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BATCH Step-Thru – Best Affordable Mid-Drive Electric Bike


BATCH Bicycles designed e-bike with Bosch battery, Bosch mid-drive motor, and hydraulic disc brakes to sell for the most affordable price to build their brand. Are you looking for electric bikes with top component parts? BATCH Step-Thru E-Bike is your best choice with the most affordable price.

About BATCH Bicycles:

  • Batch Bicycles are a new brand in the United States.
  • The brand’s “Batch Approach” breaks the traditional mold and follows its credo, “Simple, Honest, and Pure”.
  • Batch main objective is to make it really easy for retailers to do business with them.
  • Batch Bicycles provide the tools, products and services to specialty retailers to meet today’s retail challenges head on.
  • Buyers get full assembled e-bike from the local Batch partnership shop, furthermore a guarantee for the future service.
  • Currently, while the company continues to make a name for itself and forges connections with distributors, it keeps its margins pretty low.

About BATCH Step-Thru E-Bike:

  • Product Name – Step-Thru E-Bike
  • Direct Seller – Batch Bicycles.
  • You can view Product URL here.
  • Selling Price – $2,499.99
  • Free shipping to your local bicycle shop who has the specialty to assemble your new e-bike for you.
  • Find the local bicycle shop here.

Main Features of BATCH Step-Thru E-Bike:

  • A straightforward electric bicycle that is prioritized performance instead of looks.
  • It’s a Class 1 e-bike support you up to 20 mph when you are riding hard with pedal assist.
  • A premium model coming off Batch’s production lines in order to satisfy the buyer’s needs.
  • You can comfortably ride it on paved and unpaved roads due to the front suspension forks and big volume tires.
  • Driven by a Bosch Active Line motor, the power delivery smoothly and it even shifted the detection in order not to wear out the train.
  • Bosch’s Powerpack 400 battery was lockable and removable, hence it is convenient to the rider.
  • Kenda Kwick 700X50C tires, provide this large, efficient tread for travel with higher air volume to keep you comfortable during the ride.
  • With the Tektro 180mm hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear, thus the stopping power is absolutely perfect for urban driving.
  • A straightforward display obviously shows your speed, range, assists mode, and more.
  • The 6061 alloy aluminum frame not only makes the bike durable but also more affordable.
  • Buy direct from the local dealers so that you can test ride before purchase and get service support from the local dealers.

Specification of BATCH Step-Thru E-Bike:

  • 6061 Step-Thru Frame.
  • Suntour Suspension Forks.
  • Bosch Active Line Plus, 250W, 20mph, 40Nm.
  • Bosch power pack 400wh, frame mounts with ABUS lock.
  • Shimano Altus 8-speed.
  • Pedal assist only.
  • No throttle.
  • Max assisted speed is 20 mph.
  • Considered class 1 e-bike.
  • Travel range – 30 miles to 80 miles..
  • Cassette – Shimano 12-34T.
  • KMC X8 NP Chain.
  • FSA Alloy 38T Crank.
  • Kenda Kwick Journey 700X50C Tires. K-shield protection.
  • Tektro HD-M275 hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors.
  • Hubs and Seat Post are quick release.
  • Alloy adjustable quill stem.
  • Extras – Kickstand, rear rack, and plastic fenders.
  • Frame Size – S/M (18″), and M/L (20″)
  • Bike weight – 48 Ibs.

The image of BATCH Step-Thru E-Bike:

BATCH Step-Thru E-Bike is the best affordable mid-drive electric bike.
BATCH Step-Thru E-Bike is the best affordable mid-drive electric bike.

PROs of BATCH Step-Thru E-Bikes:

  • A performance bike with quality component parts – Bosch mid-drive, Bosch battery pack, coupled with the hydraulic dis brake with 180 mm rotors.
  • Bosch mid-drive is not only quiet but also durable.
  • Bosch battery pack support 30 miles to 80 miles range so that you can further use pedal assist.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes – responsive and accurate stopping, thus keeping the rider safe.
  • Kenda tires 700X50C with K-protection, thus less risk of flat tire when you are riding.
  • Buyer collect the new bike from the local dealer in order to avoid any possible claim of damaged or lost parts.
  • Future service or replacement is at a local bicycle shop near you – simple for the owner to get assist when an abnormality arise.
  • Spare parts came with a comparatively lower price due to vast production, hence the availability of spare parts is guaranteed.
  • Frame and Forks warranty is lifetime, so that the owner has peace of mind.
  • Motor and Controller warranty is two years is truly for owner peace of mind.
  • The warranty on the battery pack is 2 years or 500 charge cycles – for peace of mind.

CONs of BATCH Step-Thru E-Bike:

  • Grip and Saddle are hard to use as commented by the bike tester – ask for replacement before making the purchase.
  • The headlight and tail light is not in the package – if you need to ride in the dark, install the light as you like.
  • Some owner may not like the plastic fenders but one of the commenters like the plastic fenders. While a second commenter said the front plastic fender was noisy, so he decided to take it off.

