VELOTOOLER – Is it the best affordable On-site Service?


VELOTOOLER is an app tool for buyers to find an on-site service to assembly new e-bikes at your place. Is it the best affordable on-site service or a failure? Today, we would like to review the details of this on-site service. At the same time, we would like to see the benefits of this on-site service. You participated in this review will certainly help to improve this app tool – VELOTOOLER.


  • YAHOR BUDEN is the founder.
  • VELOTOOLER is a place where bicycle owners can solve their bicycle issues through a network of peer bicycle mechanics.
  • An important part of VELOTOOLER is to raise the bike mechanic by making up for their skills and time correctly.
  • Company location – 68 Webb street, Hamden, CT 06517, US.
  • Call +1 877 486 65 37 or message to te**@ve********.com.

What is a VELOTOOLER service for you?

  • You can choose an individual mechanic, a mobile mechanic or a bike shop helping you to assemble your dream e-bike.
  • Tune ups includes adjustments to the brakes, shifting, wheel truing, hub adjustments, headset adjustment and cleaning to improve function and appearance.
  • A yearly service for your safety and comfort – a professional will surely find more flaws and repair them better than you could make on your own.
  • Whenever you need a help, you can specify your need so the mechanic can find a way to help you.
  • When your bicycle is serviced, the mechanic update your bicycle’s history.

How to order a service?

  • Visit the
  • First, you have to select your location and service you need.
  • Choose your preference mechanics.
  • Select the date and time for service.
  • Submit the credit card information to Stripe when you have created a repair request.
  • The mechanic has to complete the repair request in 7 days, or the owner gets refund on the same day.
  • A bicycle user can rate the mechanics as not happy and request for a refund when a repair request gets done.
  • The team will certainly process the refund requested by the owner, so to determine if the refund is applicable.
  • Do you think the repair service term is fair to the owner and mechanic?

The image of the VELOTOOLER coverage area:

VELOTOOLER Coverage Area.
VELOTOOLER Coverage Area.

Registration to be the VELOTOOLER client:

  • To create an account, you need to enter a valid e-mail and password followed by an email verification.
  • Next, simply enter your bike’s information including serial number, style, brand, model, color(s), size, etc.
  • Last, you have to enter an address and a payment method.
  • Your registration is complete and you can request service anytime.

Benefits of VELOTOOLER:

  • A certified mechanic will have the right tools and experience to do the assembly quickly, and correctly for your new bike.
  • Mechanics can set their own prices for everything from tune-ups to bike assemblies, but customers have the choice to pick the mechanic they want.
  • Due to store rental prices continue to rise, many bicycle shops also registered as a service provider to boost their revenues.
  • Most standard service prices are the same for all mechanics so the client can obtain a fair price here.
  • The site offers features not only to bring together two people, but it also provides maintenance tracking and bike information for owners.
  • It also gives buyers peace of mind when purchasing a resale bike proving it isn’t stolen, and that the bike was well maintained.
  • With a good maintenance record of the history of the bike, it certainly helps to increase the resale value of your bike.
  • Use of Stripe payment helps to ensure that both parties are protected under our Terms of Service, cancellation policies, User Refunds, and other safeguards.
  • All mechanics have numerous years of experience in bike service and their service rating can be seen on the profile.
  • The refund policy is beneficial to the owner so you may have the peace of mind to request a service.
  • Lots of popular brands working with VELOTOOLER for assembling the new bike so you can trust it.
  • The mechanic service for clients is certainly under the corporate insurance protection.

The overall ratings of the VELOTOOLER clients:

Reviewed by the certified client, wings02 on 7 August 2020:

I had a good experience with Velotooler. I had originally booked the $49 service and changed it to the $99 complete assembly, but I did receive a refund.

When I booked the service, I was able to choose which mechanic I wanted and I did reach out to the person and he contacted me. I had a good relationship with him, not Velotooler.

Reviewed by the certified client, Kathie on 27 March 2019 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

This is my opinion and I have read the other reviews. The mechanic was on time, organized, neat, and tried very hard to repair my new bike. After about 1 hour he called the company and they quickly decided to ship me a new bike. I am excited to ride it!

I am pleased that the communication between Velotooler and Natko has been excellent. If you call, you get a live person, you can track your info on the web page and rate these folks. I am very happy with the response and the company. I recommend you give them a chance.

Reviewed by the certified client, Marc on 4 December 2019 – The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

These guys do an excellent job of screening for top-notch mechanics. Their prices are fair and the service is fast and friendly. All their mechanics are insured and licensed which is important.

Our Opinions:

  • All the client reviews are already more than one year.
  • There are 7 client complaints on the YELP platform in 2019.
  • While there is a complaint of poor response on the Electric Bike Review Forum.

The image of mechanic profile with the review score given by the client:

Mechanic profile with record of review score.
Mechanic profile with record of review score.

View YouTube Videos – How we work with brand presented by the VELOTOOLER Team:

How the team works with the popular e-bike brand.


The cycling market is evolving quickly, especially after the pandemic. This is for better or for worse. The concept of mobile maintenance seems to be taking off, likely due to the high cost of renting to maintain a bike shop.

The VELOTOOLER app has a great feature to relieve the rider’s worry and help the mechanic to gain by his own time and skill. There are a lot of riders does not need such a type of service, but still a large segment of riders is needed.

You belong to which group of rider? Do you support VELOTOOLER is the best affordable on-site service in the US market? If you do not support, what is your comments.

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2 thoughts on “VELOTOOLER – Is it the best affordable On-site Service?”

  1. I completely understand the need for a way to find a qualified bike mechanic. Depending on where you bought the ebike originally, I would assume it would have some assembly required. And the occasional  maintenance could be problematic as well. One of our big issues is transporting the bike(s) to the shop. Until we got the bike rack they didnt fit well into the trunk.

    • Hi Cathy, thanks for giving a good reason to use the on-site mechanics. It is true to carry a bike with a rack is quite troublesome to us.

      If chain is broken, we still can use throttle to move around. If the tire is punctured, we can seal it with filler and inflate it to ride to the bicycle shop. When the wheel is ruptured, due to spokes are loosened or overweight, we have to transport it to the shop.  

      Before any failure happened, we can ask for tuning or adjustment check to ensure safe and comfortable ride. What on-site mechanic can do, the bike shop also can do, but we can save time to go to the bike shop and waiting there. 

      Some brands asked for mechanic to assemble their bikes to entitle for warranty, so it has justified for us to follow the game. It is truethere are many disputes about a noisy brake due to poor assembly and many others. Thanks for your excellent comments given to us.  


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