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HPC 2021 Black Lightning – The Best Affordable 2000W E-Bike


Proudly USA Built Black lightning, power and fast to reach any destination. Buy confidently like HPC 2021 Black Lightning is the best affordable 2000W e-bike. If you like adventure on the mountain trails or breeze through other riders climbing the slope, you will love 2021 Black Lightning. Have I neglected to tell you that the price is less than $3.3k? The components manufactured in the United States are first-class compared to overseas components.

About Hi Power Cycles (HPC):

  • HPC has been proudly producing bicycles in the US since 2008.
  • Hi Power Cycles have more than 11 years of experience in the manufacture of electric bicycles.
  • Proprietary HPC battery systems manufactured in the United States have a max 86 Volt and 21 Ah.
  • HPC batteries are entirely assembled internally using our sophisticated assembly and testing process to ensure safety and quality.
  • In contrast to most other e-bike brands, we are proud to design and build our bikes in the USA.
  • Just 8 cents to fill the standard 596 Wh battery, you can travel up to 60 miles.
  • Caring for our customers from beginning to end is our number one priority!
  • Location of HPC – 21122 Nordhoff St. Suite F, Chatsworth, CA 91311.
  • Phone: 818-734-1600
  • Dealers Location:
    • [California] Bike Craze, 1171 N Kraemer Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92806, USA. Phone: (714) 744-0266.
    • [California] ELV Motors, 2332 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA. Phone: (888) 612-9883.
    • [California] Last Mile SF, 541 Octavia St, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA. Phone: (415) 922-5483.
    • [Nebraska] Top Gun Bikes, 12131 W Center Rd, Omaha, NE 68144, USA. Phone: (402) 512-3162.
    • [New York] Greenpath Electric Bikes, 757 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232, USA. Phone: (718) 788-1181.
    • [Utah] Cloud 9- Adventure Toy Store, 12665 Minuteman Dr #1, Draper, UT 84020, USA. Phone: (801) 576-6460.
    • [Utah] High Country E-Bikes, 3738 2340 S STE C, West Valley City, UT 84119, USA. Phone: (801) 548-4227.
    • [Washington] Seattle E-Bike, 4517 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116, USA. Phone: (206) 344-8000.

About HPC 2021 Black Lightning 2000W E-Bike:

  • Product Name – All New 2021 Black Lightning – 2000W Lightweight, High Performance 40+ mph E-Bike.
  • Product URL – You can view here.
  • Selling Price – $3,295.00
  • Target Audience – The US and Canadian Buyers.
  • Shipping – Free Shipping. Please confirm before making a purchase.
  • In the rare instance of damage during shipment, the buyer must notify Hi-Power Cycles within 48 hours.
  • The lead time is 6-8 Weeks currently to build/test/sign off.
  • First 30 Days, free shipping the damage parts and repair.
  • Warranty – 3 months comprehensive warranty. If you choose warranty one year, you have to pay $500.

Main Features of HPC 2021 Black Lightning 2000W E-Bike:

  • Three sizes of frame 17″, 19″, and 21″ so match the wide range of rider height.
  • S High-speed motor as well as T-motor for high torque, to suit your riding needs.
  • 2000W high speed motor or 2000W high torque motor is certainly powerful and quick to respond to your destination.
  • The standard USA Made 48V 14AH battery can certainly withstand up to 30 miles. You can select a larger battery to serve you 50 mile range as well as the distance of 100 miles.
  • Rock Shox air suspension, 100mm travel can reduce the banging effect on any off-road so you can ride comfortably.
  • Wheels with Kenda plus size 27.5″x 2.8″ tires have more air volume to cushion the uneven road effect, can certainly give you driving comfort.
  • The 9-speed SRAM transmission helps you pedal when you face rugged hills.
  • The front/rear hydraulic disc brakes ensure a safe stop whenever the brakes need to be applied.

Specification of HPC 2021 Black Lightning 2000W E-Bike:

  • Aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum Frame (M/L/XL).
  • Rock Shox air suspension Forks (100mm travel).
  • Direct drive hub motor 2000 W. Option 3000W/4000W.
  • USA Made 48V 14AH standard battery (upgrades available)
  • FOC Sine wave with torque based throttle control.
  • Half Twist Throttle.
  • Cycle Analyst V2.4 Display.
  • Top Speed – 40 MPH.
  • All Black Lightnings ships as a Class 2 e-bike limited to 750W and 20 mph.
  • Powerful Drive System (Can be tuned for full power or street legal 750W)
  • Upgraded sealed bearing headset with tapered fork.
  • SRAM bars, stem, grips and carbon fiber headset spacers.
  • In-house, hand-built wheels using quality hubs.
  • Kenda plus size 27.5″ x 2.8″ tires.
  • SRAM 9 speed Drivetrain.
  • Front chain ring with a 25% increase in pedal power.
  • Upgraded seat post + seat.
  • Bike Weight excludes battery – 48 Ibs
  • Load Capacity – custom made to match the rider’s weight.
  • Rider’s Height – custom made to match the rider’s height.

