REEVO – The Best Affordable Hubless Electric Bike


The REEVO Bike Team created REEVO the Hubless electric bike. REEVO has new features that you never heard of, so make it the best affordable Hubless e-bike. You can ride REEVO with peace of mind due to its incredible anti-theft system. REEVO give you the most pleasure riding experience because you do not need to worry using which level of pedal assist.


  • REEVO is available for sale on Indiegogo.
  • BENO is short for Be Innovative.
  • BENO is the crowd funding company established in 2016.
  • The location of BENO is at Bayan Lepas, Penang.
  • The magic of crowdfunding helps us to find our products in stages, bringing down production costs.
  • BENO pass the savings on to buyers!
  • BENO is supported by the research team in REEVO BIKES, USA.
  • REEVO e-bike is a smarter design and a more connected future.

About REEVO Hubless Electric Bike:

  • Product Name – REEVO: THE Hubless E-Bike.
  • Product URL – View Current Price Here.
  • Selling Price – $3,188.00 (Reevo Premium Airless) or $2,698.00 (1x Reevo Airless) This price is targeted for delivery on February 2022. The selling price will increase for the next batch of the delivery.
  • Direct seller –
  • Target Audience – Global buyers.
  • Shipping Charge (estimate $90 to $290) – Based on delivery locations.
  • Warranty – One year.
  • REEVO e-bikes will be exported from Malaysia.
  • Test rides will be available at trade shows and authorized distributors in late 2021. 
  • Spare parts can be purchased through our distributors. Contact he***@re********.com for more information.
  • REEVO is only available for order exclusively here on Indiegogo. Our official websites are and www.beno.ioAll other websites featuring Reevo are not affiliated with us in any way. 

Main Features REEVO Hubless Electric Bike:

  • One-touch fingerprint sensor to locks/unlocks the bike so making your bike safe from theft.
  • The integrated automatic lock housed within the frame in order to avoid the reach of the bolt cutter.
  • The Integrated GPS with motion detection helps to find where is your e-bike going when there is a theft case. 
  • An ambient light sensor detects darkness help to light up the headlight and taillight when you ride.
  • REEVO’s unique patent-pending Hubless wheels are not only strong and lightweight, but also maintenance free.
  • The aluminum alloy frame has three sizes in order to match the rider’s height from 5’3″ to 6’3″ plus.
  • Due to the one-sided fork and Chainstay, changing tires is easier than ever.
  • The airless tires give durability and hassle-free riding, but you can replace with standard tire and tube.
  • A microchip helps to alert you due to any unauthorized motion.
  • When you kick off the kickstand, it will hide inside the frame.
  • Adaptive pedal assist can provide customized assist because it can detect the road gradient and the pedal parameters.

Specification of the REEVO Hubless E-Bike:

  • Aluminum Alloy Frame.
  • Frame Size – S/M or M/L.
  • Body Material – Impact resistant ABS.
  • One-sided suspension forks.
  • REEVO E-Drive Motor 250W (EU) or 750W (US).
  • 48V 10.5Ah Lithium battery with LG cells.
  • Charge Time – 3 hours.
  • Top Speed – 25 km/hr (EU) or 25 mph (US).
  • Maximum travel range – 60 km or 37 miles.
  • Throttle – No (EU) or Yes (US).
  • One-sided Staychain.
  • 800 Lumens LED Headlight.
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth (App), GSM & GPS (Anti-Theft).
  • Triple Barrier Anti Theft System.
  • Biometric Access.
  • Adaptive Pedal Assist.
  • Hidden Electric Wheel Lock.
  • Motion Sensor.
  • Taillight with braking function and turn signal.
  • Ambient Light Sensor.
  • REEVO Apps.
  • Phone Holder.
  • USB Charger.
  • Invisible Kickstand.
  • Bike’s Weight included battery – 24.9 kgs or 55 Ibs.
  • Load Capacity – 265 Ibs or 120 Kgs.
  • Rider’s Height – 5’2″ to 5’9″ (S/M Frame size), 5’9″ to 6’3″ (M/L Frame size), 6’3″ above (XL Frame size)
  • Color – Stealth Black, Satin Blue, Saddle Brown, and Wine Red.

The image of REEVO Hubless Electric Bike:

REEVO - The Best Affordable Hubless Electric Bike.
REEVO – The Best Affordable Hubless Electric Bike.

PROs of REEVO Hubless Electric Bike:

  • REEVO E-Bike is certainly the most stylish, safety and security designed for modern urban bikers.
  • REEVO is equipped with an impenetrable triple barrier, an anti-theft system so that your bicycle stays exactly like this – yours.
  • A biometric lock, securing your bike to your unique fingerprint is certainly better than any mechanical lock used on the e-bike.
  • HUBLESS wheels are certainly less serviceable than the standard electric bicycle with spoke wheels.
  • Access to fingerprints is really cool for riders who are forgetful whenever they don’t know where to keep the key.
  • Your pre-order is a guaranteed purchase because you will receive the e-bike, carried out by BENO Inc.
  • The REEVO Bike campaign was revised by Arrow to conclude that the electronic and software design is feasible for manufacturing.
  • REEVO Bike has a powerful transmission to flatten out every hill in town so you can reach your destination as your plan.
  • Airless tires are hassle-free and durable to ride because it can drive without air inside the tire.
  • There is no restriction for you to choose the US specification because the sale price is the same for the European specification.
  • The wheel lock is fail-safe because it will not activate when the kickstand is not deployed.
  • When you remove the battery for charging, the anti-theft system will be supported by a backup battery.
  • The throttle allows you to fly to reach your destination sooner whenever you face a tight schedule.
  • With REEVO, you charge only the e-bike but other e-bike, you have to charge e-bike, smart lock, GPS, and lights.
  • REEVO Bike has the best safety features as compared to other brands, especially the taillight has cornered signal.
  • The owner of the REEVO bike certainly gets higher price of this incredible hubless electric bike.

