MORFUNS EOLE X – The Best Affordable Family Outdoors E-bikes


MORFUNS EOLE X is durable, safe, and lighter for family use outdoors with more funs. Any large car trunk certainly can fit 3-4 folded EOLE X comfortably. Be the first person to explore EOLE X on the INDIEGOGO campaign as well as grab the special discount award. The improved EOLE X is not just a city bike on the flat asphalt road, but the wider tires allow you to ride on outdoors rough terrain. MOREFUNS EOLE X has a 350W high torque motor that will surely give you confidence to face the steep incline.

About MORFUNS Seller:

  • JAY (Chinese) and Blux (Japanese) founded MORFUNS in 2017.
  • Both founders have a strong concept of quality and efficient management.
  • MORFUNS was established to be an international organization:
    • A product technology R&D center in Tokyo, Japan.
    • Special product assembly based in Poland and Malaysia.
    • A supply chain center in East China.
    • Warehouses in Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom.
    • Distributors in Japan, Korea and Europe.
    • Direct consumers sale in United States.
  • MORFUNS e-bikes are characterized by small size, space, stylish and simple appearance.
  • The service team of MORFUNS Seller is multinationals to support buyers from the different countries.
  • Contact and support: +44-7752409234 London; +86 +86-18551385333 China;

About MORFUNS EOLE X Family Outdoors E-bikes:

  • Product Name – MORFUNS EOLE X.
  • Product URL – View Current Price Here.
  • Selling Price – $1,599.00.
  • Product Name 2 – MORFUNS EOLE X PRO.
  • Product URL 2 – View Current Price Here.
  • Selling Price – $1,799.00.
  • INDIEGOGO campaign started launching on 15 June 2022 – Get your special offer sooner, before the quota is gone.
  • Direct Seller – MORFUNS.
  • Any e-bike order cancellation before shipment will be charged an 8% process fee
  • Shipping Policy:
    • Currently, we provide FREE shipping in the US/EU/CAN/AU.
    • In-stock orders typically ship in 1-3 business days.
    • The US shipping time is 1-7 business days.
    • The UK shipping time is 1-5 business days. 
    • For other countries, the shipping time is 30-45 business days.
  • Return Policy:
    • FREE returns within 14 days of delivery but pay $150 as return shipping cost.
    • The return e-bike must be not defective or damaged.
    • Not accept for return after 14 days.
  • Warrantee – 2 years.
  • Any DEMO day plans?
    • The National Cycling Show, 18-19 Jun 2022. Birmingham, UK., Stand No. : C64.
    • EUROBIKE 2022,13-17 July 2022, Frankfurt, Germany., Hall No.9.0, Stand No.G60.
  • Pre-order linkClick Here for Pre-order.

Main Features MORFUNS EOLE X Family Outdoors E-bike:

  • The frame of MORFUNS EOLE is elegant as the frame of the bike Europe due to its smooth weld giving an elegant look and a high strength.
  • Why is smooth welding preferable to an alternative welding method?
    • The heat concentration is too high, so we can make this soldering process fast.
    • It is less distorted because of its high welding rate and high heat concentration.
    • The welding process is safe and healthy because there is less smoke and spark.
    • It has a smooth and neat aspect of the soldered part, thus giving you a classic look e-bike.
    • The weld joint has a high shock resistance, so it is capable of supporting higher loads.
    • It is very resistant to corrosion because the welded method has little distortion.
  • MORFUNS EOLE X has the 350W hub motor so you can climb the hills easily with its higher torque.
  • The standard 36V 10Ah battery has a range of 50 km, but you can choose 15Ah, 17Ah or 22Ah to expand the range.
  • MORFUNS EOLE X has a safe and durable folding section because it is a forged folding mechanism with high strength passed the 12 w vibration test.
  • SHIMANO 8-speed coupled with the 5 levels of pedal assist, making your cycling experience more fun anywhere.
  • The adjustable seat post and handlebar certainly fit the height of the rider so that the rider can roll in the comfortable standing posture.
  • MORFUNS EOLE X has a lighter weight of 19 kg, so it’s easier to carry and load into the car truck.
  • INNOVA’s 20″x 2.2″ wide tires offer better traction on any rugged terrain so you can get better control for your riding.
  • The 160mm hydraulic disc brakes are surely given the perfect stopping power for a lightweight electric bike like MORFUNS EOLE X.

