SOHOO Folding Bike – The Best Affordable Commuting E-Bike


The SOHOO folding bike featured a step-thru frame for women, seniors and beginners. It is all terrain e-bike making it the best affordable commuting e-bike. Maximum speed is 25 mph and a maximum range of travel is 50 miles with speed at 12.8 mph. The motor torque of 60 Nm is certainly sufficient to climb all hills at the lower speed of 12.8 mph. The fat tires, front suspension forks and upright riding posture will surely support you to ride comfortably for a long trip.


  • SOHOO has 5 types of e-bikes:
    • Beach Cruisers
    • City Bikes.
    • Folding Bikes.
    • Mid-Drive E-Bikes.
    • Mountain E-Bikes.
  • A customer reported losing the key and we had to help the customer replace the battery lock. For this reason, we have specially equipped 4 keys for each bicycle so hope our guests don’t have to worry about it anymore!
  • Pedal-assist is recommended to use and adjust the chain to the largest gear when driving on soft ground or climbing the hill. It will more than excite you!
  • Recently we received a letter from a customer whose bike was stolen, and the police needed him to provide the bike serial number for the record. After receiving the bike, please record its serial number (The number is on the last page of the User Manual or on the head tube of the bike). You can use this serial number to file with the vehicle management center.
  • 5125 Schaefer Ave, Ste 104, Chino, CA 91710, United States. Call +1 626 267 2312.
  • You can contact SOHOO E-Bike by filling the contact form in the online platform.

About SOHOO Folding Bike:

  • Product Name – 48V500W12AH 20″x 4.0 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle.
  • Product URL – View Current Price Here.
  • Selling Price – $1,449.00. Updated on 12 November 2023.
  • Direct Seller – SOHOO E-BIKE.
  • Target Audience – The US and Canadian Buyers.
  • Shipping – Free shipping to the lower 48 US States.
  • 7 Days of return period and full refund if unused and no damage. If used, buyers have to pay 20% of re-stocking fee.
  • Warranty – 1 year.

Main Features SOHOO Folding Bike:

  • SHENGYI motor, 48V 500W with peak outlets, 915W certainly has enough horsepower to climb the hills more easily and accelerate to top speed earlier.
  • SOHOO 48V 12AH battery, surely supports a max range of 50 miles with speed at 12.8 mph cruising on the flat road.
  • The intelligent S900 LCD 5-inch backlit display allows you to clearly read the driving status during the dark or sunny day.
  • The 5 levels of pedal assist gives riders more control over their ride and allows them to use their e-bike more efficiently.
  • You can choose to drive effortlessly with the upper assist pedal as well as use full throttle without pedalling.
  • The compact folding e-bike size makes it possible to travel by car when you want to go further location out of the battery range.
  • The thumb shifter helps the beginner to shift gears easily accordingly to the road conditions.
  • Thick multi-tooth tires increase the climbing capacity as well as the adaptability of the terrain to any difficult terrain.
  • The SHIMANO 7 speed can provide a low enough gear for climbing hills, as well as a high enough gear for cruising on flat roads.
  • The integrated headlights ensure a clear view of the front road while the rear light with braking function alerts upcoming vehicles.

Specification of SOHOO Folding Bike:

  • 6061 Aluminum Alloy Step-Thru Frame.
  • Front Shock – Mechanical shock absorber 80-95mm of travel.
  • 500W 48V Rear Hub Motor with peak outputs of 915W.
  • 48V12AH lithium battery.
  • 48V18A Smart Controller.
  • Smart S900 5 Inch LCD backlit display.
  • Top Speed – 28 mph (top pedal assist level)
  • Travel Range – Maximum 50 miles (Eco mode pedal assist, 12.8 mph)
  • Integrated Headlight and Taillight with brake function.
  • SHIMANO 7 speed Drivetrain.
  • 180mm double disc brake.
  •  20”x 4.0″ fat tire, CST w/Double layer nylon puncture protection.
  • Aluminum foldable pedals.
  • Detachable and sturdy luggage rack.
  • Folded Size – 31″ (L) x 19.5″ (W) x 27.5″ (H).
  • Bike’s Weight – 65 Ibs.
  • Load Capacity – 290 Ibs.
  • Rider’s Height – 5’1″ – 6’4″.

The image of SOHOO Folding Bike:

SOHOO Folding Bike - The Best Affordable Commuting E-Bike.
SOHOO Folding Bike – The Best Affordable Commuting E-Bike.

PROs of SOHOO Folding Bike:

  • The whole cable in the middle is concealed in the spring tube inside the frame so that you can fold it safely and easily.
  • The SHIMANO 7-speed transmission ensures a smooth and precise shift so you can climb smooth or accelerate faster.
  • SOHOO Folding Bike has an elegant and elegant appearance because the cable is well preserved in the internal framework.
  • The controller is great because you can accelerate to a maximum speed of 28 mph using the pedal assist mode.
  • The SOHOO folding bike is not only can ride on any terrain, but also support riding throughout the season.
  • You can use the SOHOO folding bike as a daily commute to work and do adventure excursions during the holidays.
  • The size of the motor is larger than other brands in order to give you more power to ride and durable to use.
  • You can take the SOHOO Folding bike to the trail route to climb because the framework is strong to take the hit on the trail.
  • You can safely control the slowdown or stop with your fingers because the brakes provide reactive braking power.
  • The detachable and robust luggage rack is useful for carrying all the necessities when you have a long trip plan.

