Zebra Ebike Model X – The Best Electric Bike in Malaysia


Zebra Ebike Model X is the first available E-bike in Malaysia to clear the buyer doubt in quality and long days for the delivery. The assembly shop is in Johor. You can visit the showroom to view the real bike by your own eye. There is no more doubtful whether the real bike is matching with the image shown in the article.

About Zebra Ebike Model X:

Product Data and Seller information:

  • Product name – Zebra Ebike Model X.
  • View Product URL – View Current Price Here.
  • Brand – Zebra EBIKE
  • Model – Model X.
  • Category – Bikes.
  • Type – Ready.
  • SKU – 1847108922_MY-7363772261.
  • Seller – Lazada.my
  • Stock – Available.
  • Selling price – RM2, 900.00
  • Audience – Malaysia buyers.
  • Delivery fee – RM66.
  • One year manufacturing warranty for motor, battery, and controlling.
  • 14 days return policy.

Product Image of Zebra Ebike Model X:

Zebra Ebike Model X - The first available electric bike in Malaysia.
Zebra E-bike Model X – The first available electric bike in Malaysia

Specification of Zebra E-bike Model X:

  • Anti-rust, carbon steel frame.
  • Step-through frame.
  • Rear wheel suspension and wide tires.
  • 350W Brushless motor.
  • 48V 12Ah Lithium-ion battery.
  • Travel range up to 70 Km.
  • Rear Derailleur is the single speed.
  • Max speed up to 25 Km/HR.
  • 24″ Chaoyang Tires.
  • Load capacity is 120 Kgs.
  • It has an anti-theft lock for the battery, saddle, and rear wheel sets.
  • Front LED light and rear reflective light.
  • Can convert the rear seat to a big rear rack.
  • Both wheels use V-brake which is the standard for bicycles in Malaysia.
  • Rider’s height from 5’4″ to 6’0.

PROs of Zebra Ebike Model X:

  • Big battery size for longer travel range.
  • Anti-theft lock for battery, saddle and rear wheelset.
  • Single speed is easy for beginners and less maintenance issue.
  • With no shifting gear, chain is more durable to use.
  • Price is affordable for most buyers in Malaysia.
  • Can ride faster than any high-end bicycle.
  • Motor-assisted to climb slope without afford from rider.
  • Eco-friendly for use in Malaysia cities.
  • Replacement parts is available in local bicycles shop and Zebra Ebike Store.

CONs of Zebra Ebike Model X:

  • The bike is too tall for the rider’s shorter than 5’4″.
  • Model X is slightly heavy at 47 Kg.
  • The bike does not come with a better disc brake.

Why buy Zebra Ebike Model X from Lazada.my?

Buyers buy thousand of items from Lazada.my every day. Lazada.my has many delivery trucks stationed in Kuala Lumpur which is the central district of Malaysia. They are much nearest to deliver the electric bikes to you using their delivery truck. The delivery fee is RM66 per bike.

Zebra Ebike is a assemble workshop and a showroom for electric bikes. You can buy directly from Zebra Ebike with free assembly for you but the price is the same as Lazada.my. 

They will arrange the Lazada.my truck to send the new electric bike to your place or you can ride back by yourself.

Lazada.my is a well established online shop with all the policy in place to protect his buyers. You can rest assured that you will receive a quality bike with warranty for one year. In case, you found any damaged parts in the delivery, you can contact Lazada.my support for replacement.

The new parts is coming from Zebra Ebike in Johor Bahru. The replacement of the new parts can easily settle within a week.

Lazada.my guarantee your new electric bike is quality and provide you a cheap and shortest days of deliver the electric bike to you.

Location of Zebra Ebike Office and Showroom for Zebra Ebike Model X:

The address of Zebra Ebike:

  • Company Name – Mongol Trading SDN. BHD
  • Address – No12, Jalan Empayar 4, Taman Perindustrian Empayar, 79200 Iskandar Puteri, Johor.
  • Office number – +607-5095931
Google Map location for Mongol Trading Sdn Bhd
Google Map location for Mongol Trading Sdn Bhd

If you want to make appointment to visit the showroom, you can call the office number. Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about electric bike from Zebra Ebike. Here is the first office to buy a new electric bike and ride back on your own. Is it a good news to you?

A Story of Malaysian looking for electric bikes?

