Ride1Up PRODIGY – The Best Affordable Brose Mid-Drive E-bike


Ride1Up PRODIGY has a Brose mid-drive motor making it the best mid-drive e-bike. Be the first to check out the PRODIGY with the incredible performance. PRODIGY with Brose mid-drive motor has under $2.4k while other models are above $3k on the market. The Brose mid-drive motor has a maximum torque of 90 Nm is certainly the best choice for riders staying in hilly areas.


About Ride1Up Seller:

  • Ride1Up is a retail company based in San Diego.
  • The owners of the Ride1Up started from DIY.
  • Ride1Up e-bikes are built with the high end components while the price is affordable.
  • The support team is experienced and friendly to answer any of your questions.
  • Free 30 Day trial with no-restocking fee:
    • Odometer less than 20 miles.
    • You have to pay return shipping fees.
    • If any damage, certainly you have to pay for the replacement cost.
  • Cancellation Policy:
    • Cancel the order before the processing, subject to pay 3% processing fee.
    • Cancellation after the processing, you have to pay a $250 fee.
    • Cannot deliver to the address provided by you, you have to pay a $250 fee.
  • Shipping:
    • Free shipping to the lower 48 US States.
    • Pay $100 to ship to the Canada.
  • Ride1UP grants a 1-year guarantee for manufacturing defects only for the original owner only.
    • Two years of warranty coverage are ~17% of the bike’s cost.
    • Three years of warranty coverage are ~29%   of the bike’s cost.
  • US based support team operates via email using the “Contact Us” form.
  • Ride1Up Seller offers the test rides are certainly available on shops and dealers, rental fleets and ambassadors near your locations.

About Ride1Up PRODIGY Brose Mid-Drive E-bike:

  • Product Name – PRODIGY.
  • Product URL – View Current Price Here.
  • Selling Price – $2,295.00 (ST Frame), $2,295.00 (XR Frame), $2,395.00 (XC Frame)
  • Direct Seller – Ride1Up.
  • Target Audience – The US and Canadian Buyers.
  • Shipping – Free shipping to the lower 48 US States. Pay $100 shipping to Canada.
  • 30 Day Return Policy.
  • One Year Warranty.
  • Assemble can be done by yourself following the video instructions. However, it is recommended to use a bike mechanic whenever possible to inspect the bike before riding.

Main Features Ride1Up PRODIGY Brose Mid-Drive E-bike:

  • German brand, BROSE mid-drive motor is not only the quality, but also the 90 Nm torque to conquer all the steep hills you face on the road.
  • 36V 14Ah battery using SAMSUNG cells is certainly durable to use and support up to 50 mile range.
  • TEKTRO Hydraulic Disc Brake 180 mm has the best stopping performance while riding at the maximum speed of 28 mph.
  • Maxxis Refuse 27.5″x 2.0″ Tires are tubeless ready and flat resistant, so you can have peace of mind to go anywhere.
  • Shimano 9-speed derailleur has a broader range of speeds can certainly support high-speed driving and climbing steep slopes.
  • Maxxis Refuse tires allow you to ride faster on the paved road while the tire thread allows you to ride stable on the gravel surface.
  • PRODIGY can easily reach the maximum speed of 28 mph, therefore it is classified as class 3 e-bike.
  • The BROSE built-in torque sensor lets you cycle naturally with more motorized assistance when you pedal harder.
  • Built-in headlights and taillights let you stay visible to other vehicles when driving in darkness.
  • The 40 Ibs luggage rack is essential for transporting shopping, groceries or picnic items during family outings.

