Hyper E-Ride 29″ Wheels – The Best Affordable Electric Bike


Are you urgently looking for an affordable electric bike for going to work? I confirmed Hyper E-ride 29″ wheels are the best affordable electric bike for you. Amazon.com and Walmart.com are showing currently out of stock for many electric bikes on its platform. I am happily able to find Hyper E-ride 29″ Wheels recommend you after viewing many comments from the buyers.

Hyper E-ride has great feature of strong frame and front forks as witness by the bike owners. The article going to tell you all the details about this model, including the bad comments from the experienced riders. I hope you can have enough information to make the right choice for this bike to satisfy your expectation.

Product Descriptions of Hyper E-ride 29″ Wheels:

Product Data and Sellers Information:

  • Product Name – Hyper E-Ride Electric Bike 29″ Wheels, 36 Volt Battery.
  • Product ID – Walmart # 577260186
  • Brand – Hyper Bicycles
  • Product URL – View here.
  • Seller – Walmart.com
  • Selling Price – $698.00
  • Target Audience – US Buyers living nearby Walmart shop.
  • Free Shipping – Request for protective packaging or collect at Walmart.
  • Return Policy Available – Ask if delivery damage, do Walmart responsible?
  • Parts Replacement – Ask is parts available at Walmart or supply from suppliers?

Specifications of Hyper E-ride 29″ Wheels:

  • Motor – rear Hub Brushless 36 volt 250W.
  • Battery – integrated Flush-Mount 36 volt, 36 AH.
  • Top Speed – 20 MPH
  • Travel range – 20 miles.
  • Frame – 29 Inch Aluminum
  • Forks – front suspension forks
  • Rear Derailleur – Shimano 6 speeds.
  • Brakes – front and rear disc brakes.
  • 48-spoke alloy rims.
  • Three piece crank.
  • The rider’s height above 6′ – If you are shorter, but not less than 5’6″, you can buy Hyper E-ride 26″ Wheels.
  • Rider max weight – 275 lbs.
  • Bike’s weight – 46.3 lbs.
  • Warranty for bike frame – the Limited Warranty lasts for as long as the original purchaser owns the frame.
Hyper E-ride 29 inches Wheels is the best Affordable electric bike.
Hyper E-ride 29 inches Wheels is the best Affordable electric bike.

PROs of Hyper E-ride 29″ Wheels:

  • The best affordable price for entry level mountain bike.
  • Easy to ride for beginners.
  • A Shimano grip shifter and rear derailleur gear system makes simple for shifting.
  • A front suspension reduces bumping on the rough road.
  • The dual disc brakes give secure stoppage.
  • The frame is rigid and durable – Hyper gives life warranty for bike owners.
  • The six speed gear can use for exercise by switch off the motor power.
  • The high torque motor can climb slopes easily.
  • The max speed of 20 mph is faster than any manual bikes.
  • Three levels of motor assist your pedaling.

CONs of Hyper E-ride 29″ Wheels:

  • Fenders and rear rack are not included in the package.
  • Have to install headlight and tail light for riding in the dark.
  • Travel range is short at 20 miles – A spare battery is needed for long distance riding.
  • Hyper Bicycles give warranty for bike frame only.

Overall Rating of Hyper E-ride 29″ Wheels:

100 ratings from Walmart certified buyers – rating 3.8 out of 5.0

Most helpful positive reviews by cuatroman on 21 December 2020 – 4.0 out of 5.0:

I love that the battery snaps into the frame. It’s a beautiful bike. It does not come with a rear rack or fenders, but the wife lets me transfer her very nice rear rack off of her step through Hyper E-bike onto mine. I’ve also ordered fenders online for $20.

The only thing I don’t like about this E-bike is once the bike motor automatically shuts off at 20 mph you have to slow down to about 10 mph before the motor’s pedal assist re-engages.

I must say that I accidentally test the E-bikes strength just the other day. I was coasting downhill at about 15 mph and was so intent on checking for cross traffic that I hit a metal post insert dead on. Needless to say I thought for sure I destroyed my front suspension not to mention my tires. Quite the contrary, there was no damage.

