VINTAGE CAFE – The Best Affordable Classy Electric Bike


VINTAGE CAFE is a class 3 Speed PEDELEC without a throttle. The classic fixed color frame, assorted fender, making it the best affordable classy electric bike. CAFE is the least expensive bike in the Vintage range, and the quality of construction is exceptional! Do a test drive, you will discover its excellent driving performance as well as its most chic prospects, you will adore it deeply without regret.


  • VINTAGE ELECTRIC BIKES started in 2013.
  • The bike is vintage-inspired and race car concept.
  • VINTAGE e-bikes have good speed.
  • All bikes can last for a lifetime.
  • VINTAGE invites customers to join the community.
  • VINTAGE does deliver the full assembled bike to you.
  • We have local dealers to serve your needs.
  • We are reachable online retailer.
  • The service and repair can be handled wherever you are.

About VINTAGE CAFE Classy Electric Bike:

  • Product Name – CAFE.
  • Product URL – You can view here.
  • Selling Price – $3995.
  • Target Audience – The US and Canadian Buyers.
  • Shipping – Free for the lower 48 US States.
  • 30 Days return policy. Buyers pay the return shipping fee.
  • Warranty – 2 years.

Main Features of VINTAGE CAFE Classy Electric Bike:

  • Cafe’s Chromoly steel frame was found to be rigid without bending, regardless of high speed or tight turns.
  • Direct Drive 750W hub motor has endless power, as well as operating smooth and silent.
  • Thun’s 116 mm torque sensor measurements are highly linear, reproducible and accurate regardless of harsh environmental or extended operating conditions.
  • Shimano DEORE 10-speed coupled with the Direct Drive 750W hub motor can flatten the hills and goes faster than you’d like.
  • 48 Volt 35 Amp Continuous supports a max travel range of 60 miles as well as power to reach the max speed.
  • Supernova 6v Headlights and tail lights protect you from upcoming vehicles while driving in the dark.
  • 29 X 2.0 Schwalbe Fat Frank with KEVLAR guard can drive quickly with less resistance as well as protecting against a flat tire.
  • The leather grips, the leather saddle and the adjustable handlebar offer comfort for a long walk.
  • The colored aluminum fenders assorted with the frame give a nice look as well as keep you clean to ride in bad weather.
  • Promax Lucid Hydraulic Disc Brake has strong braking power when applying brakes in the event of an emergency.
  • Alloy silver seat binder, alloy silver cranks set and cassette to perform at the highest level, as well as still maintains a classy look.

Specification of VINTAGE CAFE Classy Electric Bike:

  • Chromoly steel High-Step Frame.
  • Rigid Aluminum Front Forks.
  • Frame Size – 17.5 in (44.45 cm); 18.5 in (46.99 cm); 19.5 in (49.53 cm).
  • Direct Drive 750W hub motor 70 Nm Torque.
  • 5 Levels Pedal Assist with 116 Thun Torque Sensor.
  • Throttle – No.
  • Max Speed – 28 mph.
  • Travel Range – 20 to 60 miles.
  • Shimano DEORE Shadow+ 10 speed, Rear derailleur.
  • Shimano SLX 11-34 Freewheel.
  • FSA GIMONDI Crank Set.
  • Chainring – 44T.
  • Shimano HG54 10 speed, Chain.
  • Aero double wall Rims.
  • Stainless steel Spokes.
  • 29 X 2.0 Schwalbe Fat Frank with KEVLAR guard Tires.
  • 29 X 2.0 P/V Inner Tube.
  • Promax Brake levers.
  • Promax Lucid Hydraulic Disc Brakes.
  • Polished alloy 700mm width, 15 degree back sweep, 18mm rise Handlebar.
  • Perforated leather lock on Grips.
  • Polished alloy Stem.
  • Integrated 1.5” To 1 1/8” tapered Headset.
  • Dual density comfort Saddle.
  • Polished alloy 27.2 X 350mm Seat Post.
  • Alloy silver 29.8mm Seat Binder.
  • Touring Pedals.
  • Front and rear full coverage.
  • Supernova 6v polished silver Headlight.
  • Supernova 6v Taillight.
  • Bike’s Weight – 56.2 Lbs (25.49 kg).
  • Load Capacity – 300 Lbs.
  • Rider’s Height – Matching with the Frame size.

The image of VINTAGE CAFE Classy Electric Bike:

VINTAGE CAFE - The Best Affordable Classy Electric Bike.
VINTAGE CAFE – The Best Affordable Classy Electric Bike.

PROs of VINTAGE CAFE Classy Electric bike:

  • It’s well built, powerful and indeed beautiful to look at.
  • There are 3 frame sizes for the purpose of optimal leg extension and ergonomics.
  • Vintage Cafe Classy Electric Bike has been amplified because of outfitted with beautiful laser etched wood inlays.
  • Owing to the finely attuned torque sensor, VINTAGE CAFE Drivetrain reacts instantly and seamlessly to the motion of your feet.
  • 5 levels Pedal-Assist providing a surreal level of speed and acceleration is indeed a lot of fun given by the VINTAGE CAFE Classy Electric Bike.
  • The triangle battery is easy to remove to charge and remove to prevent theft whenever you require longer parking.
  • You can turn off the motor to get the adjusted drive you want because of the use of Shimano 10 gear derailleur.
  • Or you can use the torque monster of an engine to flatten the hills and wind past the others when you’re tired.
  • The Classy VINTAGE CAFE crushes all travel, whether it’s a 20-mile downtown as well as a non sweat walk around the block.
  • Owing to the incredibly smooth hub-drive motor, Classy VINTAGE CAFE delivers the raw speed and confidence-inspiring control.
  • The stylish silver component parts not only maintain a beautiful perspective, but also anti rust.
  • The Café is for riders that not only want a class 3 bike, but also want a very elegant as well.
  • There is a sensor to turn on the lights only at night, but by pressing the top button below the display for a few seconds, it turns on for day use.
  • VINTAGE CAFÉ is comfortable to ride due to balloon tires, leather handles, and leather saddle.
  • Vintage Cafe has reflective tires coupled with the built-in headlamp and tail light, giving the best visibility to upcoming vehicles.