Specification of Ride1Up PRODIGY BROSE Mid-Drive E-bike:

  • 6061 Aluminum Frame, ST or XR.
  • Hydro Formed Aluminum Forks.
  • BROSE TF Sprinter German made mid-drive motor with 90nm torque.
  • 36V14ah Phylion BN21 Battery, Samsung Cells, Smart BMS.
  • BROSE Integrated Torque Sensor.
  • Top Speed – 28 mph.
  • Travel Range – 30-50 miles.
  • BROSE Display Allround, 1.5″ Color Display.
  • Shimano Alivio RD M4000, 9-speed Derailleur.
  • 11-34T Cassette.
  • 46T Prowheel Alloy Chainring.
  • Maxxis Refuse 27.5”x 2.0” Tires.
  • Black Stainless Steel, 13G Spokes.
  • TEKTRO HD-M290 Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 180mm Rotors.
  • No Rise, 23° Sweep 31.8mm Ergonomic Bars.
  • VELO Locking Rubber Ergonomic Grips.
  • SELLE Royal Viento Saddle.
  • Buchel Shiny 80, Ultra-bright 80 Lux headlights.
  • Custom Rack Integrated Taillight.
  • Custom 40 lbs Cargo Rack.
  • Bike’s Weight – 48 Ibs. (excluded fenders and rack’s weight)
  • Load Capacity – 300 Ibs.
  • Rider’s Height – 5’1″ – 6’3″.

The image of Ride1Up PRODIGY Brose Mid-Drive E-bike:

Ride1Up PRODIGY - The Best Affordable Brose Mid-Drive E-bike.
Ride1Up PRODIGY – The Best Affordable Brose Mid-Drive E-bike.

PROs of Ride1Up PRODIGY Brose Mid-Drive E-bike:

  • The Mid-Drive GERMAN Brand engine is reliable, quiet and powerful, so it can meet your driving needs the way you want.
  • If you need to face a steep mountain on your daily route, the mid-drive motor with a torque of 90 Nm certainly meets your needs.
  • BROSE mid-drive motor coupled with Maxxis Refuse tires, you can ride at 28 mph to catch up with the loaded schedule.
  • PRODIGY lets you ride quietly to the workplace as well as pedal harder for workouts back from work.
  • When you turn off the motor assist, Shimano 9 speed helps you to drive home with the least effort.
  • The battery with the SAMSUNG cells has the highest life span so it can last longer and supports drive smoothly.
  • PRODIGY has 2″ wide Maxxis tires with mixed thread for a flat or loose gravel road so you can ride in town or off road.
  • The selling price is under $2.4k for a better brand mid-drive e-bike so be the first to buy it before stock last.
  • TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes allow you to stop safely at the highest speed when you apply a brake.
  • There is bosses point to hold the drinking water bottle as well as the chain guard to protect your cloth stuck in the moving chain.

CONs of Ride1Up PRODIGY Brose Mid-Drive E-bike:

  • The handlebar is not the adjustable type so your riding posture may not be comfortable as you like.
  • Ride1Up does not provide a compatible child seat so you need to get advice from other bicycle experts to secure a suitable child seat.
  • The LCD screen looks smaller to me, certainly you must pay extra money to get a larger one.
  • The kickstand may not give a good balance when you take your child out of the seat.

The Overall Ratings of Ride1Up PRODIGY Brose Mid-Drive E-bike – 4.9 out of 5.0:

Reviewed by the Ride1Up certified buyer, Kris on 9 May 2022 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

I am totally impressed with the Brose drive system on the Prodigy because it’s quiet and provides the right amount of power for a great pedaling experience.

You can also customize how much power you want from each pedal assist level, but I’m happy with the default settings. The motor is also great on hills as well as I am satisfied, with all the other components on the bike too. So nothing is disappointing. The frame is built well with great tracking.

I don’t miss having a throttle since the motor is so responsive. Takeoffs are smooth and safe. Without front suspension it’s best in the pavement, but I’ll be adding a suspension stem for added comfort.

Love the design of the bike and the custom rear rack with an integrated light. While front light is bright too. If you love pedaling a bike with the right amount of assistance, and a quiet e-bike, you’ll surely love the Prodigy.

Reviewed by the Ride1Up certified buyer, Bruce Heckelman on 9 May 2022 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

My village has lots and lots of hills, so my hope was that the mid-drive Brose would do the job. Today, I took it on its maiden drive into the hills and I can’t believe the power and quiet that this bike produces.

When I completed some hills and didn’t realize I just went up them. Certainly I came back home and as excited as a kid with a new toy.

