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Pioneer Allroad – The Best Affordable Electric Commuter Bike


Pioneer Allroad is the best hand assembled with high-performance bike components. Driving smoothly and calmly like the best affordable electric commuter bike. The Pioneer uses Optibike’s proprietary Motorized Bottom Bracket technology, combining cutting-edge performance with great prices. You will certainly get upgrade your riding experience to become the memorable one with the use of Pioneer Allroad.

About Optibike:

  • Production in 2007. With an Optibike you’re buying an e-bike that has years of experience behind it.
  • Optibike builds electric bikes in Colorado, USA, and customize every bike to suit your driving style and needs.
  • Optibike is the Leader in High Performance Electric Bikes
  • You’ll still get service and parts years later. We are working on our original bikes sold in 2007 and have spare parts for all our bikes.
  • Optibike is the oldest maker of Electric Bikes in America.
  • Optibike has customers in more than 30 countries across the globe.
  • Since the Optibikes are hand-assembled, we can customize the fit of a bike for women, almost any of our models can be customized.
  • You are assured of quality and long lasting performance.
  • From our custom bike fitting services, to the only weight loss electric bike program of its kind, you will find amazing customer service.

About Pioneer Allroad Electric Commuter Bike:

  • Product Name – Pioneer Allroad Commuter E-bike.
  • Product URL – You can view here.
  • Selling Price – $3,495.00
  • Direct Seller – Optibike.
  • Target Audience – The US Buyers. Can sell globally.
  • Build time is usually 2-6 weeks depending on the model of bike and time of year.
  • Shipping – Free for the lower 48 US States.
  • Ride your Optibike for 45 days. At the end of 45 days, if you do not love what we feel is the best electric bicycle on the market, send it back for a refund, no questions asked.
  • Warranty – One year for Pioneer Allroad.

Main Features of Pioneer Allroad Electric Commuter Bike:

  • Patented Motorized Bottom Bracket:
    • Outstanding hill climbing capability.
    • Will not overheat on the steepest climbs.
    • Higher power to volume ratio in the industry.
    • Combines high acceleration with high efficiency for long ride times.
    • Intuitive “Natural Bicycle” feel is best in the industry.
  • Schwalbe Marathon Puncture Resistant Tires are a flat less tire, not only for fast riding, but also safe riding protected by 5 mm smart guard layer.
  • Serfas Gel Seat is designed with a special layer of gel to behave as a friction-reducing second skin thus improve comfort.
  • WTB FX23 Rims, front and rear are the heavy duty wheel so that can take more rider’s weight.
  • SRAM Nx1 11-speed Derailleur has the highest gear ratio, hence can handle climbing hills and ride faster.
  • TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes give secure stopping to keep you safe whenever you apply the brake.
  • Suntour XCR32 Fork, 120mm of travel gives you extra comfort when you are riding on the bumping surface.

Product Specification of Pioneer Allroad Electric Commuter bike:

  • Aluminum Alloy High-Step Frame.
  • Suntour XCR32 Fork, 120 mm of travel.
  • Rear suspension – Hardtail / Fixed.
  • Motor – MBB, 500W with 40Nm of Torque.
  • 37V 11.6Ah 429Wh Li-Ion Battery.
  • LCD display with 5 power levels, cycle computer functions, and battery gauge.
  • Top Speed – 25 MPH.
  • Travel Range – 20 miles to 40 miles.
  • SRAM Nx1 Derailleur, SRAM Nx1 Grip Shift, Microshift Mega 11 Speed 11-40 Cassette.
  • Drive Train Type – Chain.
  • Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes, 160 mm Rotors, front and rear.
  • WTB FX 23 Rims, front and rear.
  • Schwalbe 26″ × 2.0″ Marathon Plus Tour Puncture Resistant.
  • Kickstand – Included.
  • Rear Rack – Optionsal.
  • Fenders – Optional.
  • Colors available – Black, White, Yellow, Red.
  • Bike’s weight – 54 Lbs.
  • The rider’s height and Rider’s weight – Custom made to match.

The image of Pioneer Allroad Electric Commuter bike:

Pioneer Allroad is the best affordable Electric Commuter Bike.
Pioneer Allroad is the best affordable Electric Commuter Bike.