It’s an awesome E-bike for the money. You better buy quickly though, because the price of E-bike is increasing rapidly. I am 57 year old man can get some exercise on these steep foothills of Northern California without dying of exhaustion lol.

Most helpful negative reviews by CJ on 25 November 2020 – 2.0 out of 5.0:

Front gear warped out of the box and caused the chain to pop off and damaged the pedal assist picked up sensor located perfectly in the way. The bike pulled great and would’ve been happy with it if this didn’t happen.

Going back for replacement. HYPER doesn’t respond to emails or answer their phone, ever…. BTW. Don’t expect to get any parts or a replacement battery. If this is something you want to do for sport buyer beware…

My opinion :

In the warranty Hyper Bicycles, it has mentioned warranty for bike frame only. Others can be subject to damage due to any unexpected happening. With the great price given to the buyer, it is the risks buyer have to bear.

Checking for loose bolts or loose parts is necessary to prevent this kind of incidents. Motor fully charged and tire pressure is required setting is important for safe and smooth riding in the whole journey.

Reviewed by Healthy Rice on 11 July 2020 – 5.0 out of 5.0:

Love this E-Bike. You can manually ride or kick in the motor. Either add a backpack or a little basket for the front for water or a snack for the ride. Enjoying it very much.

Reviewed by Abdelhamid on 24 September 2020 – 5.0 out of 5.0:

I bought it six months ago, so I had no car, this bike saved my life, no license drive because I am new in Florida. I love this bike, it can do in 35 minutes what a car can do in 20 minutes! Fast, I don’t like the seat, but I give 5 stars.

My Opinion:

Bike saddle must match with our body’s weight and body size. Higher weight needs more spring power and a cushion for comfortable seating. Bigger in size needs a wider saddle to support our body firmly. Choose a right saddle for comfortable riding is the first priority to take the action.

Reviewed by Gio on 27 December 2020 – 3.0 out of 5.0:

29” hyper E-ride can be a lot of fun to ride. If you plan on using this leisurely bike rides this is a great bike for you. If you want to do anything more, upgrades are required.

The good; the bike frame itself seems sturdy with strong welds, the electric motor also functions well and kicks in with a good amount of power (it’s genuinely fun to ride), the battery seems to last a while, battery life seems to vary depending on how much I pedal but overall no complaints there.

The bad; during installation one of the stem screws stripped so that had to be replaced, after about the 4th ride the left arm crank somehow stripped and had to be replaced.

The seat post also bent slightly, making it impossible to adjust the seat height I suspect it happened while I was wheeling (for reference I weigh 175 lbs).

I ended up spending and extra $350 on upgrades which in my opinion makes the bike a 4.5 star mountain e-bike you can actually take on the trails. Upgrades I did include air fork shock, crank set, pedals, handlebars, stem, grips, and shifter.

My opinion:

This affordable budget bike is not a high-end mountain bike so it is not advisable to use for wheeling. It is lucky that the wheels are strong to take the impact wheeling.

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The purchase of electric bikes online from the unknown retailers is really a high risk to take. If you purchase from Amazon.com or Walmart, you are safer since the packaging and shipping is more secure for every customer. The sole support for buyers is also much better from Amazon.com or Walmart. Claim for replacement is guaranteed by the return policy.

Now it is time for you to give your opinion, is Hyper E-ride 29″ Wheels match your needs? Do you think Walmart is a trusted company to make a deal? You are welcome to give your comments to us.

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  1. Hi Stephen. Very interesting article. Im big fan of biking and recently I start to think about having also electric one. To be fair I don’t know to much about them and its not easy to choose with so many options on market. But looking on you review, Hype E-Ride 29 seems as a good option for beginners for reasonable price. Looking forward to test it in practice, and hopefully it will be as much fun as classic bike. Thank you for great post!

    • You can trust this product. Hyper Bicycles are proud of their frame. Other parts are not high-end but it is branded like Shimano. Just need to assemble carefully and inspect every parts are properly bolted before start riding. I hope you enjoy your riding with your team. Thank you for every words you have commented here. I appreciated your visit and valued your comments very much.


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