Specification of MORFUNS EOLE X Family Outdoors E-bikes:

  • Aluminum alloy folding frame.
  • EOLE X has rear suspension only while EOLE X PRO has full suspension.
  • 350W brushless geared hub motor, 65 Nm torque. 250W for Euro Zone.
  • 36V 10Ah seat tube battery. Optional 15Ah seat tube battery or 7Ah bottle battery.
  • Top speed – 25 km/hr (250W), 29 Km/hr (350W).
  • Travel range – 75 km (10Ah), 115 km (15Ah), and 170 km (22Ah)
  • 5 levels of pedal assist + throttle.
  • DMHC/36V350W Max Current 14A, with quick connector.
  • DZ41 color LED display.
  • 42V2Ah / CE certificated charger.
  • Speed sensors.
  • EOLE X use SHIMANO Altus 8 speed Derailleur, but EOLE X PRO use higher 9 speed Derailleur.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes 160mm rotors.
  • EOLE X – 20″ x 2.2″ INNOVA Tires, puncture resistance.
  • EOLE X PRO – INNOVA 20″x 2.4″ with Reflective Line, puncture resistance.
  • DU-199X foldable pedal.
  • Z4010 Leather comfortable saddle.
  • Aluminum alloy seat post.
  • Bike’s Weight – 19 kg.
  • Load capacity – 265 Ibs.
  • Rider’s height – 5’2″ – 6’4″ (EOLE X), 5’6″ – 6’4″ (EOLE X PRO)

The Image of MORFUNS EOLE X Family Outdoors E-bikes:

MORFUNS EOLE X - The Best Affordable Family Outdoors E-bikes.
MORFUNS EOLE X – The Best Affordable Family Outdoors E-bikes

PROs of MORFUNS EOLE X Family Outdoors E-bikes:

  • MORFUNS EOLE X has a flexible battery size that can certainly fit the traveling range you want for your family package.
  • You can transport 3-4 MORFUNS EOLE X in the car trunk so that family members can explore the nature together in the vacant place.
  • The smooth welded frame allows you to roll in any environmental condition without rust due to its high corrosion resistance.
  • Large tires coupled with hydraulic brakes allow families to drive safely on unfamiliar natural roads.
  • The rubber rear suspension coupled with a comfortable leather saddle softens the impact on the road to keep you comfortable.
  • MORFUNS EOLE X is a lightweight electric bike for families staying at higher levels because a woman can carry it up the stairs.
  • The folded size of the MORFUNS EOLE X is just 12.87 liters so you can keep 4 electric bikes in a small space.
  • MORFUNS EOLE X will surely help workers or students solve the transport solution if you stay in the congested city.
  • All families can ride at the same speed with the help of pedalling and throttle so that no one falls behind on the long trip.

CONs of MORFUNS EOLE X Family Outdoors E-bikes:

  • All riders have to carry a backpack to keep the daily necessities because there is no rear support to hang the pannier bags. The rear rack for EOLE is $159.
  • You certainly need to install a better rear light for your safety if you drive in high traffic or at night.
  • Two-year warranty to replace any manufacturing defect for you, but you need to get the local bike store to install for you. There are no informative videos to teach you when you want to install on your own.

MORFUNS EOLE X Accessories You May Like to Have:

MORFUNS EOLE X Accessories You may like to have.
MORFUNS EOLE X Accessories You may like to have.

View YouTube Videos – MORFUNS EOLE X unboxing and assembly instructions:

MORFUNS EOLE X unboxing and assembly instructions.

View MORFUNS certified buyer’s feedbacks on EOLE S Carbon Fiber E-bike – 4.75 out of 5.0 with a total 8 certified buyer review:

Reviewed by the MORFUNS certified buyer, Robert Lewis on 27 April 2022 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

I was impressed with the weight as well as the travel range of this e-bike. It’s easy to throw in my van for transport due to its light weight. I was able to go 35 miles on level ground with the level 2 power assist. With the addition bottle battery it will certainly allow me to go 70 miles. What a unique way to have your extra battery attached to the frame.

The torque sensor is awesome because you can really feel it kick in. I was able to go up steep hills by downshifting as well as I was able to maintain 14 mph on level ground with minimum effort.

If you’re used to a more powerful motor, it will seem a little under powered at first. But the torque sensor helps a lot, though. I had a couple questions while the company support answered them in a timely manner. Overall, a great little bike for the lowest price I found for a carbon fiber bike.

Reviewed by the MORFUNS certified buyer, John on 3 September 2021 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

Loving it! I bought this bike 2 months ago in order to ride on the train to my daily work. It is certainly what exactly I need. Stylish, super light and everything is working very well. While shipping was fast, and well packaged. Thanks Morfuns Bicycle.

