SUPER73-S2 – The Best Affordable Multi-Class Electric Bike


Are you looking for a multi class e-bike? SUPER73-S2 is a multi class plus unlimited mode with 2000W peak power is the best multi-class e-bike worth to buy. Super73-S2 comes with the Class-2 ride mode, so that it allows throttle operation and pedal-assist riding up to 20mph. In areas where throttle not allowed to use, can ride pedal assist at 20 mph as well as 28 mph. Additionally, use unlimited mode enables up to 2000 watts of power under throttle and can reach speeds above 28 mph.

About Super73:

  • Super73 started in 2016 and based in Southern California.
  • Super73 has led the charge in pioneering a new approach to help redefine the electric motorbike industry. 
  • The Headquarters and Showroom are located at 16591 Noyes Ave, Irvine, CA 92606.
  • Test rides are available at our Irvine Headquarters and weather permitting.
  • You can buy Super73 bikes directly from our website. You can also purchase Super73 bikes from a dealer/distributor near you.
  • We do not recommend that anyone under the age of 16 rides on a Super73 bike.
  • We do not offer used or refurbished bikes for sale on our website.
  • Super73 models S1 and Z1 ship via UPS Ground.
  • Models R, RX, and S2 ship via White glove LTL freight scheduled shipments.
  • Orders shipped to Hawaii ship via DHX and may take up to 6 weeks longer than normal delivery timelines.
  • We do not currently offer direct shipping outside of the US and Canada. Feel free to reach out to some of our global dealers/distributors near you for direct shipping options.
  • We accept returns on unopened and unused bike shipments within 15 days of the delivery date, but they are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
  • One year warranty for the frame, fork, and electronics of the bike.
  • Super73 warranties that your battery pack will maintain 70% or higher capacity for at least 500 charge cycles or two years, whichever comes first.

About Super73-S2 Multi-Class Electric Bike:

  • Product Name – Super73-S2.
  • Product URL – You can view here.
  • Selling Price – $2,695.00.
  • Direct Seller – Super73.
  • Target Audience – The US and Canadian Buyers.
  • Shipping – Free for the lower 48 US States.
  • 15 Days of return period on unopened and unused bike shipments.
  • Warranty – 2 years of battery and 1 year for other components.

Main Features Super73-S2 Multi-Class Electric Bike:

  • The rear hub engine has a rated power of 1200W, but adjusted to the rated power of 750W to comply with local regulations.
  • 960Wh Battery is a quality battery because the warranty given is 2 years or mounting higher capacity for 500 charge cycles.
  • Front suspension forks designed for smoothing the road, shock effect, so you can ride comfortably.
  • The new high-power design, triple LED 12v halo headlamp is certainly the brightest light available on any Super73 with 630 Lumens.
  • Super73-S2 features internal cable routing so that helps conceal and protect wiring within the frame.
  • The exclusive SUPER73 tread improves traction, reduces road noise and also increases stability for light on and off-road driving.
  • Super73-S2 is programmed in Class-2 mode so that you can legally ride most bike paths.
  • With the throttle off, S-Series can pedal assistance in Class-1 mode as well as Class-3 modes.
  • Furthermore, an “Unlimited” mode allows up to 2000 watts of power under the throttle and can reach speeds of more than 28 mph.

Specification of Super73-S2 Multi-Class Electric Bike:

