MALIBU Step-Thru GT – The Best Affordable luxury E-Bike


MALIBU Step-Thru is the best affordable luxury e-bike with its features of luxury, power, speed, and range. You can drive comfortably in the upright position. Do not miss the GT extras e-bike with high powered, high speed, and long range powertrain. MALIBU Step-Thru GT give you an ultimate luxury riding with its ZOOM front shock, suspension seat post, SERFAS gel seat, and ultra quiet 2.1 VEE Speedster Tires.


  • E-LUX ELECTRIC BIKES started in 2014 by Jerry, JP Blake, and Josh.
  • Jerry is a chief engineer for E-LUX electric bicycle because he has more than 15 years in the electric bicycle industry.
  • JP Blakes inspects the electric bike quality when it is sending out for shipping.
  • E-LUX produces the most comfortable electric bicycle with the SERFAS gel seat and also the suspension seat post.
  • E-LUX offers an exclusive line of electric bikes in order to match the need of each rider.
  • You are welcome to explore what is truly luxury cruising with E-LUX.
  • E-LUX want to make the most comfortable electric bikes in the world.
  • The quality is certainly a big focus for E-LUX.
  • Visit E-LUX at 18475 BANDILIER Circle, Unit A Fountain Valley, CA 92708.
  • Call Sale or Support at (949) 440 1967.
  • Take a risk-free 14 day trial tour at an E – LUX showroom or visit one of the Dealers near your location.

About MALIBU Step-Thru GT Luxury E-Bike:

  • Product Name – THE MALIBU STEPTHRU GT.
  • Product URL – You can view here.
  • Selling Price – $2,995.00.
  • Direct Seller – E-LUX ELECTRIC BIKES.
  • Target Audience – The US buyers.
  • Shipping – Free for the lower 48 US States.
  • 98% Pro-Assembly in a large packaging box.
  • Warranty – One Year.

Main Features of MALIBU Step-Thru GT Luxury E-Bike:

  • 7500W DAPU Gear Hub Motor with 1375W Peak Output for easy climb and go faster so you can go anywhere and go back in time.
  • 48V 19Ah Samsung/ Panasonic Lithium Battery utilizes high-density Samsung cells not only quality, but also last longer.
  • Speed up to 28 mph so you can beat the tight schedule to reach your next destination quickly.
  • With use of 25% to 30% ECO mode and the average speed at 15 mph certainly you can get a maximum range of 60 to 70 miles.
  • TEKTRO 4 piston disc brakes surely the best braking system for large e-bike tires such as MALIBU Step-Thru.
  • Ultra-Quiet 2.1 VEE Speedster Tires not only have high running efficiency, but also have high protection against punctures and road damage.
  • The SHIMANO ALTUS 9-speed derailleur has a gear ratio to facilitate climbing and allow you to return less effortless when the battery is flat.
  • The ZOOM front suspension forks coupled with the suspension rod and the SERFAS Gel seat offer absolute comfort in every terrain.

Specification of MALIBU Step-Thru GT Luxury E-Bike:

  • 19.25″ Aluminum Alloy Step-Thru Frame.
  • Zoom Aria Spring Suspension, Preload Adjust, 63mm Travel.
  • 750W (1375W Peak) DAPU Brushless Geared Hub Motor.
  • 48V 19Ah SAMSUNG/PANASONIC Lithium Ion Battery, 1000 cycles.
  • 5 Levels Pedal Assist.
  • Trigger Throttle with 3 power levels of accelerations.
  • Top Speed – 28 mph.
  • Travel Range – 45 to 70 miles.
  • BIGSTONE C600E, Fixed, Adjustable-Angle LCD Display.
  • Aluminum Alloy, Cruiser, Swept Back Handlebar.
  • Quill, Adjustable Height, Adjustable Angle Stem.
  • Rubber Ergonomic, Locking Grips.
  • Saddle – SERFAS Hybrid Suspension System (HSS), Oversized Gel Comfort with Springs.
  • SR Suntour NCX, Aluminum Alloy, Suspension Seatpost.
  • Double Walled RIMS.
  • Stainless Steel Spokes, 12 gauze.
  • Ultra Quiet 2.1 VEE Speedster Tires, with TPI 72 puncture protection.
  • Plastic Platform with Rubber Tread Pedals.
  • 9 Speed 1×9 Shimano Altus Derailleur.
  • 11-32 Tooth Cassette.
  • Prowheel Forged Alloy Arms, 48 Tooth Steel Chain ring.
  • Paint-Matched Steel Fenders.
  • Paint-Matched Steel Chain Guard.
  • BLAZE-LITE Integrated LED Headlight.
  • BLAZE-LITE RL1900 Integrated LED Rear Light, Active brake light.
  • Aluminum Alloy Rear Rack.
  • Bike’s Weight – 60 Ibs.
  • Load Capacity – 290 Ibs.
  • Rider’s Height – 5’1″ to 6’4″.

The image of MALIBU Step-Thru Luxury E-Bike:

MALIBU Step-Thru GT - The Best Affordable Luxury E-Bike.
MALIBU Step-Thru GT – The Best Affordable Luxury E-Bike.