Fit and finish are superb. Assembly takes a half hour and figured out the gear shifting quickly. I’m in love! I’m also 75 years old, so this is a new lease on life for me. Thank you, Ride1Up.

View YouTube Videos – Ride1Up PRODIGY review by the Electric Bike Review:

Ride1Up PRODIGY – The Best Affordable Brose Mid-Drive E-bike.

Similar models of mid-drive e-bikes for your comparison:

GIANT LAFREE E+ 2 Mid-Drive E-Bike:

  • Product Name – LAFREE E+ 2.
  • Product URL – View Current Price Here.
  • Selling Price – $2,000.00
  • Direct Seller – GIANT Bicycles US.
Specification of GIANT LAFREE E+ 2 Mid-Drive E-Bike:
  • ALUXX Aluminum, double tube low-step through Frame.
  • ALUXX Aluminum rigid Forks.
  • Giant SyncDrive Life Motor, 60Nm, powered by YAMAHA.
  • Battery – EnergyPak 400Wh.
  • Max Speed – 20 mph.
  • Travel Range – 31-60 miles.
  • Tektro HD-M275 Hydraulic Disc Brakes.
  • Shimano RD-M31.0 Altus 8 speed.
  • Bike’s Weight – 51.9 lbs.
  • Rider’s Height – 5’3″ to 5’7″(Small Frame), 5’7″ to 5’11″(Medium Frame), 5’11” to 6’3″(Large Frame)
  • Load Capacity – Varies with the frame size.
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Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB Mid-drive E-bike:

  • Product Name – Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB.
  • Product URL – View Current Price Here.
  • Selling Price – $2,499.00
  • Direct Seller – Gazelle Bikes.
Specification of Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB Mid-drive E-bike:
  • Two options for frame type low step or high step. Size – 45, 50, 55.
  • Aluminum telescoping suspension forks, in order to achieve 50 mm travel.
  • Bosch Active Line Plus Mid-drive motor, 50 Nm torque. Rotation sensor, speed sensor, pedal force sensor.
  • 36V 11.1 Ah Bosch Lithium Battery.
  • Max range 55 km.
  • Top Speed – 20 mph.
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. 
  • Shimano Deore Derailler, 9-speed.
  • Bike Weight – 49.3 Lbs.
  • Load Capacity – 300 Lbs
  • Rider’s Height – 4’10” to 6’3″
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Both GIANT LAFREE and GAZELLE MEDEO have a lower quality mid-drive motor, so the maximum torque is less than 60 NM.

GIANT LAFREE is cheaper than PRODIGY with $200, but the motor power is smaller, 8-speed, and smaller battery size.

GAZELLE MEDEO is pricey as PRODIGY with $200 as well as no components are better.

Now, we can see clearly that Ride1Up PRODIGY is certainly the best affordable mid-drive e-bike on the market for you to buy. Be the first to place your order today since the price spike is coming very soon.

Your comments on the Ride1Up PRODIGY are important to us so that we can give the best content in our upcoming post. Sharing your driving experience with the Ride1Up e-bikes will certainly help the buyers to take the right decision.

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  1. I recently had my first trip on an electric bike that we rented to try them out, and  I loved the experience. We live in a fairly hilly area, so cycling up the hills have become more of a challenge as I am getting older. So it is great to see that the Ride1Up Prodigy ebike is suitable for use in hilly areas. 

    Having an ebike that can be used for a daily commute, but is also suitable for hilly areas, is the ideal choice for where I live. I will be having a closer look at this great bike that you shared. 

    • Hi! Friend, Nice to hear that you love the riding experience. There are many benefits to ride an electric bike in your daily life. You will get more outdoor activities and meets many people around your area. Shopping or go out dinner using electric bikes is more convenient than using a car. 

      Ride1Up PRODIGY is definitely a good choice for your needs. Take early action before the price spike up again. I am happy to recommend you this best affordable mid-drive e-bike. 

      If the price is a bit high for you, there is some rear hub motor which is also powerful to use in the hilly area. Here is the link for your viewing – https://bestaffordableelectric


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