PROs of Pioneer Allroad Electric Commuter bike:

  • Pioneer Allroad is designed as your riding is needed so that the bike performance can match your expectation.
  • The motor gives you massive power to climb any hills and go faster whenever you want.
  • You can choose the battery size in order to match the travel range you want.
  • The design of the battery is unique, not only can remove for charging, but also the key can take out for riding.
  • The lithium Cobalt battery pack offers 1000 life cycles are indeed a long life battery.
  • You can use pedal-assist to get some exercise when you are riding to work.
  • The trigger throttle is powerful to boost to speed whenever you want to make your ride a lot of fun.
  • TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes give secure braking whenever you need a stoppage.
  • SRAM 11-speed derailleur provide smooth shifting when you are riding up or going down the hills.
  • The front suspension forks coupled with the thick gel saddle give you comfortable riding.
  • Schwalbe puncture-proof tires are safe to ride anywhere due to the 5 mm intelligent layers that protect against punctures.
  • Schwalbe Marathon Plus has a low rolling resistance, hence you can ride faster with the least afford.
  • Optibike has a big team of experts to answer any questions you ask for them in order to help you resolve any issues related to Pioneer Allroad.
  • You can choose to engage fitting support for your new bike so that the expert will fit the new bike ready to use.
  • The spare parts for any model of the Optibike is available in stock whenever your bike need for replacement.

CONs of Pioneer Allroad Electric Commuter Bike:

  • You cannot ride the Pioneer Allroad in the bad weather because of no fenders to keep you clean splashing water, mud, and dirt.
  • In the event that you need to ride in the dark, you have to install the proper lightings.
  • You have to install a rear rack so that you can carry the necessities with you during the ride.
  • The bike price can be expensive for some people, especially those who haven’t ridden the electric bike yet.

Overall Ratings of Pioneer Allroad Electric Commuter Bike:

The overall ratings of the Optibike conducted by Trust Pilot – 4.4 out of 5.0:

  • Excellent – 83%
  • Great – 3%
  • Average – 8%
  • Poor – 5%
  • Bad – 0%
  • Total reviews – 37.

Our Opinion:

  • The poor rating comes from two buyers. One is facing claim reimbursement of $50, repeated mails with no response. One is facing a poor deliver, but take some time to replace parts but he is happy with the bike performance.
  • The average performance from three buyers facing dis-satisfaction on riding performance. One buyer asking for wider gear ratio so that he can climb steep slope manually, which I think Optibike has upgraded to 11 speed improvement. One facing flat tire causing the sharp edge of the rim.
  • Most buyers are happy with the service support, powerful motor, and great battery.
  • Buyers who lived nearest to the Optibike are most fortunate to get the best service support from the Optibike CEO.

Reviewed by the Optibike certified buyer, Allan Mai on 17 July 2020 – The overall rating is 5.0 out of 5.0:

Optibike is the best USA made bicycle company. The CEO (Jim) is super nice and helpful. Customer support is top notch. I like it so much I owned 3 of Opti bikes. I have The original 400R (10 yrs old And still working fine) Optibike, Which lead me to purchase the newer R8 for myself and the Pioneer Allroad for my wife. It’s expensive, but is a very good investment that will last you a very very long time. Hope this help those who are on the sideline wanting to purchase an Optibike.

My Opinion:

  • After reading reviews from certified buyers, I can surely confirm that the service support from the Optibike is great.
  • Most components are carefully inspected and checked by the experts before assembled, through this strict process, the Optibike is certainly a quality bike.
  • The buyer has proven the quality of the bike after use for 10 years, of course he is very confident to buy two more new bikes, even it is expensive.

View YouTube Videos – Overview of Pioneer Allroad with the CEO conducted by All Bike Update:

Overview of Pioneer Allroad with the CEO of Optibike.


In short, I can conclude that the Pioneer Allroad is a quality electric commuter bike with numerous high-end components. The price is expensive, but worthwhile to buy as it is used for a long time.

If you carefully go through the presentation on their website, you can find their knowledge is unique. And the best to read is their manual and happy buyers story.

The value of Pioneer Allroad is the best mid-drive motor, SRAM 11-speed set, front suspension upgrade, hydraulic disc brakes, as well as larger rims and tires. I hope you can agree with me that Pioneer Allroad is truly the best affordable electric commuter bike. You are welcome to give your comments about our overall article or opinion about Pioneer Allroad.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing the Pioneer Allroad electric bike for us.

    This sounds like a great bike to have.  While its speed and range are a little lower than some of those that you have reviewed, it sounds like an excellent buy.

    The comfortable seat is a must for me!  I also love that the tyres won’t go flat, as I must admit that the thought of getting a flat tyre really does put me off going long distances.  As I would not like to have to walk miles pushing it.

    • Hi! Robert, Thanks for your frequent support given to me. With the price higher than other brands, I would like to test ride before I can make the best conclusion. 

      From the happy buyers, I can feel their happiness with the powerful motor, the limit speed can be set in the display to ride faster. Just the bike cannot bring you further. They have to limit the speed to maintain a nice travel range, that is business. 

      Thank you vey


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