CONs of VINTAGE CAFE Classy Electric Bike:

  • The optional retro styled rear rack is something special and unique, but has to relocate the tail light to the rear rack to avoid blockage.
  • VINTAGE Electric Bikes have many special and unique accessories you can add but the price is expensive.
  • When the bike is turned off and just coasting, there’s some motor drag because of the magnets passing the stator.
  • The optional front suspension forks are super but cost almost $1k.
  • Super 6A charger can fully charge the battery in two hours, but may shorten the battery life.

The overall ratings of VINTAGE CAFE Classy Electric Bike:

Reviewed by the VINTAGE ELECTRIC BIKES certified buyer, Tom on 23 November 2020 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

This bike is a winner. Well made with extra touches that go beyond expectations.

Nuts and bolts far better than what the competition uses suggests a higher quality and trouble free structural performance. Protective tape where scratches are most likely to occur will prevent a lot of accidental scratches.

Materials in the seat, paint, handlebars and assembly that say quality was as important as profit. Customer service that sets a world standard. In every way the company and its products are every bit as good as one might expect at any price.

When it comes to performance, how do I slow it down? Even on the lowest power it screams down the road in bike terms like my Porsche is a sports car. I wish the company success; they have put in the effort to make their customers happy and deliver a great product.

Our Opinions:

  • Nuts and bolts are important linking all component parts together in order to give the performance beyond expectations. The buyer is well aware of these little things in fact make it all big – perfect.
  • Aero Wheel Set coupled with stainless steel spokes makes an ideal quick wheel for VINTAGE CAFE.
  • This buyer has elevated the excellent design and quality of the VINTAGE bikes and also the support of the VINTAGE staff has attained the global standard.

Reviewed by the VINTAGE ELECTRIC BIKES certified buyer, Bradley Cailor on 29 September 2020 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

I have had the Cafe in its vintage red livery for a few weeks, and this bike is absolutely AMAZING!

I have three other e-bikes–all of which have equal or higher price tags, but the Cafe is the bike that I choose to ride over the others. It is just so fun to ride, and so cool looking. And I assure you, this bike has some power!

Level 5 is almost too powerful, so I spend most of my time in level 3 to preserve the battery life. You can still easily hit full speed on level 3, and even level 2.

This bike is rock solid as well–no squeaks or rattles. Excellent build quality. Eddie was extremely helpful when I called, so purchased it on the spot, sight unseen! WELL DONE guys!

Our Opinions:

  • In summary, both buyers confirm that the bike is fast and powerful to ride.
  • The support staff provide excellent service to both buyers, especially the purchase advice, delivery and assembling for first driving.

View YouTube Videos – VINTAGE CAFE reviewed by the Electric Bike Review:

VINTAGE CAFE – The Best Affordable Classy Electric Bike.


After having gone through this review, we can conclude that VINTAGE CAFE is a quality class 3 electric bike. Not only classy in appearance, but also mighty to ride.

You can buy directly from VINTAGE ELECTRIC BIKES or through the local authorized dealer near you, but the delivery and assembly will be fully done by VINTAGE for you. Due to this best practice, I can find no complaints from buyers about delivery.

Do you agree that VINTAGE CAFE is the best affordable, classy electric bike for you to buy? If you have more discoveries, don’t hesitate to tell us.

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  1. I never liked Electric bikes, I love to exercise, and I am a New York City Bicycle Messenger and so my bike of choice is a fixed gear. Electric bikes are big, heavy, and to me, they look ugly but these vintage e-bikes look very nice though. I am sure this can be done on a fixed gear frame as well am I right? I don’t know if you heard of a brand called arrow? Most food couriers use Arrow e-bikes here in NYC and they are not my style. Anyway great article! 

    • Thanks for your visit and your comments are valued to me. You are special from others who like the single speed bicycle, may be you are New York bicycle messenger. Thanks to God you have a nice job with cycling daily.

      The Arrow bike website has only one bike and consider no set up at all. Many retailers use the Arrow Bike name to sell Giant Electric Bikes or Specialized E-Bikes. I am not sure are you refer to Arrow Urban Bikes which is a cargo bike. Our website does not promote that kind of model because it is not for personal use.

      Thanks for giving us kind wording to encourage us to continue our job here. You are always welcome to visit us again and let us hear your opinion

  2. Ive always fancied getting a electric bike so has my partner but have not know much about them i have found this post very interesting and now know  to what to look for its a good website i like your picture of the classic bike and your website layout its a thumbs up from me.

    • Thanks for your visit and many good words to encourage us. We will certainly try our best to produce quality content about every electric bikes sold in the market. 

      Once you have started driving the electric bike, your daily lifestyle change to more outdoors, go further for shopping, have some fun time at the beach or in the wood. Surely you will not regret to be the owner of the electric bike.

      For a beginner, you can source a quality e-bike here with price about $1k depends on where to stay and what you need. It is healthy to ride the e-bike during the COVID 19 to make yourself away from the crowd to get more fresh air.

      Do not hesitate, get one and start your riding. You are welcome to visit us anytime and ask any question to us. Have a prospect


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