Overall Ratings of BATCH Step-Thru E-Bike:

Summary of Reviews from experts and users of bikeride.com – 4.6 out of 5.0:

  • A happy owner checked the Batch claim for a maximum reach of 80 miles.
  • An impressive 40 miles were driven, in turbo mode only.
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes were reliable and high performance.
  • A Shimano Altus derailleur provided reliable performance to users.
  • The Bosch Powerpack 400 was lockable and removable.
  • The pedaling assistance of the Bosch Active Line motor was progressive but substantial.
  • Punctures were rare on the Kenda Kwick 700X50C tired with K-protection.
  • With a 55 lb capacity, the included back support was more than practical.
  • Full-length plastic fenders protected The E-Bike from spray.
  • The speed indicator broke off during a test run.
  • Grips irritated the palms of one expert reviewer.
  • Some experts felt that the appearance and workmanship of the E-bike lacked sophistication.
  • The Cionlli saddle was said to be rigid.
  • The experts wanted the integrated lights to be included in The E-Bike.

The review verdict given by electrek.com:

I’m going to give them creative points for mounting the battery.

And I’m glad to see racks and fenders as a standard feature – those are becoming a necessity these days with the number of people who are replacing many of their car trips with bikes.

At this price though, I would have loved to see included lights and a larger battery – though it’s also fair to say that pedal assist bikes can get away with smaller batteries.

While the price seems a bit high, there are two things that help float that price that I think are worth it. Firstly, Bosch motors are not cheap, but you pay for a well-designed design that should last for years. And secondly, Batch has a wide dealer network, meaning you can try before you buy and you also have somewhere to go if you ever need maintenance or support for your bike.

Sure, you can save some money by getting a sub-$1k e-bike, but many people are prepared to pay extra for the peace of mind that higher-end electrical components and brick-and-mortar stores can provide.

Reviewed by wired.com, the rating is 4.0 out of 5.0:

  • Bosch Motor is Reliable and Quiet.
  • Bosch Drivetrain and battery is a premium components.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes are responsive and accurate, thus safe for emergency stoppage.
  • Shimano gears give rider easier to pedal up the hill with turbo mode.
  • Built-in pannier rack and fenders are daily needs of riders.
  • Wide tires make for a stable ride on the uneven road, thus comfortable for the rider.
  • 80-mile range in low-power mode is great for rider who need long distance riding.
  • No integrated lights. Boring design.
  • No suspension on front fork or seat stem.
  • Not great for especially hilly terrain.

View YouTube Videos – BATCH Step-Thru reviewed by the BATCH Bicycles:

BATCH Step-Thru – Best Affordable Mid-Drive Electric Bike


I believed that the information on BATCH Step-Thru E-Bike was sufficient for you to decide if it fits your needs.

If you are riders enjoyed throttle riding, then this bike is not your choice. Or you like to go for mountain trial, this model do not have full suspension to support your needs.

If you are riders enjoyed throttle, then this bicycle is not your choice. Or you love going to mountain trials, this model does not have full suspension to meet your needs.

Do you like how Batch Bikes sell the electric bike to the buyer? I am sure most buyers like it. 

Can you accept an electric bike without throttle? I thought a lot of people would be reluctant to take it. 

But the tester told you that the performance of the class 1 e-bike cannot reach the maximum speed of 20 mph while climbing the slope. If you agree with the lower speed, then BATCH Step-Thru E-Bike is your best choice to buy with the affordable price for a mid-drive electric bike.

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  1. So amazing! I have actually been looking for a bike to purchase. I had went to my local bike shop, but didn’t really find anything there that was my type, but as soon as I dropped in here, I found some pretty neat bikes that you have compiled all together! I really like how you smashed enough information for me to make a successful purchase!

    Well played!👌

    • I appreciated a lot to you for reading a few products on our website. We will continue searching any good, affordable bike in our list and compiled as much information we can get from the market. 

      Although many suppliers do not offer me to sell their e-bike, our site will comment their e-bike if it is worth for the buyer to buy. That is our website objectives to serve the users.

      You are most welcome to visit our website more often, any questions please feel free to let us know. Thank you

  2. I have not come across the brand Batch for electric bikes before, so found this review to be very comprehensive and helpful. Bosch is well known for making very good engines and appliances, so awesome to find it is used for the engine on this step-thru e-bike. 

    Electric bikes are great for anybody that wants to use them for commuting to work, so it is great to find that the step-thru E-bike comes with fenders and racks. 

    • Yes, BATCH is new for many people. BATCH selling policy push me to promote the e-bike, which I think is beneficiary to buyer and America. 

      BATCH management willing to earn very little profit, but giving a lot of convenience retailers and buyers. This kind of company is rare in the USA. Most will charge $100 to $200 extra in the delivery fee and service fee for assembling the e-bike for buyers.

      Thank you very much for your comments and please visit us

  3. I know that Batch is trying to make a good quality bike as affordable as possible. The price tag is a bit steep, in my personal case, but I’ll make an effort. The 2 features I like the most are that it’s quiet and durable. And some say the design is boring, but I still like it!

    • The Electric Bike owner has a big issue when some component sudden damaged, they do not know where to buy replacement parts. Local bicycle shop can help to solve, but depend on your luck, If found they solved for you. If not, your bike will keep at home for weeks, months or years.

      Every year there are many dumping bicycles, especially in China, Denmark, and Holland. BATCH help to solve all this issue. If you don’t mind class 1 Electric bikes, we should support BATCH policy of selling e-bike with very little profit for themselves. 

      Appearance and price of electric bike are individual, no one has the same rules and thinkings. Thank you very much for your comments that helps me to think more about it. You are welcome


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