Messages from forum.lowyat.net:
  • 1st QUOTE (Atoz 1 point 1 auto @ Jul 21 2017, 09:04 AM) – My office has moved recently, to somewhere very near to my house, approximately 6 minutes by car. I am planning to buy an ELECTRIC BIKE / ELECTRIC BICYCLE to ride to work, what do you suggest, any good suggestions for me?
  • 2nd QUOTE (RoyMcAvoy @ Jul 21 2017, 10:03 AM) – Nope. Unfortunately, there’s no shop in Malaysia selling a decent electric bicycle. At most, you need to purchase from Singapore.
  • 3rd QUOTE (RoyMcAvoy @ Jul 21 2017, 12:45 PM) – This is the best e-bike you can get in Malaysia.
  • 4th QUOTE (stimix @ Jul 21 2017, 12:51 PM) – I’m eyeing this currently but so far could not find any suppliers in Malaysia except none electric E-bike.
  • 5th QUOTE (Atoz 1 point 1 auto @ Jul 21 2017, 02:54 PM) – Looks cool, where is your shop, can i come over to test ride? The reply is Georgetown, Penang.
  • I did test those brought in from STIGO Malaysia (not a-bike) when they promoted it at mid valley weeks ago. Not really a problem. But those of stage Malaysia are 100% electric and what I need is hybrid with pedal so that if no battery, I still can cycle back.
  • 1st QUOTE (xajimx @ Jul 21 2017, 04:39 PM) – yeah man, KL needs to go green, in the future as well. i used to drive, but i got tired of the jam.
  • 2nd QUOTE (sagethesausage @ Jul 23 2017, 03:25 PM) – Can Xiaomi scooter go uphill? There’s a steep uphill road that I have to go through to get home. Me too, I would like to know the torque of the scooter whether can go uphill. Is it constant 20-25kmph if I go max speed?

Blue Cycle Lanes in Kuala Lumpur suitable for Zebra Ebike Model X:

Message from New Strait Times newspaper

Image from New Strait Times Malaysia - No longer feeling blue about KL's blue bicycle lane.
Image from New Strait Times Malaysia – No longer feeling blue about KL’s blue bicycle lane.
  • A stretch of bicycle lane from Menara DBKL to the KL Convention Centre is nameless, and referred to only as the Blue Lane. It stretches just over 11km.
  • The Blue Lane was started just before the World Urban Forum in February 2018.
  • You can cycle the city center for its entire length but not join to any residential areas in the Klang Valley.
  • A good sign that the cycle lanes has started development by the City Hall.

Promotion campaign is required to push up the usage of the cycle lane. The avail electric bikes can help more riders to use the blue cycling lane in Kuala Lumpur.

Read our related post about cycling routes in Malaysia here.

YouTube videos – First riding electric bike, is it easy to ride?

Have a look in this videos. You can see every stranger is able to ride the electric bike immediately. From the expression of the stranger riding the electric bike, you can see it is fun to the riders.

Make a appointment with (+607)(509-5931) after the MCO opened on 19th February.


From the story of Atoz, you can see it is so hard for him to buy an electric bike from the Malaysia market. There are many offers given to him but none is a pedal-assisted electric bike.

Good news to Atoz, Zebra Ebike Model X is now available for him to test ride in Malaysia.

The blue cycling lane in Kuala Lumpur is a good push by the City Hall to encourage citizen to use bicycle for transportation in the city center. A bicycle rental shop can help to encourage the citizen to start cycling in the KL city center.

The use of electric bikes in Malaysia will start growing from Kuala Lumpur into all the states in the west and East Malaysia. The citizen will start to aware that riding electric bikes help to beat the traffic jam, to save the gasoline cost, to stop payment for monthly car loan, and cycling brings healthy to the rider.

Will you start using electric bike to go to work? Or you still prefer to use cars and motorcycles? Do you aware that petrol vehicles generate carbon dioxide has bought the disaster of hot climate? It is your decision to make before one day every country banned to use polluted vehicles.

Everybody have freedom to speak loud the opinions, please leave your comments using our form below. Thank you for reading the article and I would like to hear from you soon.

4 thoughts on “Zebra Ebike Model X – The Best Electric Bike in Malaysia”

  1. Seriously, I have not been able to find a review on this bike that’s this thorough and concise. All I have found is biased articles on this bike and I feel like you’ve gone In depth on every aspect of this bike so I thank you for that as I am grateful and willbe buying this bike now from your website 🙌 

    • Thanks for your nice words and support. I hope you like this bike to serve all your riding needs. You are right, I know this bike better than any other bike. This bike seller is one of my good friend who are much younger than me. 

      My young friend allowed me to assemble one of the new bike and test ride in various road surface. I am trying my best to help my young friend to promote his bike. Thank you very much.

    • Zebra Ebike is a Malaysian company invested by Singaporean. The assembly workshop in Gelang Patah, Johor.
      You can contact me using my website mail address – stephenthiam@bestaffordableelectricbikes.com
      The model X is a basic electric bike, single speed, throttle, pedal-assist with a big capacity battery to support 70 km. A city bike for commuting to work or neighborhood. Can climb slope below 25 degree incline. It can sell in Malaysia only, but Lazada can sell to more countries.
      Zebra Ebike is looking for retailers in Malaysia to sell this Model X. That is all I can answer you now.


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