CONs of SOHOO Folding Bike:

  • The online platform of the E-BIKE SOHOO is still not properly developed so there are no details about them and shipping information.
  • SOHOO E-Bike has been selling for a long time through Amazon and Walmart, but they are confronted with an unknown delivery date.
  • The parts that are sold on the online platform is quite complete for all urgent requirements so I am quite confident about their supply.
  • You can buy a SOHOO replacement battery online when you have a longer journey plan.
  • A few Amazon buyer complaint about the late delivery of new electric bike to them due to out of stock.
  • SOHOO agreed to return the full payment if the new E-Bike was returned unused and no damage, so I am sure you will get your payment if not delivered. I encouraged the buyer to purchase directly from them so that you can easily claim if out of stock for delivery.
  • No user manual is available on the online platform, but it is usually included in the shipping package. I confirmed that there are assembly videos on YouTube so that you can easily obtain it if needed.

The overall ratings of SOHOO Folding Bike:

Reviewed by the SOHOO E-BIKE certified buyer, Eric Kuszajewski on 13 March 2021 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

Excellent bike! Solid, Easy to pedal without the electric assist. Electric Assist & straight electric motor works very well! Folds easily. Great value for the money.

I purchase TWO of these bikes over a year ago. My wife had hand surgery right after I purchased and so I only assembled 1 bike after they arrived. I assembled the 2nd bike after her hand had healed, a year later.

Upon assembly of the 2nd bike, I found the front fork had bent, likely at the factory, no damage indicated on the box. I contacted the Soho e-bike LLC, and even though my call was after hours, I reached someone on their cell phone. I sent over the photos showing the damage and I was sent a replacement fork, by FEDEX, at no charge.

Shipping was fast from CA to FL. This was my second experience with customer service & both times, I would give the company 5 stars! I am considering purchasing a 3rd e-bike, for my son, and if I do, I will definitely purchase another SOHOO Bike!

Our Opinions:

  • From this buyer notice, the parcel delivered to him is well managed by the transporter so there is no damage at all.
  • The buyer is happy with the SOHOO bike riding performance so giving a five star rating.
  • The SOHOO support service is difficult to contact, but the answer to the request is timely.
  • Now we have the idea that the delivery box is strong to protect the new e-bike during the transportation.
  • From our detailed review, we also know that the SOHOO Folding is a quality bike worth to buy.
  • I hope I can help to clear any doubt you have in your mind, if I miss out any, please give your feedback to me.

View YouTube Videos – SOHOO Folding Bike Unboxing.


SOHOO may have encountered some difficulties in replenishing stocks for the Amazon and Walmart, probably due to the high tax issue. The shipping cost per container has increased 5 times higher may squeeze the lean profit away likes SOHOO E-BIKE. So far, there are inventories of new electric bicycles still available in their warehouse for you to buy directly from them.

In my conclusion, the SOHOO folding bike still for sale with the old price, do not miss this best affordable price to use as a daily commuting e-bike. If you have a different view, please send us your comments.

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  1. Yeah, I really like the look and the specs on this SOHOO electric folding bike model! My area has 4 distinct seasons, and I’m not sure that I’d be presentable for work after a ride during the summers or winters, but, our spring and fall seasons are perfect for riding and offer a great way to add outdoor time to the day! Hopefully, the issues with stock replenishment are behind us, as I can see the demand being pretty strong for this while the weather is so ideal!

    • Hi! Aly, Thanks for your comments. Most ladies like the look of this model. When I publish the image on my Pinterest, I get the most clicks compared to other model.

      Do act fast to get it as stock is limited. SOHOO do not have enough stock to replenish the request quantity for Amazon and Walmart. If you place are hilly, you can consider the model with 750W motor, and price extra $100 only.

      You are welcome to ask any questions or need any assistance regarding the electric bikes, please leave a message to

  2. Wow, I’m hoping my girlfriend will adore this bike. The fact that the SOHOO folding bike has a serial number is appealing to me. If this function can assist in getting back the bike after it has been stolen, it is a good one.I see that the cost is pretty reasonable.
    It’s also fantastic for riding up hills thanks to its thick multi-tooth tires, and it can be stored almost anyplace.
    Another aspect I enjoy is that it is really beautiful and has a lot of useful features, such as carrying all of your essentials on a long trip.
    Besides, it’s a bike for everyone, in my opinion. Based on what I’ve read, I believe this bike is worthwhile to purchase.

    • Hi! Lio, Thanks for your visit and supportive comments. The stock is limited, is better act fast, because this model has to most buyer. If you miss this model, there is another similar model with 750W motor but the price is $1,799.00.

      The outlook is really attractive to many ladies, especially when publish it on the Pinterest. I hope your girlfriend like it too. Have a wonderful relationship with your


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