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TERN HSD P9 – The Best Affordable Electric Kiddie Bike


TERN HSD P9 is excellent with Bosch mid drive, 69 mile range, 9-speed Shimano, and hydraulic disc brakes, making it the best affordable electric kiddie bike. It has a sturdy rear rack not only carry cargoes but also can fit well with the child seats. It is an ideal electric utility bike and also electric bike going out with the kids.

About TERN Bicycles:

  • Start the electric bike business in 2015.
  • TERN name is derived from a seabird available all over the world.
  • Electric bikes designed focus on folding.
  • TERN builds bikes that defy expectations for what a bike can do.
  • Offer a wide range of electric bikes for different types of riders.
  • TERN Bicycles are sold by selecting Authorized Tern Dealers who understand the assembly and service needs of TERN products.
  • Five year warranty – Frame, Handlepost, and Fork.
  • One year warranty – All Tern or BioLogic branded parts and components, except as noted below.
  • Any other parts or components are covered by the stated warranty of the original manufacturer of that part or component.

About TERN HSD P9 Electric Kiddie Bike:

  • Product Name – HSD P9.
  • Product URL – You can view here.
  • Direct Seller – TERN Bicycles.
  • Selling Price – $3,199.00
  • Target Audience – The US Buyers.
  • Shipping – Free to the 48 lower US States.
  • Warranty – Please view details at About TERN Bicycles.

Main Features of TERN HSD P9 Electric Kiddie Bike:

  • The new Easy-Step frame design offers a comfortable upright riding position for riders, tall or short, as well as easy mounts and dismounts.
  • Adjustable Andros stem, Sweep handlebars, and Ergo grips for the purpose of comfortable ride.
  • A customized Suntour suspension fork to absorb the bump shape, uneven road so ride comfortably.
  • A long Atlas H Rack gives the flexibility to transport more cargo as well as a passenger.
  • Wide rims and thru-axle hubs are ready to handle the rider weight as well as the cargo weight or a passenger weight.
  • Robust frame with several front loading options, making it truly the best cargo bicycle.
  • The integrated headlight and tail light allows you to ride safely at night due to good visibility.
  • Not only are the TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes, really reliable, but they also provide a secure stop on all terrain.
  • Schwalbe RaceGuard tires withstand punctures so you can keep your peace of mind while riding.
  • ABUS Frame Lock gives you a short safe stop when you just grab a coffee.
  • The Bosch transmission is strong for climbing any hill or going faster so you can go anywhere.
  • ENVIOLO Automatic Shifting does all the shifting job for you while you need to pedal only.
  • Gates Belt Drive are smooth, silent, and also durable as it is clean while rolling.
  • You get extra comfort when riding on the off road due to suspension seat post.

Product Specification of TERN HSD P9 Electric Kiddie Bike:

  • 6061-AL, patented design Frame.
  • Forks – Suntour custom for Tern, Chromoly steerer, 32 mm stanchions, Thru-axle.
  • Motor – Bosch Active Line Plus (Gen 3).
  • Battery – Bosch PowerPack 400.
  • Display – Bosch Purion.
  • Range – 26 to 69 miles.
  • Charger – Bosch Compact Charger.
  • Tern Atlas H, cargo wheel.
  • RIMS – Tern Atlas H, width 35 mm.
  • Schwalbe Big Apple Tires, 55-406, puncture protection, Reflex.
  • Brake Levers – Shimano, hydraulic disc.
  • Front hydraulic disc brake, 180 mm rotor.
  • Rear hydraulic disc brake, 160 mm rotor.
  • Shimano Alivio, 1 x 9 speed, trigger shifter.
  • Rear derailleur – Shimano Alivio Shadow.
  • Crankset – Tern HSD custom.
  • Cassette – Shimano 11-32T, 9 speed.
  • Motor integrated bottom bracket.
  • Chain – 9 speed, DHT for e-Bike, GST corrosion resistant coating.
  • Urban with non-slip surface pedals.
  • Handle post – Tern Physics 3D (G2), 3D forged, 5 patented technologies, 12°, 290 mm.
  • Stem – Tern Andros (G2), adjustable, forged construction, patented technology.
  • Handlebar – Tern Sweep, 6061-AL, Tern Andros adapted.
  • Headset – Tern Flux, cartridge bearings, Physics integrated.
  • Ergon grips.
  • Tern HSD Saddle.
  • Seat Post – Tern Telescope, 34.9/30.9 mm, 2014-AL.
  • URSUS, rear mount Kickstand.
  • Front Light – Tern VALO Direct, 45 lux/190 lumens.
  • Rear Light – HERRMANS H-Trace, for e-Bike.
  • Fender – SKS, stainless hardware.
  • Rack – Atlas H Rack, Atlas Rack Mount, 6 point mounting.
  • Accessories – ABUS 5650L, keyed-alike with Bosch battery.
  • Bike Weight – 25.7 kg
  • Max Load Capacity – 170 kg (374.8 lb)
  • Max Ride’s Weight – 120 kg (264.6 lb)
  • Rider’s height – 150 to 195 cm (4’11” – 6’5”)

The image of TERN HSD P9 Electric Kiddie Bike:

TERN HSD P9 - The Best Affordable Electric Kiddie Bike.
TERN HSD P9 – The Best Affordable Electric Kiddie Bike.