The image of HPC 2021 Black Lightning 2000W E-Bike:

HPC 2021 Black Lightning - The Best Affordable 2000W E-Bike.
HPC 2021 Black Lightning – The Best Affordable 2000W E-Bike.

PROs of HPC 2021 Black Lightning 2000W E-Bike:

  • The entire e-bike is tailor-made according to your riding needs so that it harmonizes with your size and weight for a comfortable ride.
  • Personally, I prefer a high-speed motor that is not only powerful but also highly efficient.
  • You will get a smoother experience due to the high speed, you will feel like you have superhuman capacities!
  • With a 2000 W motor, a throttle option coupled with high-end components, that means the best price performance value in the market!
  • Rock Shox air suspension (travel 100mm) is the off-road forks certainly provide you with driving comfort on any off-road.
  • The highest qualification The SRAM 9-speed transmission offers incredible speed change and accuracy when you need frequent changes on unknown tracks.
  • Kenda Havok plus size 27.5″x2. 8″ tires not only offer larger size, but also tubeless ready in all constructions. Tubeless ready – Saves weight and provides a better rolling performance. Riding tubeless but also means riding flat free.
  • Kenda plus big 27.5″x2. 8″ is usually cross-country, all-mountain and cyclocross tires so that you can ride on all terrain.
  • HPC batteries are completely assembled in house in order to ensure safety and quality is better than other competitors.
  • A two-step rigging process is a professional construction wheel by HPC so that every bike leaves with the strongest and superior wheel for buyers.
  • HPC has tailor-made the lightest and highest quality rims for each model in order to handle the extra force and speed.
  • A well-configured suspension by the HPC team not only improves safety, but also greatly improves the driving experience.
  • You may choose to purchase from a local dealership that is closest to you in order to get better service in the future.

CONs of HPC 2021 Black Lightning 2000W E-Bike:

  • Most likely, you need to pay a certain cost for a faster charger to shorten charging hours, regardless of buying from HPC or a local dealership.
  • Although the specification of some components is not clear, but I was under the impression that the best quality component will be given to buyers.
  • You may think of long range battery to support your exploring of the wilderness, paying some cost is certainly worth for it.
  • If you need to install extra fenders, rear or front rack, be sure to contact the seller when you are making the purchase process.
  • To install the front and rear lightings, you can choose the options you want when you are customizing the riding requirement.
  • Specials are not 100% brand new e-bike, it starts custom from the bare frame of the demo or pre-occupied bike, but components are brand new to sell at the fractional price.

The overall ratings of HPC e-bikes:

Reviewed by the HPC certified buyer, Tim B, Pacifica, CA. 1/2/18:

When I shopped for a bike that would get me into the wilderness, the Typhoon seemed to be the best choice out there.  

Once I owned one, I was amazed at how capable the bike is.  I am a BIG guy, but the bike pulls me up hills, through the desert, and along forest trails with ease. It draws people to it, asking about its capabilities, and I have a big smile when I talk about it.  

It is so quiet that when I am on a road, I can hear an approaching car behind me.  As a retired engineer, I was, and remain, impressed by the quality of design and build of this machine.

Our Opinions:

  • If your riding needs go to the wilderness, certainly 2021 Black Lightning is your best choice to buy.
  • As a result of riding the 2021 Black lightning, you will get tons of riding fun same as this buyer.
  • Grab the opportunity today, once it is gone, will not come again.

View YouTube Videos – New Black Lightning motor shown by the HPC:

HPC 2021 Black Lightning – The Best Affordable 2000W E-Bike.


In conclusion, HPC 2021 Black Lightning is equipped with the best electronic components as well as quality bike components make this high performance e-bike for you.

This bike is going to open all sorts of trials and adventures in the backcountry that you have never thought of. Are you ready for that life-altering device? We welcome comments from you.

Now I can conclude that the 2021 HPC Black Lightning is truly the best affordable 2000W E-Bike for sale with the fractional price of just $3,295. Let’s not miss this opportunity. Visit HPC today.

If you are the beginner looking for a quality commuter bike under $1,500, you can view this mid-drive e-bike here – Buzz-e-bike-the-most-affordable-mid-drive-electric-bike.

2 thoughts on “HPC 2021 Black Lightning – The Best Affordable 2000W E-Bike”

  1. Great to read your post on the HPC 2021, I am an ebike enthusiast so it’s always good to discover new models I haven’t heard of before – I see this is a hub motor, what kind of torque does this kick out? Also what gearing system does it come with shimano? Thanks for the read

    • Appreciated your visit and comments. In terms of power and speed, hub motor has better advantage than mid-drive motor. For Black lightning, you can choose high speed motor or high torque motor both are better than any competitor is speed and torque. HPC do not fix in the spec because it is custom made e-bike based on your preference. Shimano 9 speed is in the content, but gear ratio based on your preference.

      HPC motor, battery, controller system, rims and spokes, front suspension forks are top tiers in the market. Tell them your preference, HPC will custom madethe best performance dream bike for you.


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