PROs of MALIBU Step-Thru GT Luxury E-Bike:

  • MALIBU Step-Thru is indeed an ultimate luxury E-Bike with high power, high speed and high range.
  • With the high-power motor, you can certainly flatten every steep hill and easily reach the top speed of 28 mph.
  • A maximum range of 70 miles, surely you can go somewhere 30 miles away before you return home.
  • The built-in headlight lets you get a good view of the front road while the taillight lets you stay visible for upcoming vehicles.
  • Tail light with activated brake light is extremely important to keep safe in high-flow traffic when applying the brake.
  • With the fenders installed, you can keep clean and dry on the road while driving on the dirt trails.
  • MALIBU Step-Thru GT is a powerful e-bike, you can certainly start quickly with the help of the throttle or adjust pedal assist in the lower level.
  • The speedster tires are the fast ride on the hard asphalt road in the city as well as on the path road to the beach.
  • The handlebar and the rod are designed adjustable so that the height of the handlebar can fit nicely with any rider.
  • E-LUX using a large packing box, to provide 98% e-bike mounting so that the buyer can easily repair and begin rolling.
  • The rear support is solid with the payload of 25kg, so it is safe to install a child seat for you to hang out with your children.
  • The BIGSTONE C600E LCD displays the battery voltage, when the battery is fully charged, it is around 53 volts and 41 volts indicating that the battery is flat.

CONs of MALIBU Step-Thru GT Luxury E-Bike:

  • The given 3A charger takes 7 hours to fully charge the battery, you surely need a faster charger to shorten the charging time.
  • E-LUX is a new company does not yet have many dealers, so you may need to travel far for an E-LUX e-bike trial ride.
  • I hope E-LUC can sell to the Canadian buyers since the UPS or FedEx can easily deliver to Canada.

The overall ratings of MALIBU Step-Thru GT Luxury E-Bike:

Reviewed by the E-LUX BIKES certified buyer, Maryann Ann. 18 July 2021 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

My husband and I purchased 2 of the Malibu E Lux bikes and totally, totally Love them! I especially I am back to riding again! Very well made and beautiful colors.

I had a problem and question after purchasing my bike and I was connected to one of the owners of E Lux. He was right there until my problem either got corrected, or guaranteed the parts would be shipped next day. If after hours, no problem, you will get a reply from them right away! Truly a company I’d do business with them again! Love, Love our e bikes

Our Opinions:

  • The E-LUX electric bicycle is truly quality and win the hearts of buyers. I am amazed that E-LUX has received numerous reviews from its buyers and certainly most of them are happy buyers.
  • The buyer claims E-LUX, without excuse, E-LUX accepted to replace him in order to win the heart of the buyer.
  • There is a case of paint scratch on the new bike during transport, E-LUX has replaced a new e-bike to the buyer within 5 hours. The buyer certainly quite pleased with the service support of E-LUX and the action taken.

View YouTube Videos – MALIBU GT reviewed by the Electric Bike Review:

MALIBU GT – The Best Affordable Luxury E-Bike.


In conclusion, E-LUX is a successful company selling e-luxury e-cycling online with great design and service support. MALIBU GT is really high power, high speed, and far-reaching with its used quality components.

Do you agree that MALIBU Step-Thru GT is the best affordable luxury e-bike worth to buy? If you have another opinion, do not hesitate to share your comments with us.

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  1. Interesting article. I’ve sort of kept up-to-date in the electric scooter/hoverboard world but for some reason I just never kept up with the bikes. 

    After reading this I spent a measly 5 minutes just looking around the web. 3 grand seems a little steep doesn’t it? I get it, it’s classified as a luxury e-bike.

    But, I found multiple bikes for half the price with a range up to 60 miles. So are you paying double the price for an extra 10 miles? 

    This topic may just not be my cup of tea. But I totally get it because I would rather spend $150 on a pair of Jordan’s rather than spend $75 on anything else.

    Great article, I’m going to have to look into these a little more.

    • Thank you for the candid and honest comments. I enjoyed it a lot. The buyers decided which electric bike would work for them. Blogger emphasize the beauty of every electric bicycle design. I mentioned that the MALIBU engine is quiet and smooth so it is an ultimate driving comfort of an e-bike.

      Why do buyers pay more to buy a luxury car? Because it is power, speed, and range as well as smooth riding, engine quiet and ultimate comfortable to sit in the car. 70 miles are considered as high range because most of the electric bikes on the market are below the maximum range of 50 miles.

      The value of MALIBU GT comes from its DAPU motor and ultra-smooth controller, which I think is too technical to discuss in my article. The larger size, frame must have the strength to withstand the powerful motor which is also difficult for non-technical people to comprehend. The same is the structural resistance of the luxury car can resist the powerful motor to give the ultimate driver comfort to ride in the car.

      I hope my explanation is reasonable and accepted by you. Your comments open my view on the reader expectation, I will certainly improve myself to give more clearer details in


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