  • 6061 / 7005 Aluminum Alloy Frame.
  • Air Spring Fork with adjustable, Pre-load, Compression, and Rebound damping, 120mm travel, 32mm stanchions.
  • Rear Hub Motor 1200W with 2000W peak.
  • Class-1 Mode Output – 750 watts nominal / 1200 watt peak. Top speed – 20 mph.
  • Class-2 Mode Output: 750 watts nominal / 1200 watt peak (Default). Top speed – 20 mph.
  • Unlimited mode – 1200 watts nominal / 2000 watt peak. Top speed – 28 mph plus.
  • Class-3 Mode Output: 750 watts nominal / 1200 watt peak. Top speed – 28 mph.
  • 960 watt-hours, 21700 cells Lithium Battery.
  • Thumb throttle.
  • Pedal Assist – 4 modes (ECO, TOUR, SPORT, SUPER).
  • RIMS – 20″ x 100mm alloy with lightening cut outs.
  • Front: 20 x 4.5″ / Rear: 20″ x 5″ BDGR All-Terrain Tires.
  • Tektro Hydraulic, 2-piston forged aluminum caliper, 180mm rotors.
  • Trans-flective Monochrome LCD + Mobile Device.
  • Charger – 3A (6-7 hour charge time) / Optional: 5A (3-4 hour charge time).
  • 125mm alloy crank arms, 36T chainring / Optional – 44T chainring for 10-speed gearing.
  • Gearing – Single-speed 16T rear cog /10 speed gearing (11-36T) – optional accessory sold separately.
  • Single-speed fixed gear/ 10 speed Shimano Zee – optional accessory sold separately.
  • 2-up seat, Optional – Single passenger Cafe Racer Style.
  • Bike’s Weight – 73 Ibs.
  • Load Capacity – 325 Ibs.
  • Rider’s Height – 5’1″ to 6’8″.

The image of Super73-S2 Multi-Class Electric Bike:

Super73-S2 - The Best Affordable Multi-Class Electric Bike.
Super73-S2 – The Best Affordable Multi-Class Electric Bike.

PROs of Super73-S2 Multi-Class Electric Bike:

  • The appearance looks like a motorcycle can certainly attract existing motorcycle riders to go green using the Super73-S2.
  • You can ride anywhere legally on the cycling path because Super73-S2 is the multi-class electric bike.
  • Super73-S2 comes default as class 2 e-bike to compliance the bicycle regulatory but you can use Super73-S2 as the moped bike registration and permit.
  • Super73-S2 is flexible for customization with greater energy efficiency because you can upgrade the 10-speed rear derailleur.
  • The bright headlight keeps you visible on the front road and also visible by nearby vehicles.
  • Keep the BDGR all-terrain tires on the lower pressure so that the wider tires can soften any bump effect on any terrain.
  • The LCD screen makes it possible to interact with your mobile phone so that you can choose engine assistance according to your driving needs.
  • An optional IoT module provides additional features such as remote anti theft security and location tracking.
  • The unlimited mode is certainly a positive point for riders who are pleased with the speed on the private road.
  • The SUPER73 app coupled with the new generation of electric motorbikes, allows riders to take control of their journey.

Cons of Super73-S2 Multi-Class Electric Bike:

  • If you have no intention to carry a passenger, you can opt for a comfortable single seat instead of a standard 2-up seat.
  • The front bumper seems too short, obviously, cannot protect you against splashes of water, mud or dirt.
  • In order to reduce charging times, you may have to choose the 5A charger.
  • Many optional accessories have great features but not included in the package.
  • A rider complaint that he cannot purchase a Super73 replacement battery as well as any online platform.
  • A rider complaint that the engine cannot climb hills with a higher speed, I think, is unlikely the engine problem, but just the software configuration problem.
  • One of the buyers is unhappy with the transport company in Denver, Colorado for excuses to delay delivery, but the buyer is not blaming Super73.
  • On hill speed is normally lower, but I was able to reach 14 mph on hills on throttle only.

The overall ratings of Super73-S2 Multi-Class Electric Bike:

Reviewed by the Super73 certified buyer, Lenny on 18 November 2020 – The overall ratings are 4.0 out of 5.0:

I am the owner of the black S2 model. The bike looks cool, but are a few shortcomings.

It is slow to take off even on a full battery. And if you try riding up a hill, it moves sluggishly slow and sometimes there is barely enough torque to get you up all the way.

