What are good health habits need after COVID19?


What are good health habits need after COVID19? It is an important question asked to avoid COVID19 spreading in the family, working place, and our living society.

Based on World Health Organization data, 213 nations were affected by COVID 19, and millions of people found infected by COVID 19, and the death toll has risen above one hundred thousand. Please see the image captured below for the date of 15 April 2020. The figure continues going up with a sign of the declining trend in some countries.

The seriousness of COVID 19 is reducing human activities to a minimum to prevent the spread of infection to other people. People get infected by wild animals carrying this new virus, starting from China and spread to the whole globe. Human has to learn from this painful experience; how an infection attacked can result in such a big scale of damaging, including a hundred thousand people lost their life.

What is the learning lesson from COVID 19?

COVID 19 has totally changed our daily lifestyle. We have to make some habit change to protect ourselves and our family. Some good health habits can help to keep viruses away from our sweet home.

Clean hands frequently is a good health habit

Wash hand frequently helps to keep virus away
Wash hand frequently helps to keep the virus away

Many people do not have a good health habit of cleaning the Hand before eating. With their dirty Hand, they can continue doing another job, making the virus have the chance to contaminate everywhere. Unknowingly other people will touch the contaminated surface and bring the virus to some other place. The virus spread from some miles to ten thousand miles with people who think cleaning Hand is a trivial matter.

Use a hand glove is a good health habit

Use plastic glove to prevent virus contaminate
Use plastic glove to prevent virus contaminate

Our Hand touches any surface unknowingly when we are walking anywhere; this is our habit; we do not become aware that our site contaminated with some dangerous virus.

Remember the lesson; a wild animal has the possibility of carrying an unknown illness. A hand glove is an excellent protection for us. We have to increase our awareness after this COVID 19 incident. Even wild cats or dogs can carry an unknown virus, which can be dangerous to us.

What is the lesson learned from COVID 19 survivors?

COVID 19 is a kind of respiratory viral infection. When we read about DOVID 19, attach our lung lead to less oxygen supply to our brain is very scary. Our minds can damage if lacking oxygen for an extended period. There is much uncertainty in the treatment for the patient to recover from the sickness. If you have cardiac problems and diabetes, the risk of death is very high.

There is some survivor from COVID 19 infection

Fortunately, people recovered from COVID 19 is much more than the death toll. The most death toll is either at the upper age or having other sickness likes cardiac, diabetes, asthma, and the cause of death is not directly related to COVID 19.

COVID 19 attack old people
COVID 19 attack old people

My source information from AAAS (Science). I found two unusual cases from the source report, which is good to share the information with every reader.

If you are interested in reading more details about COVID 19, you can click the link here.

Case #1: Our lungs have fantastic power to recover back the lung function.

What is ARDS? ARDS means Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. It is an infection that inflames the air sacs in the lungs. Some of these infections progress to ARDS, in which those sacs fill with fluid. The worry can lead to long-term breathing problems. But studies found out that most ARDS patients recover their lung function. How amazing is our lung system? COVID 19 does not cause permanent disability to our lungs.

Case #2: At the age of 91, win the battle of COVID19. How amazing is our body system!

An old mother at the age of 91 got sick, was told to the children that their hope of mother’s recovery was slight; two of her children makes a hard decision not to use a ventilator due to worry of consequent effect to the patient.

After 14 days, the mother fully recovered from COVID 19 infection.

What is the summary of these two cases? It is a good lesson for us to learn.

What are the good health habits we need to develop after knowing COVID 19?

When you need to go out:

Use mask when go outing as a good health habit after COVID 19
Use a mask when going on the outing as a good health habit
  1. Wear a mask to protect yourself and others.
  2. To keep your Hands clean is either use hand gloves for protection or wash your side more often – avoid virus infection.
  3. To save a distance from people when talking to each other – prevent the contact of mouthpiece spray. You can ignore this health practice if you choose to use the mask every day – avoid virus contact.

    Keep safety distance as a good health habit after COVID 19
    Keep safety distance as a good health habit

  4. Do not go to the wet market, killing wild animals. The chance of virus contamination is very high in this damp market. If you cannot avoid going wet market, wear a glove for protection – avoid virus contact.
  5. Reject eating wild animal meat or unknown meat – the beef may be safe to eat after high-temperature cooking. But the place of cooking wild animals can be a virus contaminated place. We have heard that the harmful virus can stay alive for 72 hours or even longer at a particular surface – avoid virus contact.

