cable road, but the buyer can solve.
  • The bike is powerful to ride while the battery quality and travel range are excellent as feedback for most shoppers.

View YouTube Videos – M2S SCOUT All Terrain E-Bike Reviewed by the ElectricBikeReview.


After going through the reviews of certified buyers, I can conclude that M2S SCOUT is a good design e-bike to buy. You can select a shipping option, Old Dominion Freight or Kitzuma Cycling Logistics. If you have any doubts to assemble the new bike on your own, you can choose the delivery with fully assembled.

M2S SCOUT has upgraded the 750W engine and 672Wh battery, so the price has increased to $1,999.00, which is still lower compared to popular brands. Would you agree with me that the M2S SCOUT is the best affordable all-terrain electric bike to purchase?

Here’s our best-selling model that has the 52V 750W engine and 780Wh battery, but the price is below $1.6k and the warranty is 2 years, see this model here – Cruiser-step-thru-the-best-affordable-all-terrain-e-bike.

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  1. Well for me The environmental and economical benefits of riding electric bikes are well known. E-bikes are faster and more practical than regular bicycles, while providing a cleaner transportation option than cars. Electric bikes are also fun to ride and easier to use for commutes and casual errands. my cousin got one for himself recently. 

    • Thanks for your comments about the use of electric bikes to take care our earth. Another silence killer is speed has caused thousands of deaths on the road. Electric bikes bring down the speed on the road, especially at the center of the town.

      The earth is under attack by critical weather happened everywhere and almost every day there is news of natural disaster happened. Your feedback certainly can contribute to promote the use of electric bikes and environment care at the same time.

      Thank you very much for your kind comments to support our website

  2. Hi Stephen. Thank you for very interesting article. I was just looking for electric bikes for my family, but its not easy to choose with so many options on market, But looking on your review it seams that M2S scout is what Im looking for. Its not cheap, but it has solid construction and you can go everywhere with it. And it can be used even during winter. Looking forward to test it in practice.

    • You are welcome. Thank you for giving your comments on my new article. I have the same concern like you, it is not cheap. Have you aware of my second proposed model which has better specs, best warranty and price is cheaper by $600? 

      You may want to check again this interesting model, https://bestaffordableelectric… I wish you all the best in

  3. Hello there, I really like your overall review with M2S SCOUT bike and I’m also in love with the electric bike design. It looks very well equipped and the price doesn’t seem overpriced in my opinion. I also agree that it’s very suitable for traveling to far distance areas like mountain or beach, considering its battery, power and speed.

    Overall, thanks for giving us some information and review on this E-bike. 



    • Hi! Ian, I am happy you like M2S SCOUT. My worry is the price is in the middle range and may not be affordable by anyone. So I have listed a model with the similar spec and price is much cheaper for consideration. I believed everyone is busy and not aware of my second proposals to users.

      Sometimes it is not easy to compare electric bikes by the price and spec only. The overall design for safe and comfortable riding is much important to the rider. I hope my reply can help you making the smart

  4. Hi Stephen

    Thank you for a very detailed and informative post on the M2S Scout.

    First off, I must say that the bike looks absolutely amazing and definitely looks capable of handling all terrains.

    I do like the price and it does come in lower than similar e-bikes with similar specs.

    I also especially like that the battery life is a very decent 3-5 years.

    Thanks again for the great review.

    • Hi! Les, Thanks for your support and comments given to me. It is an encouragement to me to continue writing the content. I wish you get the dream bike soon.


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