PROs of TERN HSD P9 Electric Kiddie Bike:

  • The extra-long back support of the HSD allows your child to take advantage of the view instead of being crushed against your back.
  • The rack is rated at 60 kg (132 lbs), so when coupled with the correct Passenger System accessories, the HSD is ready for your growing family.
  • With an adjustable stem and seat offers a comfortable driving position for larger and smaller riders.
  • The HSD can flip up for convenient vertical parking, so it just needs a little bit of floor space to park at home or at work.
  • With a longer wheelbase and extra-low center of gravity, hence the HSD is smoother and more stable to ride.
  • A suspension fork coupled with balloon tires, even the toughest paved roads are comfortably traversed.
  • The new Enviolo Automatic system does all of the shifting for you, so you can worry less and bike more.
  • HSD P9 is the most comfortable electric bikes with front suspension forks, wide tires, upright riding position, and also the suspension seat post.
  • Full fenders keep you clean from the splashing water, mud, dirt, and debris when you are riding in the bad weather.
  • The Bosch mid-drive motor gives you the power to increase speed when you need it is actually fun to drive.
  • Pedalling is fun and get in shape when you drive every day at work.
  • You can drive your kids to school during the week and go for a ride when there is a long vacation.
  • Going to the beach with your children is surely a fun activity that you want to do for your children.
  • Buying groceries with your child may surely bring you happiness with precious time.

The image shows equip HSD P9 when you are going out with your kids:

HSD Weekend Outing is a fun activity you can do with your kid.
HSD Weekend Outing is a fun activity you can do with your kid.

CONs of TERN HSD P9 Electric Kiddie Bike:

  • A firm kickstand is needed for your kid safety when getting them on and off the e-bike.
  • The battery is hard to remove for charging when you have installed the child seat.
  • HSD P9 is slightly expensive due to use of premium parts, but is worth to buy for a fun time with your kids.
  • Do not use this e-bike to challenge the steepest hills since the Bosch Active line plus has its limitation.

Overall Ratings of TERN HSD P9 Electric Kiddie Bike:

Reviewed by the REI certified buyer, Flea Marin, CA – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

This is my second E-bike. I love this bike. It’s comfortable, I can ride for hours. Steep hills going up or down I always feel safe and stable going down the winding roads. Center of gravity is better on a 20” wheel. I’m an avid cyclist/road rider so this bike bringing me joy.
I wonky weighs about 110 so I can get 60 miles out of one charge. It rides so well rarely need more than Eco level and also sometimes not even that. This color is only sold at REI and certainly it’s the best color for this Bike. It’s very rich looking.

Our Opinion:

  • REI is one of the great dealers for TERN Bicycles, buyers give the best ratings due to REI excellent service support.
  • The buyer like the bike very much because of the comfortable riding and also the travel range.
  • There is no complaining about the delivery or assembly because the buyers received ready bike from REI.

Reviewed by the REI certified buyer, Monica Reno, NV – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

This is my second e-bike and I bought it without a test ride. I was surprised that I liked it even more than my other bike with 26″ wheels. I thought maybe the 20″ wheels would slow me down a bit and I wouldn’t want to use it rides over 10-15 miles, but that’s not the case at all. The ride is smooth and the size of the bike makes it more comfortable for riding around town and in traffic. This is a great bike and super comfortable to ride.

Our Opinion:

  • For 20″ wheels running around the city is certainly more stable and easier control than the 26″ wheel due to the low gravity.
  • If the city has large potholes in the street, surely 26″ wheel will be more comfortable riding than 20″ wheels.
  • In short, the HSD P9 is a premium e-bike that can surely provide you with the best driving experience.
  • Buying the TERN HSD P9 from the great dealers like REI, you need not worry about any delivery damage and assembling miss out.

View YouTube Videos – HSD P9 reviewed by the Propel:

TERN HSD P9 – The Best Affordable Electric Kiddie Bike


Now we have gone through the long reviews, certainly we are attracted by the HSD P9 having many great characteristics. Do you agree that the HSD P9 is the best affordable electric kiddie bike? Or do you have an alternative view? We invite you to share your thoughts with us.

The delivery mode of the new electric bikes through local resellers are excellent for buyers. Buyers paid the price get the new bike happy. You think it’s a bargain?

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