CONs of REEVO Hubless Electric Bike:

  • BENO is a new business certainly needs time to build the network of distributors to perform any support service for all purchasers.
  • Before putting in place the network of distributors, all spare parts will surely take a few days to be delivered from the Penang, Malaysia.
  • No fenders are included in the pack when you choose to buy the 1x REEVO Airless pack.

Some records of third-party and private reviews:

Reviewed by the Inceptive Mind:

No spokes, no transparent center, no gimmicks, just pure engineering excellence and is built around a strong, lightweight core that’s finished in sleek matte black.

Reviewed by the New Atlas:

There’s a built in wheel lock, out of reach of bolt cutters, there in the frame, which is locked and unlocked by a fingerprint sensor. Great idea. There are anti-theft sensors and GPS to protect your investment. Outstanding.

Reviewed by Abby S.:

This is a really unique design. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bike like this before. I can put my hand through the wheels.

Reviewed by George X on 17 Nov 2020:

There was a time climate and environment ideally suited for cycling where’s there are plenty of shade and cool air along the country roads between rubber estates and village town.

View YouTube Video – Unboxing and assembles REEVO Bike:

REEVO – The Best Affordable Hubless Electric Bike.


In conclusion, REEVO is the best affordable Hubless electric bike you have never seen in the market. You buy pre-order, have to wait a long time for the delivery, so you get a Hubless e-bike.

The quality of the REEVO bike is close to the European standard in the design, but you surely do not have the opportunity to buy a European e-bike with the price below $3K. The amount available for this December delivery is limited, place your pre-order today so you can get your new electric bicycle in 2021.

You are welcome to give us your comments. We are keen to hear from you.

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12 thoughts on “REEVO – The Best Affordable Hubless Electric Bike”

  1. Hi there,

    Wow, it’s the first time I see this type of bicycle. In less than 2 minutes, they’ve mounted the bicycle. I understand that we have to pre-order it. How will do we have to wait until it arrives? Does it come in children’s sizes? I already love it, and I think I’ll order a few of them for the whole family:)

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • BENO use crowd funding to produce the electric bikes for buyers to sell at a good price. Once reach the target, they will start production and this batch is delivered in December 2021. 

      I am happy to like the bike and plan to buy for your family members. Your purchase is guaranteed to deliver by BENO Inc Have a wonderful.

  2. Few questions
    – what’s the difference between the reevo premium and the reevo airless ?
    – is the engine of US type much better, stronger, more torque than the EU version?
    – intending to always pedal, is the US version still the best version due to power / torque?
    – can the EU version be tweaked to let go of the 25km/h limitation?


    • Hi Nico,

      Thanks for your visit and questions.
      – Reeve premium has an extra battery and accessories. You do not need it if no plan to go long distance riding.
      – It depends on the local regulation and the needs of riders. Riders can decide to comply with the local bicycle regulation for a safe ride on the protected lane or get permission to ride on any highway. More motor power gets higher speed. More torque more easy to climb steeper hills. Europe population is more dense in the city while US is wider and hilly for riders to ride faster on the flat or climb hills. Typically is right to say engine of US electric bikes need more power and more torque to serve the rider’s needs and local regulators has different rules to take care the citizens.
      – If you intend to always pedaling, US version gives more speed with the power and torque. EU version is focused on nature ride, leisure, and anti-theft system.
      – If depends on the local regulations to fix the best speed based on the cycle lane condition, traffic flow, and voice of residence. It is possible to go higher speed for electric bikes when there are less gasoline vehicles after 2030 to 2050.
      Electric Motorcycle is coming with higher speed to use on the existing highway, but still cannot compare with the gasoline motorcycle. People ignore many riders died on the road due to speed and careless driving. My opinion follows regulation, ride safely in the separate cycle lane is the best choice for using electric bikes. Please be aware that, there are many crossroads on the cycle lanes in the US, ride safely is the responsibility of every rider.

    • Electric bicycles are a more convenient, stylish, and eco-friendly option for going around the city. But what makes Reevo unique is its impressive futuristic looks, strong security features, ambient light sensors, and durable body. With this e-bike, you can shred the streets safely, securely, and confidently.
      The above review statement was taken from MR GADGET. REEVO is designed for city commuting and most electric city used rigid front forks. In future, if it can fix with the fat tires, then the rider can ride comfortably anywhere. The design frame is not possible to fix a suspension forks at this moment.
      I hope my explanation is reasonable to you.

  3. I want the Premium Airless model $2888.00 & when will it be shipped to USA & how much larger & more powerful will the motor be ?

    • Hi! Friend,

      REEVO business is operated using crowd funding and quantity selling is limited. Sorry to say that you have missed the first batch sales. Now has entered the second batch selling campaign, the price has increased $300 for each model and quantity let is 6 units only.

      Here is how you can order. REEVO is only available for order exclusively here on Indiegogo. Our official websites are and All other websites featuring Reevo are not affiliated with us in any way. Visit to make your order earlier, now you still get a 25 % discount.

      For sales in the US is 750W but sales to Euro is 250W only.

      Best Regards
      Stephen Thiam

  4. Im seeing an ad on email for a reevo hubless bike for $89.00, is this a scam? Site is from London and shipping is for a new entire bike.

    • Hi! Mary,

      REEVO Hubless Bike is produced in PENANG, Malaysia. The selling price is certainly not $89.00. My advice doesn’t proceed for payment unless you want to try your luck. Please be reminded that I am not in the position to prove that this ad is a scam.


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