Stay at home as much as you can:

  1. To keep our house or office clean from viruses – Do not keep many unused things in your home or office. You have seen an old book can produce a virus. We are just lucky; the virus is not harmful to our bodies.
  2. Reduce shopping frequency is to prevent the possibility of infection contaminates from the crowd. Use a mask to protect yourself and others if you need to go shopping – avoid virus contact.
  3. Avoid the cinema due to the seat is very close to each other. If the cinema can re-arrange the seating to keep a safe distance, then it is safe for you to go. But my choice is to see an online movie at home. It is more comfortable and more relaxing to stay at home – avoid virus contact.
  4. Use the media for the conference is the best health protection for every participant – avoid virus contact.

    Gathering by Zooming as a good health habit after COVID 19
    Gathering by Zooming as a good health habit

Keep yourself healthy staying at home

  1. Regular exercise to keep the body fit is essential – A healthy person with a strong will to live and an excellent immune system can battle the virus better.
  2. Making exercise as your daily activity when at home – I strongly recommended home biking as our daily activities are our best choice for getting exercise every day.
  3. To defeat the virus attack, we have to support our nation to battle climate change before the year 2050 – Our earth needs long years to recover back to the initial eco-system.

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You can read more details about:

Air Pollution and Respiratory Viral Infection.

Develop good health habits for a better tomorrow?

  1. Choose using the eco-friendly vehicle before 2025 – the number one good daily habit gives our city people fresh quality air to breathe.
  2. Use their container to buy foods to reduce the solid packaging waste every day? – develop this good health habit can reduce solid waste generation to a minimum.
  3. Cook at home and eat at home has a more happy time with your own family members is really fun and joyful.

    Eat at home more often as a good health habit after COVID 19.
    Cook and Eat at home more often as a good health habit

  4. Online purchases can reduce a lot of transportation activity, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions – develop this good health habit can give our city people’s lives healthily for a better tomorrow.
  5. Arranges for the employee to work at home can reduce a lot of transportation activity, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions – develop this working habit can give our city people live at home with the family member.
  6. Frequently tracking our body condition is a good habit to protect ourselves and others surrounding us.
  7. Use electric bikes as a means of transport in your daily commuting can keep you physically fit and financially healthy after COVID 19.

    Biking after city opens to avoid crowd in public transport
    Biking after city opens to avoid the crowd in public transport

  8. There are many good health habits that can be developed by yourself if you deem the right thing to do.


After COVID 19, the world never the same as before. Anytime there is a possibility of outbreak again the ingestion, can be the same kind of virus or another type of new infection, which can be more severe than COVID 19.

The purpose of this article is to share my opinion on how the daily habit we have to change. Good health habits can prevent virus attacks and can be a benefit to anyone who will like to follow. Everybody has their freedom to choose the lifestyle they want.

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The healthy habit of bike riding

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  1. Hello,

    Initially I thought I was on the wrong page when you started mentioning about Covid 19 and then your perfectly written article came into its own with your association with how we should look after out planet and hence the introduction of the electric bikes. A great choice of bikes and the detail is perfect when coming to make a choice.

    One thing you are so right about is our appreciation of the world around us. I cycle outdoors and never thought of electric for exercise. However, after this article I think my decision of swapping car for electric bike is now on my agenda. 

    With your knowledge do you know if many cities are now planning car free zones? I have seen in London making a few steps but I am not too sure if the will go completely car free but I think they should.

    Thank you

    • You are right, it is my worry people may think to go the wrong website. My title I add COVID19 but I miss the saving, it is too bad I already published. I have two posts talking about the bike’s city, I will attach here for your reading. There is a total of 197 countries committed to going for zero-carbon emission. Now the best is Netherland and Denmark. Citizen’s life is bad if not converted car parking place to parks with trees and flowers, there is no place to relax with fresh air. If politicians still talking about the highway, do not vote them. The main focus of our article we need to maintain good health habits to fight the virus.

      What are the best cities modeling?

      Copenhagen is a bike city.

  2. Thanks for reminding us about these habits that we as humans had forsaken for a while and had it not been for the COVID 19 spread we wouldn’t have realized how important they are. People should also learn not to eat just anything especially things that are not so common as you don’t know how safe it could be. I also agree with you people should engage in exercises like biking to keep their body fit and strong enough to fight such.

    • Thanks for your reading and support with your comments. We are trying to alert people do not give up good health habit to protect themselves. As for E-bikes, we need local government to build separate lanes for the bicycle to use. Use electric bikes is easier for everyone to use. Thank you for support using an e-bike for a better future.


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