View the similar models of folding e-bikes for comparison with MORFUNS EOLE X:

GB750 LOW STEP Electric Folding Bike:

  • Product Name – GB750 LOW STEP.
  • Product URL – View Current Price Here.
  • Selling Price – $1,829.00
  • The Best Seller – Electric Bike Paradise.
Specification of GB750 LOW STEP Electric Folding Bike:
  • Aluminum Alloy low step frame.
  • Front suspension forks.
  • 750W Geared Hub Motor.
  • 48V 18.2Ah Lithium Battery.
  • Top Speed – 20 mph.
  • Travel range – 60 miles.
  • Sunrace Gear 7 speed.
  • Front & rear hydraulic brakes.
  • Bike’s Weight – 79 Ibs.
  • Load Capacity – 280 Ibs.
  • Rider’s Height – 5’5″ above.
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  • Product Name – The VOLADOR.
  • Product URL – View Current Price Here.
  • Selling Price – $1,199.00.
  • Direct Seller – QUALISPORTS US.
Specification of QUALISPORTS VOLADOR Folding E-Bike:
  • 20″ 6061 Al-alloy Foldable Frame.
  • 20″ 6061 Al-alloy Front Forks.
  • MXUS 350W Brushless Geared DC Motor.
    • 40 Nm torque.
    • Rated RPM – 265±10 r/min.
  • 36V 7Ah Samsung Lithium-ion Battery.
  • Top Speed – 20 mph.
  • Maximum Range – 31 miles.
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes.
  • Shimano 7 Speed Rear Derailleur.
  • Bike’s Weight – 38 Ibs.
  • Load Capacity – 220 Ibs.
  • Rider’s Height – 5’0″ to 6’3″.
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Most folding electric bikes are heavy like GB750 because it needs to use the larger frame to resist the high power motor. The folded joint has an external locking pin so it is prone to corrosion and impact damage. GB750 folding electric bicycle is heavy at 79 Ibs as well as the sale price is higher at $1829.

QUALISPORTVOLADOR is lighter and less expensive than MORFUNS EOLE X, but the load capacity is much lower showing that the folding frame is not as strong as MORFUNS EOLE X. QUALISPORT VOLADOR has the same hub motor rating, but the maximum torque is only 40 Nm.

MORFUNS EOLE X has a higher corrosion resistance than GB750 and VOLADOR because the framework manufacturing using the best smooth welding process. It is light and foldable, making it the best choice to transport 3-4 units by car during your family vacation. Let we concluded that MORFUNS EOLE X certainly is the best affordable Family Outdoors E-bikes in the market. Any comments are welcome.

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  1. I have been using a friend’s electric bike while they are away, and I love using it. So I have decided that it is time to get my own e-bike. With so many brands that are available, it is a bit of a challenge to find e-bikes that are suitable for the whole family. 

    So I am very pleased that I cam across this review on Morfuns Eole X electric bikes. There are many different styles available, so we should be able to find a bike for each family member. The comparison with other brands make it much easier to decide on the best affordable e-bikes. 

    • Hi! LineCowley, MORFUNS EOLE X is your best choice to buy which is the quality e-bike with a lowest price during the INDIEGOGO campaign. The booking fee is only $50, why not, click the link here to place your booking. the link will lead you to the sales support to guide you making the pre-order.

      If your choice of e-bike is light, foldable, with more powerful motor and durable folded joint, then you have to pick MORFUNS EOLE. 

  2. Hi Stephen, cycling is one physical exercise which I love over long distance running. The advantage being able to cover a longer distance without whipping your breath out. I was cycling along with my teenage son and what freshness it gives!

    The early bird prices for MORGUNS EOLEX and MORGUNS EILEX PRO are just give away for the features they offer. It would be great to own one where I live with so many steep inclines. Would definitely like to go for one.

    Best Regards,


    • HI! Rohit, since you like long distance riding, with 10Ah battery, you can a 44 mile range. If you want to extend range 15Ah can give you 67 mile range while 22Ah, certainly give you a 100 mile range.

      You can book now with $50 only for the early bird prices. I do not mention this on my content. If you miss it, you can purchase from INDIEGOGO by submitting your email. I hope you do not miss this opportunity.

      MORFUNS EOLE X has the Europe structural frame design with a 65 Nm torque geared hub motor. The price will go to normal after the INDIEGOGO campaign is over. Click link here to place booking today –

  3. Questions about Battery/Seat-Port for the Eole-X

    What is the length (mm) of the 10Ah Battery/Seatpost?… Can I order one?… I have the 15Ah Battery/Seatpost, but it’s too tall.



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