The range is roughly 37 miles on Eco mode and read more about review stating Excels in aesthetics but lacks in some performance. Less in sport mode, unlike what is reported on the website. Even if you think this is enough when the battery gets up to 5 miles it doesn’t have enough power to move your weight so it ends up being around 30 to 32 miles on Eco.

A lot of the smaller parts to manufacture the bike are cheap and take away from the comfort of the bike, like the seat being too hard and the handlebars being too tall for taller riders like myself. If you are tall 6′ and over, you end up having to arch your back when holding on to the handlebars. On top of the cost of the bike, I had to buy custom parts to replace the seat and get a lower handlebar.

There is no battery or extended battery available online to add more range.

  • Other than these issues, the bike looks good and the frame is lightweight.
  • The customer service when they actually answer is always helpful.
  • I also like that I can add a rack to hold things.
  • The online update features are also nice.

If Super73 is able to solve these issues I think this company will be one of the most successful E-bike companies in the coming years.

Our Opinions:

  • Super 73 can examine the software setup to resolve the low speed problem when the S2 climbs hills.
  • To solve the slow take-off should not be a problem for the Super73 team, they can surely find the solution to solve it.
  • The issue of the range is quite complex, you first have to make sure that the battery is really fully charged and also the state of the environment.
  • Some larger or shorter riders complain about the comfortable posture is certainly completely true for this type of model.

View YouTube Videos – Super73 S2 reviewed by the Roadshow:

Super73-S2 – The Best Affordable Multi-Class Electric Bike.


Most riders using Super73-S2 will concentrate on using the throttle instead of using the pedal. The 960Wh battery is already a great battery to sustain the travel range up to 40 miles for any rider. How do you drive to own this type of electric bike?

Finally, Super73-S2 is surely a quality e-bike corresponding to its sales price. Do you agree with me that you can accept the Super73-S2 as the best affordable multi-class electric bike on the market?

If the Super73-S2 is not the type of e-bike, you are looking for, let me recommend our bestselling e-bike for your viewing here – Kbo-breeze-the-best-affordable-top-seller-electric-bike.

4 thoughts on “SUPER73-S2 – The Best Affordable Multi-Class Electric Bike”

  1. Although the traditional bikes are good to get your heart rate up it is good to know that we are moving from the old way of doing things and moving towards the new. These bikes are amazing and will make traveling so much easier, I believe that these bikes are stylish and amazing for making traveling so much more fun. Thanks so much for sharing a well-detailed post.

    • Hi Norman, thanks for your visit and comments given to us.

      You are right, there are many happy owners using Super73-S2 in the USA and Europe. There are many images about the riding of Super73 e-bikes you can find in the Google image.

      You are welcome to visit us anytime if you have any questions related to the electric

  2. Hello, I believe that, as someone who lives outside of the United States and Canada, I should contact global distributors in my area for direct shipping possibilities. The Super 73-S2 is rather expensive, but I believe it is well worth it due to its superior quality. Yes, the Super 73-S2 appears to be a motorcycle.
    I enjoy the LCD screen because it allows the rider to communicate with his/her phone for engine assistance according to his/her driving needs.
    I particularly appreciate the anti-theft security and location tracking features.
    If the engine is unable to climb hills at a higher speed because of the software configuration issue, this is a minor issue that may be resolved quickly.When riding the Super 73-S2, your posture isn’t the most comfortable. I believe the product owner should attempt to resolve this.

    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Lionel, Thanks for your kind comments, it is a great encouragement to me. I believed this model is easy to get in Europe, UK, Japan, and Australia. 

      Super73-S2 give a big battery for riders to use on the throttle only. When you are not pedaling, the posture has less impact on the rider. The bike is heavy not easy for theft to carry it so a proper locking at the fixed structure can help a lot. Normally the luxury light e-bike needs GPS tracking and anti-theft system to alert the owner to prevent theft case. Just additional information to you.

      Thanks for visiting and hope you can visit again if you have any questions about the electric 


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